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  1. john316

    Opening V7???

    The system requirements for v9 confirm that. If I have any problems getting vX working on my system I’m going to set up a stand alone and move what I need by thumb drive.
  2. john316

    Opening V7???

    I would be that friend G is talking about. 2 things. 1. I dug up our vX install disc but I'm working on getting it to recognize the hasp. 2. What workstation do you have the v9 installed on? With XP not having support there are security issues that stop our IT dept from using it.
  3. john316

    Lofted wall surface

    You can use a Multi-Axis curve as long as your loft doesn't have too much convex or concave shape in the vertical direction to throw you out of tolerance. From the side project a line onto your loft surface to create an "along" chain. From the top create lines perpendicular to the loft and project them onto the loft to create the vertical lines. Simplify them into lines or arcs. Only lines can be used for the tool direction so if there are any arcs you'll need to create a line from the top to the bottom. This is where you can check the vertical curvature to see if this method will work.
  4. john316

    5 axis fidia machine

    We have a fidia with fidia controls. It uses European style codes and methods that are different than Fanuc but codes are codes if you can look past what you've been doing from the beginning. I customized the Gen5x post for compatibility.
  5. john316

    1/4-28 UNJF-3B thread mill

    Isn't the only difference for the internal J-thread the minor diameter to facilitate the root radius on the J-threaded screw?
  6. john316

    Custom Mastercam PC Build

    I have the fx3800 (1G memory) and was thinking about asking to be upgraded to the fx4000 (2G). Do you think double the memory will be worth the $700 I'm looking at for the new card? I'm running a T3500 6 core with 24g ram.
  7. john316

    Import Toolpath Operations Problem

    In this particular case I copied and pasted my fixture in 4 different orientations. 1 for each operation so I could use them for solids layout. I removed the solids history before making the copies but the file went from 45 meg to 600 meg just from copying my solids. I couldn't figure out where all the background garbage came from and Ramsaver didn't get rid of it. My solution was to save my fixtures as step files and re-import them into Mastercam to get rid of the trash. I then took the original file and deleted everything except the toolpaths and pertinent geometry to make the file as small as possible. Next I re-opened the fixture files to import the toolpath from the larger file but I kept getting this system lock-up. I ended up going back to the stripped down file with the toolpath in it and merging in my tooling solids. This will work but once I start building my drafting entities this file is going to turn into a snail..
  8. john316

    Import Toolpath Operations Problem

    Yeah, I might have to take the time to do that. I'm kind of surprised nobody else has had this problem.
  9. john316

    Import Toolpath Operations Problem

    I've seen that happen at times. I wish it were the case here. I've also seen the window hide behind the Mastercam pane but once it locks up I'm not able to downsize the window to look behind it. That's not working either. Thanks though. It seems to be partly related to file size but I've been able to import toolpaths from large files before. The file in question was larger but I stripped out most of the solids and ran Ramsaver to try and streamline it as much as possible to no avail. As much as I like solids Masatercam doesn't seem to be too solid friendly. Anybody from CNC have any input?
  10. I've been having this problem for at least the last couple of version and haven't found a solution yet. Maybe somebody can help me out this time. The problem is occurring when I try to import operations from another MCX file. The steps I'm taking are as follows: Open Operations Manager, Place the red arrow where I want the toolpath to be imported, Right mouse click and select "import", In the "Import Toolpath Operations" window I use the "Select Operations File" button to browse to my MCX file, When I get to the folder containing the file I change the file type to "Mastercam X Files", Here's where the problem occurs; After double clicking on the MCX file to import from the "Import Toolpath Operations" window disappears. My mouse and keyboard are disabled in the Mastercam window so I'm not able to select anything to get out of it. I am stuck with having to use the Windows Task Manager to close Mastercam at which point I get the message; "The system cannot end this program because it is waiting for a response from you......." I'm not sure what Mastercam is waiting for but usually at the point where the window disappears I should be seeing the toolpath operations from the file I'm trying to import from so I can select them to continue the import operation. Any ideas?
  11. john316


    "Force Tool Change" option in Toolpath Manager Use this on the toolpath after the M00
  12. This is the way I've done it since v5 so there's no worry about it working right or forgetting to set it. You can also add a "+" value in the post if you want to add a specific number to the tool for the D or H
  13. john316

    Upgrading to X7

    From what I'm reading SP2 isn't a full install so you're going to want to install SP1 then install SP2 over it.
  14. Recordings with links would be great so I could watch them at home on Monday evening.
  15. john316

    Mastercam won't let user exit

    I get that occasionally. Sometimes when I'm selecting geometry from the operations manager to find the toolpath. I have to control-alt-del to get out of it. I brought this up a month or two ago and nobody could find the solution. The task window is disappearing somewhere but minimizing all windows doesn't bring it out. I've learned to make sure and save my work often when doing certain functions.

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