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  1. Clarence L Cook

    How to change default wireframe color in project?

    You can set the colors in configuration, colors, wire frame geometry. Same can be done for solids and surfaces.
  2. Clarence L Cook

    setting dynamic plane

    If you click on the rod to move it up to the thickness of the plate, you can start typing in a number and it will go to that distance, ie typing .06 then hit enter will get you .060" and not the .0625 of the ruler. Works for all of the gnomen rods and angles.
  3. Clarence L Cook

    G10 AND G52'S ON HAAS

    I use G52 all the time. I have four Haas verticals and a Makino horizontal that I use G52. Most of my work is vise work on the verticals and I make fixture plates for the horizontal. I have the G52 set to a common Z location, typically the bottom of the parallels. Then I add the parallels and the material height, if any, to the specific work offset. This allows me to program G10 Z values in Mastercam which gets set the first time the program is run and not again. This allows me to move the part to any of the verticals that can accept it, because each of the G52s are specific to the machine. Check setting 33 on the Haas. If it is set to Fanuc, then using G52 makes no sense as it gets reset to zero on a reset, M30, etc. Setting 33 would have to be set to Haas, but the Renishaw macros don't like it and alarm out. I had to modify my Renishaw macros to bypass the alarm message. I know it is a danger, but I haven't come across an instance where it has been an issue. I also don't use the Haas quick codes, I only use the macros imbedded in the programs, using manual entries. Good luck with updating your programs. I am currently doing the same thing to incorporate all of the process changes I have implemented, ie probing, mid cycle starts, etc.
  4. Clarence L Cook

    Programming a HMC w/ Rotary Table (B axis)

    If the B axis information is in the nc file and still not rotating, I would look to codes to unlock and lock the rotary axis. On my Makino, they are M11 and M10.
  5. Clarence L Cook

    Chip resistant gloves

    Chip resistant Brooms I have had fair luck with just the old straw brooms. Long stringy chips will still embed but overall not bad. The brissles do get short after a while but they are cheap.
  6. Clarence L Cook

    Milling question on Doosan 2000SY

    I have attached a snippet of code that ran just last week. The biggest difference I see is I am not using M35 in combination with M135. From what I read in my book, the order of M35 to M135 matters and if I understand my book correctly, then it appears you have the order correct. I also don't use M119. When parting I synchronize the sub to the main, so angularity is maintained. Finally, I use M291 to change the axis assignments. I mainly did this because Mastercam wanted to use C for everything and I just haven't gotten around to fixing it. Hope this help. (TOOL - 11 OFFSET - 23) (T1123 - THIN BIT TOOLING FOR SUB) N14 G18 G98 G20 G00 G40 G28 U0. G55 T1100 T1123 M190 G50 S3000 G96 S150 M104 G0 Z-.03 M8 G0 X1.05 Z.125 G99 G1 X.95 F.002 X.372 Z.02 Z-.03 G0 Z-1. M9 G28 U0. G28 V0. M105 T1100 M01 (TOOL - 3 OFFSET - 15) (T0315 - C DRILL IN AXIAL HEAD) M291 (REVERSE C AXIS ASSIGNMENT) M110 (C-AXIS FACE DRILL) N15 G28 U0. T0315 G55 G17 G97 G98 M135 M190 G28 C0 G0 C135. G0 Z-.075 M8 G0 X.6647 G97 S1700 M34 Z.025 G1 Z.6227 F8. G0 Z-.075 C45. Z.025 G1 Z.6227 G0 Z-.075 C-45. Z.025 G1 Z.6227 G0 Z-.075 C-135. Z.025 G1 Z.6227 G0 Z-.075 M9 X9. G28 V0. G28 U0. H0. T0300 M01 (TOOL - 10 OFFSET - 22) (T1022 - 3/32 CARBIDE DRILL IN RADIAL HEAD) (C-AXIS CROSS DRILL) N16 G28 U0. T1022 G55 G19 G97 G98 M135 M190 G28 C0 G0 C135. G0 Z.375 M8 G0 X1.398 G97 S2500 M33 X1.198 G1 X.748 F10. G0 X1.398 X1.198 C45. G1 X.748 G0 X1.398 X1.198 C315. G1 X.748 G0 X1.398 X1.198 C225. G1 X.748 G0 X1.398 M9 X9. G28 V0. G28 U0. H0. T1000 M01 (TOOL - 5 OFFSET - 17) (T0517 - 6MM FLAT ENDMILL RADIAL HEAD) M110 N17 G28 U0. T0517 G55 G19 G97 G98 M135 M190 G28 C0 G0 C90. M189 G0 Z-.0167 M8 G0 X1.2 G97 S2500 M33 X1.1 G1 X.86 F20. Z.125 F13.4 X1.0209 Z.8905 X1.1209 F20. G0 X1.2 Z-.0167 X1.1 G1 X.74 Z.125 F13.4 X1.0609 Z1.6516 G0 X1.2 Y.0079 Z-.0167 X1.1 G1 X.7 F20.
  7. Clarence L Cook

