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  1. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Converting part-files from VMC compatible to HMC compatible

    I'm not sure if the post is binned to be honest, I never took a look while I was on site. It might be something I can experiment with if I'm allowed a copy of the post.
  2. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Converting part-files from VMC compatible to HMC compatible

    Hi Terry, The post is from an outside supplier that I'm not even familiar with. Its a suggestion I will make to our customer but as to whether their post people can/will do it is another matter....
  3. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Converting part-files from VMC compatible to HMC compatible

    It's a shame that what became "best practice" in Mastercam wasn't perhaps the best choice... as you know a lot of (but not all!) HMC posts expect the Top/Front approach and don't work properly otherwise, because of this weight of history At least I can be satisfied that I'm not missing a trick with the particular situation the customer find themselves in. Cheers for your responses
  4. Hi There, I have a customer who has a number of old Mastercam part-files that were programmed way-back-when in Mastercam X7 for a DMU 70 EVO. These parts typically contain 200+ operations and are a mixture of 2D/3D ops plus Multisurface/Curve/Morph/Swarf 5-axis. For some reason they have decided buy a new machine of a totally different configuration recently to continue making these parts; this machine is a Makino A500z horizontal 5-axis. Now there are several pain-points here! 1) These old files were created before WCS-awareness was introduced and so all 5-axis toolpaths are marked with a red cross and have to be reviewed. 2) Unsurprisingly the Makino has different rotary limits to the DMU, which can create their own issues when it comes to running toolpaths meant for a different machine. For the 2D/3D ops, the customer seems to have got away with setting these up with a new WCS and T/CPlane via Edit Common Parameters rather than transforming the whole job to suit a horizontal machine in Mastercam (i.e. WCS Top and T/CPlane Front = B0) Now when it comes to reviewing a 5-axis toolpath, first of all the operation has to be visually checked to see if there is a problem after switching from a VMC to an HMC, which will involve setting the new WCS and typically setting the T/CPlane to Top, relative to that WCS (assuming you can understand the context of what the original programmer was trying to mill at that point!). If the path isn't correct then you test different solutions. Then that operation needs to be posted and checked in Vericut, along with some previous operations so the rotary angles are correct prior to simulating the op being checked). If Vericut doesn't like the result, you have to go back to Mastercam and rinse and repeat. Then its on to the next operation... there could be 50+ five axis ops in one part and there are a lot of these old parts. Anybody out there got any tips to make the transition from VMC to HMC (and from X7 to 2018) any less challenging?
  5. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Machining a long part

    You shouldn't be using the Stock Transfer option to move the stock along - it should ust be used at the end when you want to hold the stock on the right chuck only. You should be able to use the Stock Advance feature to keep moving the stock along and keep the left side chuck active.
  6. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    WTF? Drawing Lines in Mastercam 2020...

    You haven't accidentally enabled "Snap to Grid" have you? It's in the View ribbon.
  7. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Tools for fixing old corrupted MCX files?

    I can suggest sending it to your reseller - they can ask the guys at CNC if there is anything that can be recovered from it.
  8. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering


    Strangely enough my Sweep surfaces look clean inside - I've trimmed them back to a flat surface in the attached file (the flat surface wouldn't trim so I've deleted it) "Rotate" is always the default option on the Sweep surface - which by the way only uses one Along contour even if you had selected more than one, that goes for Translate too. Glad I was able to help after all 10163641-sweep-RT.mcam
  9. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering


    Yeah too little too late Seems to work fine if you use surfaces #oldschool p.s. Having re-read your original post something tells me you may have already known this and was more curious as to why the equivalent Solids option wouldn't work. So don't mind me, I'll just be on my way!
  10. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Mastercam and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS 2020 Public Beta 5 Available

    Got it and installed just fine, thanks
  11. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    X5, issue following lathe profile with tool path

    Sorry that no-one had picked up on this issue before now : usually when I have a similar problem it is due to the geometry. The problem might be that the wireframe you derived from the Iges file isn't quite flat/horizontal. If the wireframe drops even a little bit in the X axis then that section would be considered an undercut and by default the roughing does not machine undercuts. Ideally you would then fix the geometry but you can also force undercuts in the Plunge Parameters page of the Lathe Rough toolpath. Hope this helps!
  12. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    importing text question

    You might have access to the Raster to Vector user app on your system (go to Run Add-In on the Home menu and find Rast2Vec.dll). If you can find a way of exporting from Word as a TIFF, BMP or JPG (Tiff preferred for best quality) then you should be able to import that into Mastercam.
  13. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Mcam 2018 Fillet Chains / Chamfers question...

    Yes a way to un-fillet would be nice. Many years ago you could use "0" as a radius in the fillet function but that went away after a redesign of that command to make it more fuctional in other areas. Best request that your reseller turn this into an Enhancement Reques with CNC.
  14. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    strange toolpath request

    Thanks Ron, most kind sir Master80, please start a new thread if you want to continue discussing your needs.
  15. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    strange toolpath request

    Ok sorry Master80 - you asked how to generate a path that looks like the video

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