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  1. t smith

    cutter compensation

    You can use partial chain to do that.
  2. t smith

    Who draw their parts in MasterCam

    Be able to use colors in solid faces!
  3. Tell him he can still use the words they are just on the top now!
  4. t smith

    color code again

    No we get whatever is drawn! Only one color for solids And surfaces we get any color they draw it in!
  5. t smith

    Useless and dangerous feature

    My sugestion for the red arrow af doom was to have it not move on its own. Keep it at the bottom unless you move it. +1000
  6. t smith

    Mouse Focus Bug???

    Yes sometimes you have to click in the ops window to activate it and sometimes you don't, and that goes for the graphics window also! I do have my ops manager undocked also with dual monitors.
  7. t smith

    Selecting wireframe geometry at a specific Z depth

    Look at it from the front or side and window to change colors for each depth.
  8. t smith

    right mouse button drop down

    Phil under settings customize use the tab for drop down / right mouse button menu then you can right click in the left hand side menu it will give you the option to make a drop down menu. Tom
  9. t smith

    right mouse button drop down

    Phil yes if you just right click on left side menu it will let you do it in setting custom.
  10. t smith


    There full of sh1t. They both conduct!
  11. t smith

    Hasp Question

    Mill 9 should work with that hasp call your reseller.
  12. t smith


    Randy, If I understand your problem tou need to make your tip chain deeper so the to don't cut into the first bore [take the top chain and offset it in and down 10° by 2 deep] Tom
  13. t smith


    Set to 1:1 .001 will make it look alot better
  14. t smith

    Harley kickstand plate

    htm01 could I get a copy of that also Thanx Tom
  15. t smith

    Custom Milling Cutter

    Jim, Razor Sharp Grinding in pottostown Pa.

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