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  1. Rocketmachinist

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    That's why I have to use the Cimco editor instead.
  2. Rocketmachinist

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    In code expert I have trouble with doing multiple machines with DNC. It doesn't give me a dropdown menu like cimco.
  3. Rocketmachinist

    No tool wear? So let me get this straight

    You need to do a lead in lead out move with a strait line to get comp to turn on.
  4. Rocketmachinist

    Mill-Turn Machine Recommendation

    JPL guys get all the good stuff.
  5. Rocketmachinist


    Have you tried yelling at them?
  6. Rocketmachinist

    Allied machine threadmills

    I always though about burning a hex into a roll tap that breaks. Then you can just use a hex key and back it out. Never tied it though.
  7. Rocketmachinist

    Allied machine threadmills

    Way less stress then tapping. At least with a threadmill you can just pick out the tool if you break it off. We don't have time on this wind tunnel model to sit there and burn out a tap.
  8. Rocketmachinist

    Mastercam post problems with y axis lathe

    You probably have to post up the whole file
  9. Rocketmachinist

    Allied machine threadmills

    Just finished up doing some 0-80 in 13-8. way easier than tapping.
  10. Rocketmachinist

    mastercam 2020 question

    I just copy and pasted a toolpath. Then I changed a little of my geometry and suddenly I am getting a machine home posiotion in my code. I don't know how it got there? Also it looks like Mastercam 2020 removed the post debugger. % O1212 (FDSJFSKLD) (DATE=DD-MM-YY - 29-03-19 TIME=HH:MM - 07:54) (MCAM FILE - C:\USERS\ASMURPHY\DOCUMENTS\WORKFOLDER\MASTERCAM 2020\A9SP-1804-M1) (NC FILE - C:\USERS\ASMURPHY\DOCUMENTS\MY MASTERCAM 2020\MASTERCAM\MILL\NC\FDSJ) (MATERIAL - ALUMINUM INCH - 2024) (T2|2 SLOTTING TOOL OR SAW|H2|D2|TOOL DIA. - 2.|WEAR COMP|XY STOCK - .01|Z STOC) N1 G20 N2 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 / N3 G53 Z0. (HERE) / N4 G53 Y0. (HERE) / N5 G92 X10. Y-10. Z-10. (HERE) N6 T2 M6 N7 G187 P3 E.0002 N8 G0 G90 X-1.2435 Y-4.2439 S287 M3 N9 G43 H2 Z6. N10 M8 N11 Z.1479 N12 G1 Z-.0626 F25. N13 G41 D2 X.1707 Y-2.8297 F1. N14 G3 X.1 Y-2.659 I-.0707 J.0707 N15 G1 X-.9 N16 X-1.1907 N17 X-1.4133 Y-2.6267 N18 X-3.2932 Y-2.0699 N19 X-3.486 Y-2.0035 N20 X-4.6885 Y-1.5298 N21 X-4.8998 Y-1.4279 N22 X-5.498 Y-1.0825 N23 X-5.7026 Y-.7281 N24 X-6.2026 Y.1379 N25 G3 X-6.3858 Y.1138 I-.0866 J-.05 N26 G1 G40 X-6.9035 Y-1.8181 N27 G0 Z6. N28 M9 N29 M5 N30 G53 Z0. N31 G53 Y0. N32 M30 %
  11. Rocketmachinist

    lathe tool inspection

  12. Rocketmachinist

    lathe tool inspection

    I have found what I needed but coolant is not being called up after the tool inspection point. There is no M88 recalled. But it looks like there is a coolant call in the post. (TOOL INSPECTION POINT - POST CUSTOMIZATION MAY BE REQUIRED) M00 G00 T0101 M42 G97 S204 M3 G00 G54 Z.2 X4.9533 G01 Z.1 F.003 ptool_insp #Tool inspection point #Modify following lines to customize output for tool inspection points if posttype$ = two, #Lathe tool inspection point [ "(TOOL INSPECTION POINT - POST CUSTOMIZATION MAY BE REQUIRED)", e$ if prmcode$ = 29999, #Only output tool insp comment if one was entered with this insp point [ sparameter$ = ucase(sparameter$) pbld, n$, sm00, sopen_prn, sparameter$, sclose_prn, e$ ] else, pbld, n$, sm00, e$ #Output just the stop if no comment pbld, n$, *sgcode, *toolno, e$ #Restate tool number pbld, n$, pfsgplane, e$ #Restate plane code prpm # Output programmed RPM #Restate spindle prv_feed = c9k #Set prv_values to c9k to force them out with next moves prv_gcode$ = c9k prv_workofs$ = c9k if coolant$, prv_coolant$ = c9k ((((right here, why isn't this reactivating M88))) ] else, #Mill tool inspection point pbld, n$, *sm00, "(TOOL INSPECTION POINT - POST CUSTOMIZATION REQUIRED)", e$
  13. Rocketmachinist

    lock G-view

    How can I lock my G,C & T views to only stay on my current view? I am running a ton of lathe and every time I do an alt-1 or a top view button from my space pilot it changes the G,C&T views back to top. Normally this is not an issue but when I go to analyze my geometry it keeps defaulting back to mill coordinates instead of lathe view I am using.
  14. Rocketmachinist

    Best toolholder for 1/8" shank tools?

    I like the Showa M-Series chucks. They work great for tight spaces.
  15. Rocketmachinist

    Mastercam 2020 Public Beta 1 is now available for download and testing

    nevermind it seems to have fixed itself.

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