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  1. the mpmatster post, how to added work offset shift value, I use tox4$,toy4$,tox4$,but not change the postion.
  2. i use fq parameter input toolplane z axis offset 30mm, but i don't know the post how to calce rotary angle
  3. i want get Minimum Z by every operation for vb.net. but Z minimum is wrong value . below code vb.net 2013 & mastercam X9 For Each op As Mastercam.Database.Operation In Mastercam.Support.SearchManager.GetOperations(True) sTool_min = op.GetMinimumZ() msgbox(sTool_min) Next
  4. Hi: I use vb.net 2013 &mastercam X5 create Rectangle and Create 2D toolpath, but the toopath always fail,I tried to debug, but I failed. thanks WindowsAppVB.rar
  5. The post is ok. Thank you so much. too
  6. thanks a lot . but post process fail,error msg "ERROR-THE TOOL CAN NOT BE POSITIONED WITHIN MACHINE ROTARY LIMITS"
  7. The vertical 5 axis machine, A axis rotary X axis ,B axis rotary Y axis, B axis zreo on XY plane (parallel Z axis),B limit +45 to -110.(same as BC axis type) How can i configure rotaxis1$,rotdir1$,rotaxis2$,rotdir2$. see below picture picture show as B axis zero thanks
  8. vb.net2013 how can get mastercam.exe version number.below code can't get version number,thanks Public Overrides Function Version(mc_version As Integer) As Integer DialogManager.OK(Version, "Version Number") Return MCamReturn.NoErrors End Function
  9. I don't know where the problem is, and if you can provide a similar method or code, thank you very much. in vb.net source code Public Overrides Function Run(ByVal param As Integer) As MCamReturn Dim username As String Dim strComputerName As String username = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("USERNAME") strComputerName = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("COMPUTERNAME") 'DialogManager.OK(username + vbCrLf + strComputerName, "Logname") PostingManager.PostProcessorArguments = Val(username) Return MCamReturn.NoErrors End Function in mpfan.pst source code sparams : "" # Will be the command parameter line passed to the DLL strDll : "C:\Program Files (x86)\mcamx5\chooks\Logname.dll" #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Below code added your post same location #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- pheader$ #Call before start of file result = dll(strDll,sparams) *sparams,e$ error info
  10. in resource-> function->ico bath_16.png bath_24.png in ft file define ico FUNCTION NET "Run" dnSPNG "bath_16" dnLPNG "bath_24" dnTIP "TIP_STR" END_FUNCTION but in chooks folder no bath_16.png&bath_24.png files
  11. i need template for this method, i want get computer logname return to mastercam x5 post,thanks
  12. i use vb.net devlopment dll ,i defined ico file, but not show my define ico see below picture
  13. i want to know how to use vb.net devlopment dll link post for sample,that how can do it ?

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