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  1. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Mastercam and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS 2020 Public Beta 5 Available

    Got it and installed just fine, thanks
  2. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    X5, issue following lathe profile with tool path

    Sorry that no-one had picked up on this issue before now : usually when I have a similar problem it is due to the geometry. The problem might be that the wireframe you derived from the Iges file isn't quite flat/horizontal. If the wireframe drops even a little bit in the X axis then that section would be considered an undercut and by default the roughing does not machine undercuts. Ideally you would then fix the geometry but you can also force undercuts in the Plunge Parameters page of the Lathe Rough toolpath. Hope this helps!
  3. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    importing text question

    You might have access to the Raster to Vector user app on your system (go to Run Add-In on the Home menu and find Rast2Vec.dll). If you can find a way of exporting from Word as a TIFF, BMP or JPG (Tiff preferred for best quality) then you should be able to import that into Mastercam.
  4. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Mcam 2018 Fillet Chains / Chamfers question...

    Yes a way to un-fillet would be nice. Many years ago you could use "0" as a radius in the fillet function but that went away after a redesign of that command to make it more fuctional in other areas. Best request that your reseller turn this into an Enhancement Reques with CNC.
  5. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    strange toolpath request

    Thanks Ron, most kind sir Master80, please start a new thread if you want to continue discussing your needs.
  6. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    strange toolpath request

    Ok sorry Master80 - you asked how to generate a path that looks like the video
  7. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    strange toolpath request

    I would unroll the edge geometry and use 2D Contour with Axis Substitution enabled. This gets you the result similar to your video (see file attached) helix_cut_axis_subs.mcam P.S. If you want to discuss this file, it would be best to start your own main topic in the forum rather than continuing here please.
  8. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Circle 5 Axis Outputs Linear Moves

    Circle 5-axis produces what is known internally as Type 11, or G11 moves. These are always linear; in fact they aren't just XYZ positions they are XYZUVW coordinates and are used in all the other multiaxis toolpaths too (as far as I know). Type 11 moves cannot be converted/filtered into arcs I'm afraid. If you really must have arcs then you'll have to create planes and use the 2D Circle Mill cycle.
  9. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    strange toolpath request

    The video is just a black screen for me Master80
  10. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    strange toolpath request

    I used two lines but you should be able to tweak the line lengths into something useful (I guess you might have to convert it into English first lol) Swept 2D.mcam
  11. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Mastercam 2019 Bugs

    Just to add that a number of Multiaxis toolpaths support Multi-threading too, such as Flow and Curve five-axis as well as several more sophisticated paths like Parallel and Morph.
  12. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    Backplot rotary axis setup in Mastercam 2019

    If you are doing a 5-axis toolpath then the backplot rotary axis option does not affect the g-code at all. It only affects the backplot function when the backplot feature called "simulate rotary axis" is enabled. If you doing a 4-axis toolpath, you'll see that the word "backplot" dissappears from the name of that command; in 4-axis mode this feature definately can affect the g-code output and may determine whether you have A, B or C axis calls in your 4-axis toolpath.
  13. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    IGES Files Opens in Metric

    Go to Files/Configuration and then right at the bottom of the page there is a section called Current. Click on the drop-down menu and switch that back to English. Accept the warning about switching units, press the green check to save the settings and you will see a question asking "Scale current part to English?". Say yes and it will switch your units and scale the file properly.
  14. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    changing multiple diameters

    If the arcs are wireframe and you are using 2018 or 2019, first of all select all the arcs you want to change. Then use Analyze Entity, change the diameter of the last arc and press the blue "*" symbol next to it. That button is called "propogate arc radius" and will set the other arcs to the same size.
  15. Rich Thomas 4D Engineering

    5-Axis Swarf Tool Path

    I'm not very good with imperial values (ironic since I'm from the UK) but I'd suggest turning off the Filter. If you are getting flatspots/gouges I'd suspect the tool is travelling relatively long disatnces between tool positions, and that is what you'd typically get with the Filter active.

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