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  1. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    changing multiple diameters

    If the arcs are wireframe and you are using 2018 or 2019, first of all select all the arcs you want to change. Then use Analyze Entity, change the diameter of the last arc and press the blue "*" symbol next to it. That button is called "propogate arc radius" and will set the other arcs to the same size.
  2. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    5-Axis Swarf Tool Path

    I'm not very good with imperial values (ironic since I'm from the UK) but I'd suggest turning off the Filter. If you are getting flatspots/gouges I'd suspect the tool is travelling relatively long disatnces between tool positions, and that is what you'd typically get with the Filter active.
  3. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Well, that's odd, even for MC

    If you right click on a solid in the Solids Manager you can now choose Analyze. Not an direct answer I'm afraid but at least it could tell you the level that Mcam *thought* the solid was on!
  4. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Arc dimension

    Sorry Snoop; you are correct when you say what you want isn't available in Mcam. I presume that it could be added if enough people requested it. Bear in mind that Mastercam is primarily about machining and we're not an Autocad competitor.
  5. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Arc dimension

    Well, funny story about that! It used to be "R", but the developers decided to reassign R to the "reselect" function in the Circle Centrepoint command so they switched the radius command to something else. Then they needed consistancy among similar shortcuts. Having said that, "R" still works with the circular dimension the first occasion you try to use it but not subsequently... you haven't heard tha from me, right?
  6. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Arc dimension

    Go to the Drafting ribbon bar at the top of screen and find the "Circular" dimension command. Once you have clicked in a circle you can press "U" or "D" on the keyboard to switch between radius and diameter readouts. You can do this with Smart Dimension mode too but that requires a bit of practice/instruction to use properly.
  7. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Tool List

    Try this out... go to run a setup sheet (Pre-select the ops you want to generate tool data from then right click in the Toolpath Manger, or choose Setup Sheet in the Machine ribbon bar). On the Setup Sheet options page you can change the reporting template that it uses to generate the data. Double click on the current template (see screenshot) and then choose the "Tool List" item. This will generate a file like the detailed report option mentioned above but only for your selected operations.
  8. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    License confusion

    If you had the intention of using the Okuma and only required Mill 2D operations but not Multiaxis, you could use a custom shortcut to launch Mastercam - I think ' "C:\Program Files\Mcam2019\Mastercam.exe" /M2 /noX5 ' should do it. The other options to enable/disable products are in the Administrator Guide for 2019. I have the feeling though that you may have already been down this road
  9. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Edit Common Parameters

    My guess would be that Edit Commons hasn't been updated yet to reflect the newer linking settings. Email your reseller or CNC and make and enhancement request.
  10. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    How would you model a ball surface tangent to a free form surface ?

    I'm happy to be able to help in some way Gracjan
  11. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Can you sort new swarf to cut by depth or slice ?

    When you have both Depth Steps and Layers set up (i.e. both set to more than "1") then an option will appear in the Sorting section at the bottom of the page. Its called Sequence and will let you order the cuts by slice or by layer. EDIT - oh-oh... after re-reading your post I realised that you wantd to Swarf machine in a waterline style order (one depth pass on each surface before going down to the next depth). Turns out that it doesn't look possible to cut in that order with muliple surfaces. Sorry!
  12. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    How would you model a ball surface tangent to a free form surface ?

    I'm not quite sure exactly what you mean by "surface point" but: 1) this command will let you select a surface or a solid, and 2) if you have wireframe point already placed on a surface you can select it - you just have to select the surface first and then you can snap on the point. Hope this helps.
  13. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Pitch in your little gems that make mcam life easier

    One thing that affects the appearance of surfaces when zoomed in is the Surface Shading "Chord Height". It is found in the system Configuration under Shading. The default in metric is 0.025mm but if I have a part whose edges are looking rough I reduce it temporarily to 0.01 or less. You may need to force a screen display regeneration afterwards (CTRL-Shift-R) to update the image.
  14. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    How would you model a ball surface tangent to a free form surface ?

    I know I'm beating a dead horse now, but that isn't going to stop me :D In 2019 you can use Wireframe/Line/Normal and create a perpendicular line from a surface. The use Surface/Sold Spehere from the centre of the line.
  15. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    toolpath smoothing

    I'd just like to add that as far as I was aware the Smoothing option is not about generating arc moves or nice co-linear passes that could be filtered into arcs. There are often more small 3D moves with Smoothing activated then without... the feature is designed to improve the appearance of 3D finished surfaces by reducing the appearance of moire patterns - it usually does this by creating more randomised, smaller moves in the program. It doesn't really straighten out wavy toolpaths.

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