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  1. RaiderX

    Possibly a dumb question.

    in the view option, top ribon. this is assuming you are using V2018
  2. RaiderX

    Haas blew up again

    I agree this could aleviate a few issues listed and maybe some undiscovered. correctly supported level, trammed machine is way undervalued or assumed by most.
  3. RaiderX

    Scrap carbide

    did this and was never contacted?? I just assumed they had bigger customers, i was upfront and told them I only have about 20lbs - one time deal with me i shut my shop down. said i might be able hook them up with the company i now work for. could be $$$$ ??
  4. RaiderX

    Haas question

    DNC? not elligant but a thought? I hear your pain
  5. RaiderX

    Haas blew up again

    Had an owner that insisted run just bellow max. I have been doing just that ever since, he was a very wise machinist and learned much from him. always looked at it as 10k or 9800 it really isnt that much of a % at the end of the day. BTW I personally have had very good luck with spindles. only had maybe 3 smoke on me in 35 years. of course i was not exclusive to every machine along the way so when someone smoked a spindle on a machine i have worked in the past does not say it was him or visa versa.... 5 years on the haas i personally owned and it was smooth as silk when i sold it. I babied that thing most of the time, it was my time and my dime.
  6. RaiderX

    Haas blew up again

    I have worked for two shops that ran multiple Haas machines. 1st one went through a spindle or two between 6 machines about every two years. the other shop would blow a spindle out about every 3 months between 7-8 machines. 1st shop had pretty good machinists very few crashes and approached their jobs in a shallow high speed way. 2nd shop had less than talented machinists at least one crash a day and approached their jobs with full depth old school ways.
  7. learn something every day, thanks all
  8. RaiderX

    Best toolholder for 1/8" shank tools?

    Just put some Technik slim fits in action. so far so good and how I love the reach.
  9. RaiderX

    quantity of programmers required rule of thumb?

    that's a loaded question I currently support 3 machines 3-5 axis, I am the designer on some, programmer on all, estimator on most, material manager-saw, tool designer, operator and setup guy. machines run about 20% efficiency. argh. that's the way they want to run the business and I enjoy the mix. I have supported up to 12 machines as programmer setup lead. that required a very, very good team all working together and we ran about 80% efficiency. just the two sides of the coin.
  10. RaiderX


    something is fishy here I have a xeon respectable puter at work and think it was in the 7 minute range on this. jus ran my i7 laptop nothing special and got 1 minute 36 seconds. what gives?
  11. yes I think sub programs and macro could be your friend regarding this. good to set up the structure up front if you are doing a lot of nesting.
  12. RaiderX

    machining stress

    rough plus ? flip rough plus.. rinse and repeat. thats the general approach but might find a little more help with more info.. what size, what type of features, how much material removal and what types of tools are you currently cutting with. dynamic machining helps a lot if it has application in your type of part.
  13. RaiderX

    laptop recommendation

    i have a Dell 1500 series at home. have done some light weight to mid level with it and seems to handle it ok. not my top recomendation but we all have different needs.
  14. RaiderX

    mind blown

    hang in there, was a painful transition for me but got there. I actually got so pee'd I set the new version aside for a couple months. too many pressing projects. but when I jumped back in the light bulb turned on and now dont want to go back.

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