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  1. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Restmill not going to full depth

    Restmill is really a development of Surface Contour and that was not designed to machine flat areas. That ability was added to Surface Contour later but from what I remember (been quite a while since I've used it) Restmill still doesn't target flat surfaces. You could try Optirough and activate the Stock page to make it behave like a Restmill style operation. Set the stock to leave on floors in the Model Geometry page to zero.
  2. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Why does mastercam work in reverse?

    If you are using something like Optirough or Area Mill, they assume you are machining out of a rectangular block based on the X/Y extents of your selected geometry, unless you define a tool containment boundary or your job is just a cavity. If you didn't kow this then I would also suggest attending a 3D design/milling training course (but I'd advise a 2D course first if you have no prior training in Mastercam)
  3. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Avoidance surfaces

    Just to add, in X9 I guess you were using Surface Finish Scallop which allows Check Surfaces. The toolpath you showed above is Surface High Speed Scallop; its a different toolpath and it doesn't support check/avoidance surfaces, even in X9 (or rather, it would let you select them but then machine them as if they were drive surfaces) The old Surface Finish Scallop is still in 2020; you have to right-click in the Toolpaths Manager then go to Mill Toolpaths and Surface Finish.
  4. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Creating grid?

    That function doesn't exist anymore - quick history lesson! Around about the X9 period the Create/Point/Grid was removed and rolled into the 2D Drill toolpath as an option called Pattern. Since around Mcam 2018 and the redesign of the drilling dialog that option went away too. If you just want a grid of point entities then the suggestion of heavychevy2155 would be the best way to go I think.
  5. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    Well well look what I found! The method I suggested was in the Mastercam Handbook Volume 2, circa 2002 written by San Diego CAD/CAM (Charles Davis) for CNC Software. It was discussed as an option to clean up shallow areas of a component.
  6. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    Thanks guys - I'd like to say that I first read about this in a Help file or What's New file dating back to perhaps the V9.1 period... I can't really remember now! I remember the image that was used in an example, it was a bit like a aerosol cap with the "containment boundary" going from the centre out to the edge.
  7. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    Yeah I'll knock one up for you It'll be toolpathed in 2018 so you won't be able to open it in an earlier version. Test_piece2_RT_2018.mcam
  8. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    My Turn! I read many years ago about using a "tool boundary" perpendicular to the cutting direction with Surface Finish Contour. It helps maintain a constant stepover relative to the chain, a bit like Scallop or Flowline. Take a look at the attached file and look at the containment boundary I used. Test_piece2_RT.mcam
  9. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Pitch in your little gems that make mcam life easier

    In the Bounding Box function I find it a tad frustrating that there's no "reset" button if you have been editing the bounding box extents and decide you quickly want to start again from the initial values (no... I haven't logged this as an enhancement request but I will!). I usually select the "manual" button and reselect the geometry I am working with, or press "All shown" if I want to put a box over all the geometry on-screen. However I discovered this week if you just set your Gview to Top, even if you are already in the Top view then it will reset the bounding box values to their original settings. In my limited testing this seems to work best with the Top Gview; Front or Right Side gviews don't seem to reset the values.
  10. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Modify Probe Backplot Feedrate ?

    I can't find an easy way of editing the feedrate either - if you get no other answers I do have a "last resort" you could try! It uses the Toolpath Editor to change the feedrate. Please note that this method then locks the probing operation (you'll be familiar with this if you have used the Toolpath Editor before). Please see the attached video - sorry for hovering the cursor over the "undelete" function near the start of the video, that wasn't intentional! 2019-11-15 10-26-53_Trim.mp4
  11. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Opening V7???

    X2MR2 only goes back to MC8 so it's looking like the original X. It's possible that a vanilla version of X2 could do it because I have a vague memory of a Maintenance update changing the oldest supported version of Mastercam files that you could open. Not sure when that happend though. Here are some MC7 sample files in a ZIP if you want to do some testing.
  12. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Config file x9

    In the configuration (Settings/Configuration), go to the Start/Exit tab. In there you can set the "startup" configuration file - its the first option you can change on that page.
  13. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering


    Try going to the Post Settings tab (2nd tab in the 2nd image you posted) and there is a section near the top called "Select between the two solutions for startup". There are several options in the drop-down menu... have a mess around in there! EDIT - although the page is called Post Settings, you don't need to have a post processor attached to it to affect the simulation. Also I presume that you are trying to get the tool to start near the bottom of the workpiece rather than the top in which case those options will hopefefully help. If I misunderstood then I'm sorry about my rather flippant reply above!
  14. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    X9 GUI Menus not showing up

    I think what you will need to do - if I remember rightly - is shut down Mcam, is delete the default *.workspace file that the person is using (i.e. Design.workspace) from \Documents\My McamX9\Config\ and then restart. They will lose any modifications to the icons though.
  15. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Lots of good enhancements

    Yep I use that button pretty much every day. I teach Mastercam and it's very useful to bring in an old programmed file and clear out all of the previous machining data. You might not see a need for it, but for me using Mastercam would be harder without it

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