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  1. I am trying to get my post to put all the H= offsets to the beginning of the program that way i don't have to search for them. G90 G00 G40 M91 M101 G53 G92 X0. Y0. G54 X-.75 Y.4875 G0 X-.75 Y.4875 M20 M78 M78 M80 M82 M84 E1241 (PASS=1) M101 M91 G41 H1=0. G1 X-.7 Y.452 H1 F.11 (Move This H1=0.0 to the top of the program) G2 X-.62644 Y.38929 I0. J-.0745 X-.62551 Y.35387 I-.411 J-.02857 G3 X-.50998 Y.2331 I.11586 J-.00481 G1 X-.05399 X.01025 Y.16885 G2 X.0145 Y.1586 I-.01025 J-.01025 G1 Y-.1586 G2 X.01025 Y-.16885 I-.0145 J0. G1 X-.05399 Y-.2331 X-.50995 G3 X-.56516 Y-.24732 I.00085 J-.11761 X-.62344 Y-.32735 I.05617 J-.10214 X-.62552 Y-.36667 I.2731 J-.03415 G2 X-.68779 Y-.45099 I-.0764 J-.00872 G40 G1 X-.74045 Y-.48673 E1242 (PASS=2) M101 M91 G42 H2=0. G1 X-.68821 Y-.44873 H2 F.12 (Move this H2=0.0 to the top of the program) I found this section of code but don't know how to make it put all the offsets in all at once pccomp #Wire Compensation if (ccomp$ = 2 | ccomp$ = 3) & ccomp$ <> prv_ccomp$, [ sccomp if (hreg_style = two | hreg_style = three), *offset$ if (hreg_style = four), [ pload20200 #Set tlrad$ value based upon 20200 line *offset$, no_spc$, "=", *tlrad$ # Load the (wire offset)'H' variable (this line is what is called) need_H = yes$ ] comp_on = yes$ # Wire Comp. is going active if cuttype <> zero, pmflag = yes$ ] else, sccomp
  2. I'm pretty sure Ara has had one of the DMG Mori 5x machines with ultrasonic. I know he was having some trouble with it. I did also get to meet James from Selway last Friday. Super standup guy as well. Thanks for inviting me to look at those Matsuuras, they looked pretty nice.
  3. Sure James. I will dm you my phone number and you can give me a call when it would be good to swing by.
  4. We looked at them briefly. I didn't flag anyone down and get into the weeds on them. I should have gone back and talked with them more we just ran out of time. We all took a shift at a booth in the student area. Between looking at the machines and talking to erp software people. I only had an hour and a half to mad dash through the tooling area before we had to go to some other event.
  5. We looked at the Hermle C650 & C250 and the Okuma M560V-5AX at IMTS last week. All 3 are sweet machines. I really like the Hermle, that machine with the new TNC 7 control... sooo nice. Both the Hermle and Okumas can do crash detection inside the control. Super nice. We couldn't look at the DMG because they were doing their own thing outside the show. I did finally get to meet Colin Gilchrist at the show. That guys reputation precedes him, he is so knowledgeable and so nice. I am looking forward to see if we can get him onside to do some training. IMTS was a good show, a little smaller than previous years. Even at that I still didn't have enough time in the 3 days I was there to see everything I wanted to see.
  6. Ron, i just looked at those MAM machines. It doesn't really work for our shop. We are almost exclusively doing ones and twos. If we get a part run of 10 then we start to feel like production machinists. Cycle time tends to take a back seat to "don't f#$% it or the machine up". Right now we have only Haas and Heidenhain in this shop. The Heidenhains are old TNC 426 and it would be nice to get something that isn't that far outside of what everyone else is use to running. But seeing as how we haven't bought anything outside of Haas since 1996 we have no idea how reliable service can be for the other companies. I think my boss crossed off Mazak for that reason.
  7. We had the people from our code say they might be giving us $500k to buy a new machine. But that number could be from $500k to $0. We would like to get something like a UMC 1000 or 750 or 500. But if we can afford things that aren't Haas then we would like to get a good machine if we can afford it. Right now the only trunnion machine we have is a VF-6 with the TRT-310 and that gets really tight. We should have gotten the riser for that machine. So my thought process is get the biggest nicest machine we can get now because we never get any money to buy nicer machines. Even at that most of the machines are still out of the price range of what we might get.
  8. What do you guys think about these machines. We might be getting a 5x mill and don't have any experience with machines other than Haas and 1980's Cincinnati. We were wondering about reliability, accuracy, service and any other recommendations. These are the machines we are looking at. The price range would be around $500k Makino D500 5-axis mill Okuma MU-4000V Doosan DVF-8000 Doosan DVF-6500 Hermle C250 Hermle C400 Hermle C650 DMG DMU-50 3rd Gen DMG DMU-75 3rd Gen Matsuura MX-520 Matsuura MX-800
  9. So the first time we did it the arcs from the radius's were splines, it wouldn't even get to the popup page and just error out saying our plane is wrong. I converted them with break many and the toolpath worked. We tried the same thing again later this time we made sure the across was set as an arc and not a spline. It got through to the toolpath parameters page and we clicked ok. The toolpath never processed and gave us only a 6k file. The tool path wouldn't backplot. So I checked all the geometry and it was all arcs and lines. I redrew the along geometry using "create rectangular shape" and it worked fine.
  10. Does anyone else have a problem with the 2d swept toolpath in 2023. We seem to run into a ton of problems related to bad geometry extracted from a solid model. Once we fix the geometry with new stuff the path works great.
  11. Yeah, this video shows what happens https://youtu.be/rI4aLU9WMxo
  12. Hey I have a Heidenhain post but I have run into an issue. I am trying to use cycle 205 universal drilling. I think that if i say peck depth of 0, then the machine will not drill anything at all and just move on to the next hole without anything happening. So i am trying to see if someone puts into that field for peck depth of zero, when it post it just will recognize that zero isn't an acceptable number and put in the hole depth number for the peck depth instead.
  13. I use it all the time and works fantastic. I sometimes use the canned cycles on the Haas TL-1. We get lots of model work with weird bumps or nose cones. Then yeah there is no way in hell I am going to program that by hand. Being able to verify for crash detection when you have a $10k 28inch devibe bar is a must. Also programmed tons of stuff with live tool on our SL-20. Turning plastic and having a chip break cycle. Boring cycles and having it come out of the hole after every pass to clear the chips. I could not live without a good seat of a lathe cam software. PS. Surfcam lathe software is absolutely terrible.
  14. I have Polyworks. It really good and very powerful. They are a smaller company so they actually have customer support. Every time I called them a I got a guy picking up the phone right away. It was so nice to have customer service. We also have Calypso and CMM manager, which I never got a good chance to learn either. I got training for the faro arm to use Polyworks with the Laser Line Probe. It just so happened that the license usb can be swapped from machine to machine without any extra steps. So I started using it on one of the CMM's we have. Took a little bit of calibration of the machine def but I finally got it to work. If you have any other questions just let me know.
  15. I never really found it all that useful anyways. I had high hopes for it and they fell pretty flat.

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