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  1. Any one have some suggestions about the best way to structure common files (tool libraries, machines, and posts) out on the network so multiple users can use them? Any success (or horror) stories? thanks
  2. i run the A-1383-2 tool on Rc30 4140 at 1100 RPM 12.5 IPM single pass with a good finish. Could probably go faster but i never was given time to optimise it
  3. I have had good luck with ktool
  4. Running latest version of Mcam in solidworksfound 2 issues, not sure if i'm approaching it correctly 1. I cannot rename any of my operation in the tree. I tried clicking on the op name twice and nothing happens. I do have the comments enabled in the display menu 2. Trying to contour around a dia and i can't get the entry point to be in one of the holes. I tried adding an entry point and you can see the results below. I also tried changing the start point in the chain manager, and i tried selecting edges, surfaces, and sketches to no avail. thanks
  5. Gecko779

    Feedrate Ramping

    It's incredibly frustrating
  6. Gecko779

    Feedrate Ramping

    Can someone give me a starting point on how to set up mastercam to slow down heading into corners? I'm getting really inconsistent results using the highfeed option and the adjust feed on arc move from the tool settings page. I am driving a 3.5 tcutter into some stainless and would like to gradually ramp down and ramp up the feedrate in the cut Running X4Mu3 and MPmaster Post Job will be run on a gear head HAAS Vf-2 thanks
  7. Trying to learn to use our new indexer and having some trouble getting good code. I'm milling 2 wrench flats on a cylinder and trying to use the rotary to spin the part. I have tried several different stratagies in mastercam but i cannot for the life of me get mastercam to output g54 consistently. No matter how i approach the part it is generating a g55 offset for the second flat, like this: N120 (FLAT 1) N130 (COMPENSATION TYPE - WEAR COMP) N140 T1 M06 ( 1/2 FLAT ENDMILL) N150 (MAX - Z.325) N160 (MIN - Z.1545) N170 M08 N180 G00 G17 G90 G54 A0. X.475 Y-.4965 S1000 M03 N190 G43 H1 Z.325 Removed to save space N260 (FLAT 2) N270 G00 G90 G55 A-180. X.475 Y-.4965 N280 G43 H1 Z.325 N290 Z.1545 I have tried transforming (rotate) around the x axis and using a tool plane (located on the second flat) but both output g55 for the second flat I am using bone stock mpmaster and mastercam x4 MU3 thanks for your help
  8. Gecko779

    Re FTP

    Having issues logging in to the FTP using windows explorer, not liking the user name and pass. Is the FTP up?

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