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  1. RaiderX


    dang was going to post that we are using a 1990's fadal 8030 to make tooling and thought it was pretty tight. till today, 3d ing a mold and think i found a spot in the travel that it has been crashed hard in the past. made some unwanted mismatches on the surface. oops, 20 hours down the drain. we are going to reposition it on the table and rerun, hopefully i pick a spot they have not crashed this machine in, in the past. it shows it has had a very hard life. typical throwing $20 away trying to save $1
  2. offsite programming with no accountability. the owner of that machine is going to learn the cost of that the hard way. Root cause needs to be fixed first.
  3. we have standards at the machine. usually no setup sheet, tool list in the header. flat pattern, zero lower left corner of stock. follow on ops zero off bore or feature machined previous noted in header vise, zero left edge, solid jaw, bottom of part or stock hog out, zero center bottom of stock production using a fixture, zero is at a marked bore in fixture z at that surface. some times its a shift but it is stamped on fixture. these are all pinned and g10 sets zero in program of course there are exceptions but these are our hard fast rules. this is just how it fits at my facility. I have programmed from all sorts of locations. programming from datums required operator-setup person to be able to read the print . not many of them left anymore I found this has morphed into a disaster waiting to happen because there is little skill on the floor?? keep it simple and standard has been my latest adaptation. back in the day i setup and proved out other peoples programs i prefured off the datums so I could easily calculate code to the print.
  4. RaiderX

    Carbon fiber

    yep typical company tripping over $20 to save $1 forgot to mention. am using Robbjack .0625 carbide slitting saw on these for most of the profile. 24" profile distance each part. cutter has run several hundred parts and still running. cuts nice and very little burr. 1" dia s12000 f50. ipm 5 axis helps this approach so did not mention for a home router. my bad assumption?
  5. RaiderX

    Carbon fiber

    i am having descent luck with onsrud straight flute 2 flute carbide cutters. s18000 f50. ipm 6-8 parts life cutting aprox. 6 inches total travel each part. this may not be considered great life but the cutters are cheap, cant get the company to spring for coated. dont breath the dust.
  6. RaiderX

    .prt files

    been a very long time but the last .PRT file format i played with was from CADKEY, KEYCREATOR if that is the source I think maybe SOLIDWORKS will open it. not sure about embedded dimension entities tho?
  7. RaiderX

    Benchmark 3.0

    thank you 2021 ran 3:15 2022 ran 3:23 Dell Precision 7740 Intel zeon [email protected] 32 gb ram Hdd pc sn730 nvme wdc 512gb
  8. RaiderX

    Benchmark 3.0

    Is there another way to get the benchmark 3.0 file. cant seem to access the ftp. dang admins?
  9. we ballbar our routers. not wood working tho, we are a composite shop. most routers are production trim mine is used mostly for tooling. it would not have been a route i would have initiated (10k investment) and it just tells you info on servo tuning and squareness, some other data as well. some one else pulled the trigger on ballbar purchase before i had chance to give input. now we have it so i use it. I could simply do a circle triangle square test and or manual tram sweeps etc. to accomplish similar info. we are not splitting hairs with our router just not designed for such.
  10. RaiderX

    Health reaction to coolant

    i got a bad staph infection in my scalp last year. hair started falling out by the hand full. realized was getting coolant mist in my hair and coolant looked hored. request had been put in to maintenence months earlier. meh ended up changing it and long recovery back to hair health.
  11. every day is a school day. more for some than others. lol
  12. just now getting into this so will not feed you dis information but ran accross this in my research.
  13. RaiderX

    DIY Wood Ship Kits

    we have a toolmaker hear that does these from scratch. I admire any one with that kind of attention to detail and patients. welcome to the forum.
  14. RaiderX

    HAAS GM-2-5AX

    thanks for the reply however I need at least 48 inchs in y travel. I love rigidity and 50+ tools would be awesome. just shopping at this point. business is dicey so dont expect many to drop a lot of coin.
  15. any one on the forum have experience with this machine. looks promising for our needs. we make large layup molds and master patterns. our current machine struggles with aluminum and or we run those on our 1990's Fadal. that may explain why we would even consider a HAAS. I dont write the checks but those that do are pretty tight with the $$

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