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  1. You know I have never actually figured out what is the deal with dry run. I have never used it before and don't understand what it is suppose to be doing.
  2. How do I do a wire pass that skips the rough and 2 skims and goes strait to skim pass 3? When I am on the cut parameters page the only way I get it to work is I have to click on perform rough cut and then do the 2 skim passes. But, I don't want the rough. Never mind I figured it out. I just didn't understand that even though I told it to start on skim pass 3, the rough cut isn't using the burn codes of the rough but the burn codes of the skim. I was expecting it to say skim for that pass and not rough.
  3. Getting really good at using single block, with feed hold and cycle start. I never run full out on a new setup. Every new tool will get checked against the clearance plane. Haas machines are pretty strait forward. There are a ton of tricks though. I would start watching the Haas Youtube channel and learning some of the inns and outs of the machine.
  4. The messed up part is the jaws are supposed to be torqued. It would be so much easier if they just added a brake to the spindle so you don't have to f around with it.
  5. Wow, it does look really good.
  6. I would never take a machine that's hardware was made for windows 7 and try to use it with windows 10. You will run into driver issues and it will not be fun. If you have a brand new machine that was designed with windows 10 in mind, you shouldn't have a problem. The one thing I hate on Windows 10 is they tried to do as much as possible to hide any thing that is a normal control panel type of function. They are still there but you have to know the keystroke to be able to access them.
  7. Here is another 6 axis machine.
  8. I don't have a 5 axis sim
  9. I am getting some weird stuff when I am using multiaxis link. It shows it doing what I want it to do but when I post it throws an error at me the the axis combo is invalid and the values in the posted files comes out weird. O0000 (tombstone setup)(HAAS HORIZONTAL)(DATE - FEB-13-2017)(TIME - 8:34 AM)(T111 - DRILL - H111 - D111 - D0.2031")G00 G17 G20 G40 G80 G90G91 G28 Z0.N1 T111 M06 (DRILL)M11 (UNLOCK)G00 G17 G90 G54 A0. X2.625 Y12. S1316 M03M10 (LOCK)G43 H111 Z9.7545 M08Z8.616G00 Z9.7545G94G98 G81 Z5.616 R8.6385 F4.21G80Z9.7545G91 G28 Z0.M11 (UNLOCK)G00 G90 A180. X-12. Y-9.6006G43 H111 Z3.1418M11 (UNLOCK)Y-9.4193 Z3.6496 (all of the Z moves should be 12 inches and there is no A axis moves. Y-9.2111 Z4.147Y-8.9767 Z4.6325Y-8.7167 Z5.1049Y-8.4319 Z5.5628Y-8.1231 Z6.0048Y-7.7911 Z6.4297Y-7.4369 Z6.8362Y-7.0615 Z7.2233Y-6.6661 Z7.5898Y-6.2516 Z7.9347Y-5.8193 Z8.257Y-5.3704 Z8.5557Y-4.9062 Z8.8301Y-4.4281 Z9.0793Y-3.9373 Z9.3026Y-3.4353 Z9.4995Y-2.9235 Z9.6693Y-2.4034 Z9.8115Y-1.8765 Z9.9257Y-1.3442 Z10.0117Y-.808 Z10.0692Y-.2696 Z10.098Y.2696Y.808 Z10.0692Y1.3442 Z10.0117Y1.8765 Z9.9257Y2.4034 Z9.8115Y2.9235 Z9.6693Y3.4353 Z9.4995Y3.9373 Z9.3026Y4.4281 Z9.0793Y4.9062 Z8.8301Y5.3704 Z8.5557Y5.8193 Z8.257Y6.2516 Z7.9347Y6.6661 Z7.5898Y7.0615 Z7.2233Y7.4369 Z6.8362Y7.7911 Z6.4297Y8.1231 Z6.0048Y8.4319 Z5.5628Y8.7167 Z5.1049Y8.9767 Z4.6325Y9.2111 Z4.147Y9.4193 Z3.6496Y9.6006 Z3.1418X12. Y9.7545 Z-2.625 A0.G91 G28 Z0.M11 (UNLOCK)G00 G90 A180. X-2.625 Y12.M10 (LOCK)G43 H111 Z9.7545M10 (LOCK)Z8.616G98 G81 Z5.616 R7.5 F4.21G80 M09M05G91 G28 Z0.M11 (UNLOCK)G28 Y0. A0.M10 (LOCK)G90M30% tombstone setup.mcam
  10. Now you got me scared. We are looking into getting Integrex or similar machine right now. Shouldn't it be close to the lathe coordinate system. Z+ is the long axis of the machine. X+ is for the diameter Y+or - is off center C is the chuck rotary B is the Y axis head rotary
  11. After much debate with some other co-workers we I am trying to figure out why horizontal posts are written in the Top Front style of axis combo. Can anyone clarify the reasoning behind this?
  12. I got a post from my reseller that is a Haas ES-5 HMC Mill post. The only thing is it is written as a 5x post and I am trying to make a post for an EC-400. This post is close but I am having a hard time converting it from a 5x post to a 4x post. Should I continue to try and find fix this post or try to find a 4th axis HMC post that I just need to make the codes match for the Haas.
  13. PHHH easy it's a death ray nozzle.
  14. He claimed that they have been bringing post writers from the major software producers to their tech center to develop posts that fully utilize the features of the machine. At least that is the pitch that I got.
  15. Well we just talked to Mazak and Okuma. From Mazak we are looking at the E-500H-S or the E-420H-S From Okuma the Multus B400 or the B550. They both seem very nice. This will deftly be us stepping up our game from a bunch of Haas and old Cincinnati's that don't even have tool changers. Does anyone have any experience with these running or programming any of these? Okuma rep claimed we would get a fully tested out working post of Mastercam with the machine. Would we have to go through the post development process for the Mazak?

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