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  1. Thad

    Fadal Software

    Of course! lol
  2. Thad

    Fadal Software

    PM me your email address and I'll get it to you in the next day or so.
  3. Thad

    Fadal Software

    I have the Fadal probe macros.
  4. Thad

    Fadal Software

    Please tell us what "Fadal Digitizing Software" is and does. I'm not familiar with that name but I ran Fadal's in the 90s and I was able to "backup" some Fadal software. I just may have it.
  5. Thad

    Renishaw Probing Add-on

    Lots of good info here.
  6. Thad

    Area Rough - Stay away from the inside

    Create an outer boundary and an inner boundary. Outer boundary should be self explanatory and the inner boundary will be the area that you want to avoid.
  7. Thad

    Curving text on a radius

    It takes some playing with to get your spacing right, but in the Create Letters dialog box, check Top of Chain, then select the bottom arc when prompted.
  8. Our designers use Logopress (plugin/addon, whatever it's called) with SW when designing dies. I'm not sure if figuring overbend is part of what it does, but we use it for designing prog dies.
  9. Thad

    Analyze distance setting problem

    Here's your problem. Check None instead of Lines.
  10. Thad

    Analyze distance setting problem

    I certainly understand what a pain that would be. If they are points, which you say they are, then the display arc center points config setting won't do anything for you. Actual points are displayed differently than arc center points. See below. The one on the right is a point. Inside the circle is an arc center point.
  11. Thad


    Then it's not locking the selection.
  12. Thad


    In X9, you right click on the autocursor selection.
  13. Thad

    Analyze distance setting problem

    I use X9 and I don't see this behavior when creating fillets or otherwise. Are you sure they're actual points? Click Screen-->Statistics. Does it list a certain number of points? If not, then they appear to be a graphical glitch. Try Screen-->Regenerate display list and see if that makes them disappear. If it does, then it's possibly a video card/display issue.
  14. Thad

    NX to mastercam transition help please

    I've seen this before myself. Regenerate display list always fixed it. I'm still using X9, so it's probably in the same place as X7 -->Screen-Regenerate display list. Welcome to the forum!

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