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  1. GVM

    New Kurt Sidewinder

    I use a Stevens Engineering Angle Plate and their Modular Vice for a similar set up as the Kurt Sidewinder...more expensive than the Kurt set-up but also more versatile than the Kurt.
  2. Mick, What did you think of the Heidenhain Lathe control? How do you rate it with the others? I really like the control myself but it's also the only lathe control I've ever used.
  3. I have been very happy with my CTX 410 lathe for the past 6 years. I have had no major problems in all that time although I need to mention that I don't get much lathe work so it only runs about one week out of every month. When I go over to my buddies shop across town I'm always amazed at how slow his Haas lathes seem, the CTX's spindle ramps up and down much faster and tool change speed is quicker. I have the Heidenhain control on mine. Here is a link to the history of Gildemeister, the "G" in DMG; http://www.dmg.com/internet/v3/nav.nsf/v3.jsp/us,group,history?opendocument&print=1
  4. GVM

    QUASER MV204 CV vertical

    Looks like you can get it with a Heidenhian control. Thats a plus
  5. GVM

    What kind of machines??

    CNC Milling 1 DMG DMU 80 1 DMG DMC 835V CNC Turning 1 DMG CTX 410
  6. GVM

    Heidenhain cds lite 4.1

    There is a button in the upper right side to change to english. Could be you have to register to download??
  7. GVM

    Heidenhain cds lite 4.1

    Try this link? http://www.cnc-arena.com/forum/index.php?a...loads&showcat=2 not sure if it will help you or not.
  8. GVM


    Stevens Enginering also; http://www.stevenseng.com/tombstones/index.html
  9. GVM


    I milled quite a bit of G10 (FR4) in the past and did as Leigh suggested. Low speed high feed. Standard carbide cutters as you would use on aluminum. The advantage is cutters hold up longer carving it off and you have less dust to contend with.
  10. GVM

    micro-drill chuck

    From link above "501.35 each" OUCH! I have one of those, been in my box for years. Can't belive I paid anywhere near that. I will treat it with more respect from now on ;>)
  11. GVM

    tnc530 post

    Doesn't M05 just stop the spindle? That's all it does on mine.
  12. GVM

    Cutter advice

    Look at AB tools also. I like their ShearHogs. http://www.abtoolsinc.com/ There 3/4 tool is only a single insert, but check out their cutting data on this page; http://www.abtoolsinc.com/Aluminum%20Milli...illingtests.htm [ 10-29-2009, 01:17 PM: Message edited by: GVM ]
  13. GVM

    Heidenhain Manual Plus 4110

    Heidenhain Manualplus 4110 Lathe Control Manual download here; http://filebase.heidenhain.de/doku/manualp...54%20267-24.pdf 8.84 MB pdf
  14. GVM

    Heidenhain Manual Plus 4110

    The 4110 control is a super easy control meant for 2 axis lathes with or without c-axis milling and drilling for cycle controlled lathes. Great control for one offs or repair type work. I don't think you'll need Mastercam unless you want the ease of reposting and moving the program to another machine at a later date.
  15. GVM

    Thought I would share something.

    I was just trying to explain a similar set up to mount a faceplate to the chuck, but I like your idea much better. Solves some clamping issues. Thanks for sharing.

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