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  1. Rocketmachinist

    Haas lathe question.

    It only works on machine from at least newer than 2002. I don't know when they added the feature. Our 2010 lathe has it our 2001 does not.
  2. Whats so bad about it?
  3. I don't own one. One of my other shops has one. And they got it for free.
  4. Rocketmachinist


    Traditional or New?
  5. Rocketmachinist


    Try using Surfcam Lathe, it will make you spring with joy when you get to come back into the light.
  6. Rocketmachinist

    solid highlight texture

    I remember someone talking about how to turn off the solid from getting "textured" when you drag your cursor over it. I can't find the thread about it, or just have the solution on how to turn it off.
  7. Rocketmachinist


    Any body heard of these machines. Holy molly this machine would be amazing. Soo many options.
  8. I know a little. Probably way less than you. Someones got a fancy new machine I see.
  9. Rocketmachinist

    Amada Laser

    We have an Amada laser and are trying to figure a few things out with programming it. We tried to use the M98 call to make a grid macro cutout but that ran into excess memory errors. So we are trying the subprogram approach. This is what we tried. Main program G92 X0. Y0. G65 P0165 L10 M30 Sub program. G90 X0. Y0. Laser on cut cut cut cut G92 X0. Y2.625 G99 We keep getting the machine stuck on the G99 line of code. It doesn't return to the top of the subprogram in the new starting location that is incremental Y2.625 to the new start point. I don't know Fanuc controllers that well only Haas. On the Haas lathes I do a G10 W-1. at the end of the program to get the same effect but i get very confused about g92. Is g92 absolute from the 1st one or incremental? Most videos talking about it stop after the 2nd part, but what about the 3rd part.
  10. Rocketmachinist

    formula for depth of thread?

    I use ME ThreadPal for all the weird sizes. Not too badly priced and just saves me so much time arguing with the inspector.
  11. Rocketmachinist

    2020 not using wcs

    I forgot about the renumber work offsets screen. Is there a way to default that to 0.
  12. Rocketmachinist

    2020 not using wcs

    If I remember correctly, when doing 4th axis indexing parts. I use to setup my part with the center or rotation at A0. This is in the top plane. Then any angled cuts, i just create a new view with whatever geometry I need. Then its just chain and make sure to set the wcs to TOP, the T&C plane to whatever angle and it will make everything work out. For some reason I now have to move this plane to X0. Y0. Z0. for it to post out correctly now. And this post is also forcing me to use different wcs numbers. I changed them all to -1 but when I post it keeps forcing G54 for the first toolpath and g55 for the 2nd toolpath.
  13. Rocketmachinist

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    That's why I have to use the Cimco editor instead.
  14. Rocketmachinist

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    In code expert I have trouble with doing multiple machines with DNC. It doesn't give me a dropdown menu like cimco.
  15. Rocketmachinist

    No tool wear? So let me get this straight

    You need to do a lead in lead out move with a strait line to get comp to turn on.

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