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  1. Thad

    Mastercam x part file logos

    Possibly some help here (assuming you're using Win 10)...
  2. Thad

    mind blown

  3. Thad

    mastecam versions

    Minor fix, for accuracy.
  4. Thad

    X+ FOR 2018

  5. Thad

    X+ FOR 2018
  6. Thad

    drill depth relative to surface?

    Clearance: Absolute 6.0 (or whatever clears your part) Retract: Incremental .1 Top of stock: Incremental 0 Depth: Incremental -1.0 (or whatever)
  7. All the offending faces were moved without problem in 2017. It appears to be an X9 glitch. Too bad for me because I'm not upgrading at this time. I got around it in X9 anyway.
  8. Thad

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    Nope, can't be. He's the CAD jockey.
  9. Nope. The text box doesn't appear until you click the arrow and simply starting to type doesn't make it appear (like other MC features sometimes get "woken up" just by typing). Imagine hovering over a surface and it doesn't highlight. It's just like that. It's weird because on some faces it works fine and others it doesn't. I can't seem to find a common denominator with troublesome faces. Restarting MC doesn't' help either.
  10. Has anyone ever seen the situation where after selecting the face(s) to move, no matter what you do, the arrow won't select to drag the face or enter a value? Using X9.
  11. Thad

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    Ha! You found my github repo. I'm a couple versions behind though.
  12. Thad

    net surface X4

    I believe net was supposed to replace coons, or at least be a new, hipper version of it...but as you can see, it was left in the software as a chook. I've had net fail when coons doesn't so I just go straight to coons every time.
  13. Thad

    net surface X4

    Coons surface all the way.
  14. Thad


    gcode must have you confused with Henry VIII.

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