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  1. Orvie

    C Axis Help (Move if not in proper area)

    Does your VTL have a Y-axis? If you can get your Right Angle Head off center, this becomes very easy. If not, there are still a few ways. I am also in Milwaukee. I can stop by if you can't share a file. orvie.smith@sandvik.com
  2. Orvie

    5 Axis Motion Between Planes

    Yes, The price tag will surprise you. It's very reasonable. The simulation is directly tied to the post, so the same engine that generates the NC code is also driving the simulation.
  3. I just chained the actual groove and used reference points to control entry & exit.
  4. Motor Housing Turning Operation ojs.mcam
  5. Orvie

    Rotating stock about 'Y" axis

    There is no reason to move the models. Create new planes and this problem will disappear.
  6. Orvie

    convert sheet solid into real solid

    I had a customer that gave me sheet solids often. I think the native file was inventor. I opened them up in Solidworks and saved out as STEP file to fix this. Within Mastercam, I do not know of a way..
  7. Robert, you have this tool defined as general turning instead of grooving. Also, Do you really want the control point in the middle of the insert?
  8. Orvie

    Coromant Capto

  9. The way I do it, the groove path respects the stock. If I put the geometry in front of the stock, I wouldn't be able to create a finish cycle. This material is usually inconel. By having leftover stock, I can create a second threading operation with smaller stepovers for cleaning up just the walls. Without stock recognition, the finish passes would cut a lot of air and take way too long. I've tried this many ways.
  10. I am currently doing this with a grooving tool path. 1. I use “Depth Cuts” so that I only get positioning moves. 2. I make sure that “Groove Walls” is set to “Steps” so that I only get positioning moves. 3. I use “Absolute” for my retract value to clear the threads when positioning. 4. I activate “Dwell Time” so that I have a separate line that I can convert to threading. 5.This only works with a roughing path. Ok, When I post to Cimco, I shift the entire rough groove operation by a given amount so that I position in front of the stock. Then I Replace my dwell line (G4 P1000) with my Thread Z Finish Value & Thread Pitch (G32 Z-5.35 F.500)
  11. https://www.sandvik.coromant.com/en-us/_layouts/15/Tibp/Coromant/MyCatalogues/MyCatalogues.aspx/?catalogueId=16327#.W5BeU4-wc9E.mailto https://www.sandvik.coromant.com/en-us/_layouts/15/Tibp/Coromant/MyCatalogues/MyCatalogues.aspx/?catalogueId=18730#.W5BhUA0cL8Q.mailto
  12. I know Okuma is still working on a solution. With Fanuc, there is the possibility of G96 P(reference axis), or G10 L52; N3770 R(reference axis); G11; I am not aware of the process for other controllers.

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