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  1. This is how i did it a while back, was a head table machine but don't see that being an issue if there is a rotating table. Used the morph tool path to get the motion I wanted and saved it out at back plot then used the geometry in a contour tool path with axis sub locked to 3 axis with rotate about Z axis, Doesn't make a lot of sense with 3 axis selection but worked with our post. Have also cut a tapered wall with the table spinning by using a multi axis path and locking the tilt axis relative to Z in the tool axis control, this makes the table turn. Possibly another way to attack it if the above method doesn't work with your post.
  2. Anyone know why we are seeing this random "normal" word in the corner of our screen on a mastercam install on a new computer build ?
  3. I emailed them about the pricing and was told that they receive no funding from the tool manufacturers, which honestly surprised me. I mean its basically a advertising tool for them ! Apparently search functions will still be free, but they did not elaborate on what won't be, I imagine storing of a library , speeds and feeds etc will be locked behind the paywall.
  4. Has anyone worked out if there is a way to “display” stock from the stock setup page like you could pre 2023 ?
  5. Hi Gunther, will the fixture import feature of X+ work with the new machine group stock tab in 2023 MC ? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the input guys.
  7. Kennametal 4 land drills work exceptionally well in these applications and blow guns drills out of the water for speed.
  8. Is your HAAS a UMC five axis ? if so your post should be outputting G254 For DWO control and this allows you it create the planes where ever you like. You should literally be able to use solid face plane creation and just leave the plane at that origin. This makes programming much easier to understand when looking back and the the cut depth numbers make more sense relative to the plane origin.
  9. Time for a new computer build, primarily for mastercam and some solid works, possibly running vericut in the future. I know I could search the forum and find some good info but with tech changing so fast I figured best to ask in a seperate post. I’m a high level multi axis programmer but no computer geek so all suggestions welcome. Have already sourced a Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 graphics card at a sale and I’m leaning towards a Intel i9 12k chip. Any thing else that is a “must” for this system ?
  10. Careful with the ozone though as I believe it can be quite corrosive in some situations. Not an expert but do your home work.
  11. Much appreciated, Thank you
  12. Link to the Benchmark 3.0 file appears broken ?
  13. Kennametal 4 land drills, B977, B978 etc, will help to stabilize the drill when going into the cross hole, might help .
  14. Anyone else seeing issues with X+ not opening in chrome since an update to chrome a few days ago. It appears to be how the link is handling the file name as it is breaking the link into separate page links at each space so chrome then can't see the file as it is saved to the x+ folder as one file as per always.
  15. 3d for me in mastercam 2019

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