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  1. workmantm

    deep hole drilling

    They are an awesome resource. Never had a problem and we always were satisfied with what we got. Bonus is that we got the cores back so I could use it for other work.
  2. workmantm

    deep hole drilling

    Trepan Specialties? Always had good results from them.
  3. workmantm

    PH Steel tooling

    I’ve been working late and haven’t gotten the old workstation fired up yet. If I remember correctly the OSG line is now UVX (it wasn’t quite as good as the SUS line was in my opinion). I also used HSMAdvisor via the app to dial in tools to maximize life and productivity with my tools.
  4. workmantm

    PH Steel tooling

    I’ll have to look up exact tools later when I’m at my old shop computer, it we used a line of OSG tools that were discontinued. They replaced them but they weren’t as good. It’s for aerospace and had variable helix. The old lone was their SUS line. I can’t remember what they were replaced it with. I ran accupro tools with no issues in lots of 15-5PH condition H1025. TiAlN coated or Altin will give your best life overall. Ran Hanita Varimills at the last aerospace shop I worked and got pretty decent results. High axial/Low Radial gave us the best life and performance for our tools. Coated carbide was the second key for success.
  5. We had a similar shaped but, but much smaller is 15-5 H1025. Gcode programmed it and we ended up running a SNMG 15deg lead holder for some pretty solid performance and tool life. I’d have to dig out my programs to see what S&F we ran, but we had excellent chip breaking with this approach. We used a false center and tooling spud because we had to mill flats in it after turning plus some other mill work. Ended up sawing off most of the spud and turning the end radius to a near match. Did pinch turning on a different part and it wasn’t an issue normally. Only issue I saw was poor forging a that required more material on an interrupted cut to be removed and the tools not liking that extra .07 I had to move Z to get a good clean up.
  6. workmantm

    Thread Gauge

    Quick answer: Yes long answer: the no go requirements are the same for 3B and 2B. The go member has different tolerances. 3B being a tighter tolerance can be used to buy a 2B requirement.
  7. Use Carbide. I used to run a ton of 15-5 @ H1025. No manufacturer has S&F info for cobalt or HSS drills for these materials. I ran the Accupro solid drills hard and they held up great. Also had phenomenal success with Titex drills using thru tool coolant.
  8. workmantm

    Copper Nickel casting

    I don't have access to the alloy that I used to machine. Al-Ni-Bz, but that seems about right. I'd run up to 3000SFM in it and rough at .018/.025IPR all day turning. Stuff loved a chip load to be put on it or it got gummy and hard to shear with the tool. Especially milling. Gummy pushed over burrs were a huge problem before I started pushing the tools. I want to say it was C63000 alloys, but that data is stored on an old thumb drive that I can't get access to right now. Gcode may may have more insights on it. We talked about a similar alloy a while back that he was working on.
  9. This should be similar to, if not the same alloy, that we ran at Stadium. It's gummy and like a high chip load to break a chip. I'll see if I can find some of my old files, but I ran around 200-400SFM and typical Al chip loads. You might find some feedback data in our old emails as well.
  10. workmantm

    carbide drill question

    We've used Walter and YG for small holes. Usually metric sizes, but the TSC works well for our work. Cast iron, 15-5 and various grades of AL.
  11. workmantm

    Cool Macros

    I'll try to take a look tomorrow at the NMV to see what cycles are where on that thing. It's not a machine I run or deal with. The guy who does asked me if I worked with Macros and could help. Told him I knew just the place to ask questions and hopefully get steered in the right direction. Thank you for pointing me in the correct direction.
  12. workmantm

    Cool Macros

    I got asked at work if I knew how to probe a flat surface and have the control figure out the adjustment to update the axis offset so the surface is flat. I understand the basic concept of how to achieve this, but I lack the experience to wrap my head around the logic that needs to be written for something like this. This is for a NMV to allow us to prove the A-axis flat instead of indicate the surfaces while setting up the part. Any help or general direction someone can point me to would be great. I don't run this machine, but it's a good opportunity to start learning it.
  13. I've been looking at their Kaizen Foam for my personal tool boxes at home and work. Budget friendly and easy to work with from everything I've seen. No experience to give you real world feedback though.
  14. workmantm

    Leaky Machine Fix

    Thanks for the feedback. Got the sump cleaned out after 2-4 years of collecting aluminum. ( no one remembers when it was actually done last) Went from maybe 200 gallons in the machine to over 400 flowing freely. Got the Sikaflex in the machine and the sheet metal stopped dripping. Now we just need to replace the rubber curtains that channel the coolant back into the tank and I think the bulk of my lake creating issues will be solved. Baby steps on getting them back to fully functional. Preventative Maintenance has not been a priority in the past... I call these two machines "Pigs" for a reason. They are big, smelly, messy things that do produce amazing things.
  15. workmantm

    Cutting Titanium

    I started this learning cure this week. Programs are set, but I need to cut my insert costs. Not sure that button style insert mills are the best for removing a large step of material. Looks to be shallow high feed style toolpath. I started turning on TSC to hopefully improve things. Any other tips anyone can share?

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