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  1. RaiderX

    bent stock

    they will tell you a 6 year old can do it too. lol
  2. RaiderX

    Expedited experience

    if you dont love what your doing get out fast... run run. its a labor of love not riches and glamor
  3. RaiderX

    Carbon Fiber

    thanks peter. Diamond keeps coming up but hear the process and carbide base is really important for consistency. so if I can talk them into it will be looking at the big player brands. I so love this forum. and a job that keeps me learning new things. thanks.
  4. RaiderX

    Carbon Fiber

    thank you... runout did not come to mind.. duh been machining for 35 years and sometimes the little crap that means a lot goes to the side. thanks again. I think that may make some headway in big ways. now to talk the company into the investment. lol tripping over $20 bills to save a dollar at this point. key is I learned and know the theory. you rock.
  5. RaiderX

    Carbon Fiber

    The oscillate approach is excelent advise I have used that but unfortunately cant apply here. have you seen really good tool life with the cutters suggested those are 4 times the cost of what i am currently using. hard to relay amount of cutting i am doing its a small part aprox. 6x12 inches flat pattern (its not flat just est. here) am getting 4 parts per onsrud cutter i am using at $21 each. sorry cannot share the part. ITAR thingy. OH and thanks for the tips
  6. am very new to cutting this stuff but is very apparent that it is abrasive. any who, would love to hear input from anyone that has good experience cutting this with success. I am currently running un coated carbide cutters and experiencing what i think is ok tool life but this is a long term contract so cutter $$ are going to add up. .04 thick carbon fiber. t1 is a .125 onsrud straight two flute. mill profile and .205 holes t2 is a carbide .04 wide slit saw. cuts two 12 inch long edges each part
  7. RaiderX

    Cleaning tool holders

    I hear gin works well on the serious side we do the above, except have not tried the ultrasonic.
  8. RaiderX

    Long Reach strategy

    is shoot the engineer an option? lol sorry I do not have more constructive idea at this time. tough feature.
  9. RaiderX

    Fadal over travel in Z when positioning

    I do exactly how you explain here but am using the fanuc format (g54, 55 etc). works very well for multiple setups on the table at one time.
  10. RaiderX

    Fadal Machine Parts

    is this for old gen Fadals or new? TIA
  11. RaiderX

    Now using 2020

    no graphics driver update just windows 10 update I noticed from scratching my head and poking around my machine. the issues just came out of no where and that's the only thing i can see that changed. our admins dont have a clue on my graphics driver and i like it that way.
  12. RaiderX

    Now using 2020

    Just throwing this out there. I have been using 2018 for some time now and as of last week been having all sorts of weird graphics problems. the only change i can think of is a windows update done by our admins sometime? win10 work station with nvidia quadro 4800.
  13. RaiderX

    Random Problem with Selection?

    i just turned off nvidia desktop manager and some of my little gremlins want away. just a stab in the dark you didnt detail all ingredients.
  14. I have been very happy with all the Amada saws I have used in the years. sorry no experience with Hydmech or specific models. hope that helps a little?
  15. RaiderX

    Bug? 2018

    not exactly the same motions but i have created planes in 2018 and went to the plane manager and no show? i found restarting mastercam makes them apear.

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