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  1. Craig-B

    Cutter Comp on G2/G3 Error

    Plunge after first move, and retract before last move is a good option if you need comp in a tight spot. The comp on/off moves will be outside the slot.
  2. If possible within the laws and your NDA, could you share a pic of the finished part?
  3. Can you share the pheader post block from your post, and the current NC output and modified NC output "what you would like it to look like"?
  4. Craig-B

    "On" output

    Don't use X coolant, or put the M-code in the field where the word on/off are currently.
  5. Craig-B

    G71 Fanuc 21iT D;R value problems

    You need to give the variable a new format address. Assign new format statement. Assigns the format statement n to variable x, replacing the existing assignment. Returns 1 if successful. result = newfs(n, x) Example: In this example post block you would reformat depthcc, and clearcc to format statement 25 (fs2 25 0 3 0 2t #Integer absolute, 4/3 place) pg71old #Output G71-G72 canned cycle routines, old style result = newfs(25, depthcc) #D Value reformatted to fs2 25 result = newfs(25, clearcc) #R Value reformatted to fs2 25
  6. Craig-B

    New Machine - Porta

    I have worked with the Porta Multicenter before using Mastercam. They are very nice machines that come with the Fanuc or Siemens control. I have only worked with the Fanuc version of the machine. They also have an option that gives it a 4 + 1 by M-code. this will allow you to rotate the part as a fifth axis from 0 to 90 only. This gives you the ability to machine unreachable areas without having another clamping. Spreading the work across 3 spindles allows you to balance the cycle time and produce parts faster. This would be the same as taking a process that runs on 1 HMC and splitting it up across 3 HMC's reducing the total cycle time.
  7. Use the (newfs) and select the format statements you want from the list in the post or make one. Assigns the format statement n to variable x, replacing the existing assignment. Returns 1 if successful. return = newfs(n, x) Example: This is changing it to (fs2 16 ) which should be no decimal, absolute, 4 trailing in your post result = newfs(16, peck1$) pcan1, pbld, n$, *sg74, pfzout, *peck1$, pffr, strcantext, e$
  8. Sure as long as you guys don't laugh at it. Its an old V8 MPmaster post that needs to be upgraded from from a long time a ago back when I was a post tweaker I would do it totally different now a days, but it was good for the time and still works. see the attachment Sample_M99_Jump.mcpost
  9. Yes very fast, compared to the traditional method that we are suppose to use. That's why I started using this method just for speed alone. The drawback is that the user has to have Macro-B option on the control.
  10. There are a lot of good suggestions here, but this one was not listed and it works well. Has any one tried Macro-B and M99 and a N number, I have had this issue in the past with the search slowing down the control, and I have run very large files using M99 this will jump and not search saving a lot of time and you can do it all in one file. It will cost you the time of making N numbers if you don't set your post up to output it. See example below, % O1234(SAMPLE FILE) G0G17G21G40G49G80G90 N1T9001(100196 FACE MILL) M6 G543H109.990(CHECK GL) G65P8304B0.(COORDINATE ROTATION) M11 G0G90G54B0.M8 M10 G0G90G54X-110.76Y39.39S440M3T9002 G43H99Z150. #21=2001 <-----(Set return line number) M99P1001 <-----(Jump to Sub) N2001 <-----(Return line number) G0G90G55X-110.76Y39.39 Z150. #21=2002 <-----(Set new return line number) M99P1001 <-----(Jump to Sub) N2002 <-----(Return line number) M5 G0G91G30Z0.M9 G0G91G30X0.Y0. M01 G0G91G30Z0.M9 G0G91G30X0.Y0. M11 G0G28G91B0. M10 M30 N1001(100196) <-----(Sub) Z46.5 G1Z44.F304. X-12.35 X63.85 G0Z150. M99P#[21] <-----(Jump to return line number) %
  11. Craig-B

    Tool Change Help

    What post are you using?
  12. Craig-B


    This is still unavailable currently, If you need something specific? I would ask on the CNC software forum in the post section, one of the post developers can help you.
  13. Save the rotate the machine to correct orientation in Mastercam to the WCS with the XYZ to the center of the table. then bring them into the machine sim. if not you will have to start with a add coord. Transform as the first thing in your machine to allow you to correct the orentation. I recommend starting with something like the image below in Mastercam
  14. Craig-B

    KME CNC Users

    If you search KME will find a lot of information on them here.
  15. Craig-B

    Machine Simulation false collisions

    Care to share a file with us to evaluate?

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