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  1. KMartin

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    I would have just used a flowline toolpath and created the surface . Test_piece2.mcam
  2. KMartin

    Importing .JPEG

    By Adobe Illustrator. Whats the logo I have a cd with a couple thousand logos on it .
  3. KMartin

    Importing .JPEG

    Hi ssmart If you join this website and post your jpeg someone will help turn it into a dxf file for you . I've gotten many jpegs converted over the years .... they are very helpful .
  4. KMartin

    .ipt files

    Download Inventor view and you should be able to open IPT files ,
  5. KMartin

    Too many entities from .jpeg

    Hi - I use this website when I have to use a jpeg . If you ask nicely the guys are really helpful .
  6. KMartin

    Chatter on Hass machine

    Thanks for the help everyone . we removed the spindle and pressed the top bushing to take out the play in spindle .We have reinstalled the spindle but the belts back on . Now I need to orientate spindle for tool change . Any help would be appreciated . Thanks
  7. KMartin

    Chatter on Hass machine

    You can move the the tool .015 buy hand when clamped in spindle . Any help on a fix . Up not down .
  8. Hi Everyone . I'm having a problem with chatter on hass machine using all my tools . It just started yesterday . It real shows up when your face milling not so much when your surfacing . I checked for backlash on X and Y and it's .001 . So I'm thinking it may be the drawbar ? The machine is a Vf 1 .... 2004 . It's not the tool because I switched tools with other machine and still have the problem . Thanks for any help .
  9. Hi everyone - Just trying to drill a .09 hole .25 deep in tungsten . I'm not haveing much luck using a hss drill . This is a side job and I don't have the option of ordering specials tools . Any help would be appreciated . Thanks in advance .
  10. KMartin


    Hi Join this website and post your picture and someone will make a dxf file for you . Don't waste your time with rast2vec .The people on this website are very helpful .
  11. KMartin

    3D Contour

    Hey Jason thanks for the reply . Would you have and example .
  12. KMartin

    3D Contour

    mastercam swiss
  13. KMartin

    3D Contour

    Hi Everyone . Could I please get some help with this part . I used 3D Contour to cut the relief on the back of this die . THe first tool .75 gouged the part in a small spot . The back side is not that critical part was still ok . Just wanted a better way of doing it . Thanks in advance . The file is under X9 3D Contour .
  14. KMartin

    Waterline toolpath

    Hass machines are pre 2000 .Still using a floppy disk .Machine setting is set at .025 . As I understand it corner rounding will start .025 from corner . Mastercam will set accuracy .
  15. KMartin

    Waterline toolpath

    I would use a contour. Just create a silhouette boundary to get arcs to drive the toolpath. Increase the tolerance to get larger arcs...maybe 0.002? Might be a better way...? Thanks goooose that did the trick . Like This Back to top Quote MultiQuote Report

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