    Milling question on Doosan 2000SY

    First off, did you do an M291, reverse axis assignment? It makes the A axis (normally sub spindle) and turns it into the C axis (normally main spindle). When you are finished, you will want to do an M290 to put it back to normal. Could you post a snippet of code so that I can compare it to some of the code that I have that I know works. Which control? Mine is the 18i. Kind regards. Clarence
  8. Clarence L Cook

    Tool table output order?

    My numbers buffer captured all the H/D codes along with radii, diameter and other stuff that I am not currently using. Colin can correct me if I am wrong, but you only have 9 or 10 buffers that you can use and if memory serves, the mpmaster uses 3 or 4 of those. Clarence
  9. Clarence L Cook

    Tool table output order?

    I have done what you are trying to do with buffers in the post. I did it using two seperate buffers, one for the various numerical values and one for the string values. I initially created a blank buffer with the maximum number of tools that I have in the machine, then placed the information for the specific tool in the corresponding location. Example, if it is tool 10, then it went into buffer location 10. I did it years ago and I don't remember all the details, but above is the general approach that I used. I hope this helps. Clarence
  10. Clarence L Cook

    Operation defults in X9

    You can also open the operations defaults just like a normal Mastercam file. Then you can make any changes you like from the operations manager and then "save as" with the extention .defaults-9
  11. Clarence L Cook

    Wierd occurence

    I have notice the same thing with X9. When I press "C" for arc center and select a solid arc, I get a blue point at the center. If I allow Mastercam select the center of an arc on a solid, I don't get the blue point. Kind regards. Clarence
  12. I won't be able to help much more as I haven't done anything with custom drill cycles. I just happened to know the variable formatting from my modifications with misc integers and reals. Good luck. Kind regards. Clarence
  13. Did you format the variable drl_exitfeed? Look for Format Statements, this will get you the correct layout of the number. ie, a four decimal number would be format #2. Then you will need to go to custom variable formats section. ie, fmt "F" 2 dril_exitfeed. Kind regards. Clarence
  14. Clarence L Cook

    Mitutoyo CMM/ Mcosmos help needed

    djstedman, you are most likely right. I just read things literally and sometimes that kind of humor escapes me. I have gotten a tremendous amount of help on this forum and it is not very often that I might have something to contribute. Kind regards. Clarence
  15. Clarence L Cook

    Mitutoyo CMM/ Mcosmos help needed

    Colin G. - EDAC Technologies, on 28 Dec 2015 - 05:25 AM, said: I haven't. I don't know the first thing about CMMs other than they measure things and can be really accurate. Is the CMM/ software relationship similar to CNC machine/ CAM software relationship where the CMM is just hardware that can be run by a number of different programming software? I was under the impression that they were more closely integrated with the programming software (Mcosmos, etc...). And people keep mentioning datums... What the hell is a datum? Datums are the features you measure to orient the part in CMM space. At a minimum you will need to measure a plane, a line and a point. I typically use the place to establish my Z. If you have a piece of grit under one corner of the part and you measure a plane off the top of the part, the software will adjust the part so that it is mathmatically flat even though it is not really flat. A line is use to adjust for a rotational error, ie, the part is not perfectly parallel to a given axis (x or y). The line can also be use to set a part original value if applicable. There are a lot of ways to establish your datums. They are critical to getting good measurements from the CMM. Kind regards. Clarence

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