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  1. Sorry if I did not express myself better than that. In the past, I saw so many $150.00 end mill in the trash can at work because the bottom 1/4in was dull with 3/4 of the flutes being brand new. So now that I'm the one paying, I try to use that $150.00 end mill to its full capacity Sometime for through holes, I use the thread mill toolpath, set the depth to approximately 90% of flute length and adjust the thread pitch for the better use of the end mill and sometime reduce vibration by varying the pitch. I'm sure there are a lot of way to do the same thing but, for me, this is the way I find to be the easiest. If the flutes are 1in in length, I start at 0.900in deep. I'm not sure but, this seem to work better on a haas mill when using wear comp in small holes.
  2. I do it very often (not in a blind hole) This way, I can use the end mill in its full length. Less vibration too when entering the material because the end mill is moving up at the same time.
  3. ostie01

    Drilling without drilling?

    I'm curious, why using this type of operation?
  4. ostie01

    holding a tapered pin for 2nd op

    If you don't have too many parts, I would machine a tapered bushing and cut one wall on the band saw. I think I would use a backstop also, in case there is some variation on the diameter so the length would not vary.
  5. ostie01

    X5 user, new here

    I still have a lot of X3 booK I bought on Mastercam Website (I think)
  6. ostie01

    Desktop lathe

    Some ideas maybe http://www.cowells.com/90me.htm https://mdaprecision.com/products/mini-lathe/manual-mini-lathes/wabeco-d6000e-lathe/ https://www.smsa.ch/en/Products/Conventional-turning.html
  7. ostie01

    Cermet inserts

    One of my customer wants me to absolutely use cermet inserts for a lathe job ( face profile). Material is 1018 steel. he wants me to use cermet inserts because he wants a good finish ( insert are VBMT style). I'm not sure it will do any better than regular carbide insert. What do you think. Jeff
  8. ostie01

    Verifying a part takes longer than running it

    Computer speed is the key, fast computer, Jeff
  9. One of the company I work for have a lathe with turret and gang tooling. They would like to modify their post so if tool number is lower or equal to 10, coolant goes to turret and if tool number is greater or equal to 11 then coolant goes to gang plate. They want to use some spare relay on the lathe to open or close solenoid valve, The only video that I found that could explain what they want to do is this one. On my Haas, code for relay is like M51 (on) M61 (off) but not sure about their lathe. I'm pretty sure that they use a generic Haas Post Thanks for any help, Jeff
  10. ostie01

    I found an issue !!

    There's a button on the bottom right MORE REPLY OPTIONS, push this button and you will see the option to include a file. Jeff
  11. ostie01

    Library for NPT Threads???

    I never had time to really learn how to save a new custom tool in the libraries ( in X8) What I do is use the '' save some'' option and save the geometries of the tool as DXF in a folder named mastercam custom tools and if I ever need this tool again, I import or merge this DXF in a new level for the part I'm working on. I've been doing it this way for a long time. Is there another way to do it? Jeff
  12. ostie01

    Cimco Edit V7 Problem... What the?

    ISIL propaganda for sure Jeff
  13. I only saw and use like 90 divided by 25.4 in the input box and mastercam did the math for me. Not using 90mm as a value in the input box. Jeff
  14. Maybe this because I jump from X4 to X8 Jeff

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