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  1. Thad

    Finding centerline of letters

    I have seen this asked many times over the years and the unfortunate answer seems to be no, there is no easy way.
  2. Just to clarify... X+ already has a default.css and default.js file that is used for your setup sheet. If you want to use my .js file to rename your column headers, save it to the location of the existing .js file and name it default.js. And you're done! If you'd like, you can rename your original .js file something like default.js.old or default.js.original, or whatever. PLEASE NOTE: If you already have some javascript functionality in your default.js, then DO NOT overwrite it with my renaming script. My script will have to be MERGED into your existing code. If you overwrite your old code, your old functionality will be gone.
  3. The script shouldn't have any effect on that. Sounds like a .css issue. Is all of your formatting completely gone? I'll take a look at your .js file if you want to send it to me.
  4. I have updated the script for MC2019 and it's available for download here: MC2019 rename script
  5. Thad


    I don't even know what that means. I've never used Pro-E or know anything about it. Back when I first heard about it, I was told that it's up there with the other big expensive systems (UG, Catia, etc). Based on that, I find it hard to believe that the translator is more expensive than the software itself. I'm not calling you a liar, or saying that I'm right, I'm just making an observation.
  6. Thad


    I don't know the price of either of them but on the surface, I find that hard to believe.
  7. Try importing the .IPT file and have MC create surfaces on import. Way back before MC supported multi-colored faces on solids, that's what I had to do since we used color coded faces like your customer. The colors came in correctly on the surfaces. It was a bit of a pain having all those surfaces that I really didn't need (I only had a 2D seat of MC at that job) but it solved the probably.
  8. 1 - Using an old version of the script might work but it would be best to create another script for whatever version you're using, just to make sure all bases are covered. If you can do me a favor, I can make that script for you. I need you to create a setup sheet with all header options turned on. Yes, every single one of them, even if you don't use them. Once the sheet is created, save it (File->Save page as), zip all the files together and send it to me. I'm pretty sure you can attach files through this site's PM system. If not, send me a PM and I'll give you my email address. And, what version of MC are you running? 2 - I don't know what NC-Header fields are. Can you show a screen shot or something? 3 - Try typing some notes into a Manual Entry toolpath and then make the setup sheet. See if you like how that works.
  9. Thad

    Good model for verify

    Model Prep->Push/Pull, select all gray faces and add 10mm. EDIT: Copy your solid to another layer first and then do the above to the copy. That way you'll still have your original.
  10. Thad

    standardizing metric taps

    I see. I created my taps in my tool library eons ago (with all english values as though they are english taps) so I have no idea what kind of trouble MC has with it when creating taps today.
  11. Thad

    standardizing metric taps

    With metric threads, the second number is the pitch...unlike english threads where it's threads per inch. So the mm method does work. For example, M12 X 1.75 has a .0689 pitch (1.75/25.4). For 1/2-13, to determine the pitch, you divide 1/TPI, or 1/13, in this case. Since metric threads call out the pitch, you simply have to convert the metric value to english.
  12. Thad

    2019 Finish Pencil Toolpath

    I can't open your file, I'm still using X9.
  13. Thad

    2019 Finish Pencil Toolpath

    I've seen that error when my parameters don't give anything for MC to machine. For example, Z depths are wrong, I've given it the wrong roughing tool size, etc. For me, it has always been operator error. Check your machining parameters again.
  14. Thad

    zoom speed

    Tim, you could try contacting Takashi Sato from AI Solutions. I just checked his profile and he hasn't been at the forum in a couple of years. His chook is the only method that I recall of speeding it up.
  15. Thad

    X+ Mastercam 2020 beta 1

    I was wondering when that day was gonna come.

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