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  1. I have been pulling out my hair but I think I have figured this thing out. I am using the Heidenhain 510 post and it was giving me some problems with the drilling cycles. I got the program to successfully drill to a depth of z-.750 from a top of stock of 0.0 Cycle Def 203 Universal Drilling Q201=-.750 (drill depth) Q203=0.0 (Surface coordinate) Where I into issues is when I am trying to drill from a bottom up system. So my datum is at the bottom of my part and it is 3" tall. I want to drill to a depth of +.5. But Heidenhain wants to see the drill depth as a negative value only. It would be easy for a Haas to do this because you just say the final depth you want to drill to. Heidenhain wants an incremental Z- depth. Cycle Def 203 Universal Drilling Q201=-.5 (drill depth) This is wrong and doesn't work Q203=3.0 (Surface coordinate) I need it to output Cycle Def 203 Universal Drilling Q201=-2.5 (drill depth) (this is right but that means I have to take the drill depth value and do some math on it) Q203=3.0 (Surface coordinate) How do I make the post take the difference between a the surface coordinate and the final drill depth. I looked at format statements for delta but it didn't change the value accordingly.
  2. Rocketmachinist

    Want to use G84 instead of G32

    your reseller can handle this change. I personally don't like the TL posts. I don't like having one machine programmed different from all the other machines. I just use the Generic Haas ST post instead. Works great.
  3. Rocketmachinist

    Heidenhain tool Def

    I got the Heidenhain conversational post from the Mastercam library. Everything seem to work fine except for one line of Code TOOL DEF 5 L0.0 R0.188 this line keeps throwing an error of incorrect syntax. I don't know why it is wrong. It looks exactly like the books that we got with the machine. Anyone have any ideas.
  4. Rocketmachinist

    materials library

    I have 2 guys who are jumping over to Mastercam from Surfcam Traditional. I want to try to get better about using all the features of the software that I normally don't touch. Like making a custom library. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share a materials library. How many of you guys use a materials library as a good starting point to get speeds and feeds from? If you have a materials library and a tool library from a company like Niagra, what would the workflow look like?
  5. Rocketmachinist

    4-Axis Wire EDM Pocket

    Use No-core toolpath.
  6. Rocketmachinist

    Royal quick grip collet chuck

    We really like MSC around here. Being a government shop we get a pretty hefty discount. Also we have this system setup where all the guys on the shop floor have an account, they can add anything to the cart and send it to the purchaser. If the purchasing guy approved the order then the person who ordered it gets an email saying the item has been ordered and you get a tracking number. It just shows us the next day and everything is gravy. Some of these local companies its like pulling teeth some times. They take days to send you a quote. They send the quote directly to the purchasing guy, so if you are just shopping for prices then you never even see any numbers. Then shipping it to a different building on site is always a fun one. It's just nice most times and take the human element out of it. A well put together website is just so much nicer.
  7. Rocketmachinist

    Mastercam Subscription

    It makes me curious about how they are going to handle stuff like posts. Do you have to buy the post outright still or are you renting that as well?
  8. Rocketmachinist

    Mastercam Subscription

    Does anyone have any info on this? What do you guys think about it?
  9. Rocketmachinist

    HAAS GM-2-5AX

    I don't know. The GM-2-5ax is the same price as the HAAS VR11. If I were to spend that kind of money on a machine I would go with the one that looks more rigid.
  10. Rocketmachinist

    Royal quick grip collet chuck

    I've asked about it. Royal won't let them do it for MSC. I even got on the phone with the sales people from Royal and they said they will not give MSC rights to their full catalogue of parts.
  11. Rocketmachinist

    Royal quick grip collet chuck

    They are awesome. I only have a few sizes of collets for it right now but i am slowly getting more. I went with the Acu-length system. It is a little more pricey but gives you the ability of using a work stop and any size variations will not change your part length. The only thing that drives me crazy it they don't have a deal with any websites that just has collets in stock. With the collets I have to call up Western Tools get a quote, the quote quote can take a few days to get. Then we can finally get it ordered and by the time the collet will get here I will already be done with the job. That is my only gripe, I wish Royal would just have their own web store or let company's like MSC keep them as a normal catalogue item.
  12. Rocketmachinist

    LATHE 2020 - Tool problems

    I think Mastercam Lathe is amazing. If you want to see terrible lathe then give Surfcam Traditional a shot.
  13. My Sl20 doesn't have y axis. I'm using g112 polar interpolation it creates a way smoother path than using XC alone and with way less lines of code.
  14. I dunno I bo bolt holes on my Haas all the time with milling. This code is read by my 2001 SL20 all the time. % O0000 (T) (DATE=DD-MM-YY - 28-10-20 TIME=HH:MM - 14:46) (MCX FILE - T) (NC FILE - C:\USERS\ASMURPHY\DOCUMENTS\MY MASTERCAM 2021\MASTERCAM\LATH...\T.NC) (MATERIAL - STEEL INCH - 1030 - 200 BHN) G20 (TOOL - 234 OFFSET - 234) ( 3/16 FLAT ENDMILL) T23634 M154 G97 P2852 M133 G98 G112 G17 G00 G54 Z.25 Y0. X1.1796 Y1.4381 Z.1 G01 Z-.1 F6.16 G02 X1.1934 Y1.4049 R.0469 X.8405 Y1.052 R.3529 X.4876 Y1.4049 R.3529 X.8405 Y1.7578 R.3529 X1.1934 Y1.4049 R.3529 X1.1793 Y1.3063 R.3529 X1.1568 Y1.2783 R.0469 G00 Z.25 G113 G18 M155 M135 G53 X0. G53 Z0. M30 %
  15. Check these settings and then use your toolpaths like normal, you shouldn't have to make 4 toolpaths for one hole. One will work. Your machine and post should handle it fine if you make these changes.

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