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  1. Orvie

    lathe c-axis milling choppy finish

    Don't give up on this, It can be a real time saver.
  2. I believe R2 is just referencing sub spindle. (TOOL - 52 OFFSET - 52) (.007 FOR SUB INSERT - NONE) (ROUGH .700 Ø) G53.5 G50 Z[#575] N52 T5252.01 G18 G99 M902 G97 S3600 M303 R2 G0 Z-.06 M8 X.0307 G50 S3600 R2 G96 S200 R2 G1 Z-.01 F.01 Z.0579 X.0707 Z.0779 X.1414 Z.0425 G0 Z-.06 Can you look on the variables page and tell me the value for #525 & #575?
  3. I believe it is variable #575. To test this, enter #575 = #525 +15.0 see if you are 15 inches closer to your sub spindle.
  4. Do these variables need to be populated in the program? What are the current values? (#525= FACE OF PART "Z" ZERO NUMBER,FROM POSITION SCREEN) (#550= PICKOFF POINT ON PART,FROM POSITION SCREEN) (#575= FINISH LENGTH ON BACK SPINDLE "Z" FACE OF PART) Your post treats the Sub Spindle coordinates as variable #575 I believe once you figure out these values, you enter them without the parenthesis and the program is ready to go every time the job is run. #525 = G53.5 value #550 = pickoff value #575 = Z0.0 of sub spindle face of finished part Hoping for others to chime in, as I am just guessing.
  5. Orvie

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    Yes, please.
  6. Orvie

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    I would love to have this model. If you can share, I will send you a dropbox folder to put it in. Best Regards.
  7. Gentlemen, I have added everything that I have from Tim to this folder. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m8v4b2wjmh96jgy/AADOvZmi0WtMcN88_CyN-VTga?dl=0
  8. Orvie

    Machine monitoring

    Sandvik now has many digital tools including machine monitoring. We call it Machining Insights.
  9. I Converted all of Tim's publications to PDF when I heard of his passing. The link Below has 5-Axis Machining Demystified, parts 1-4. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m8v4b2wjmh96jgy/AADOvZmi0WtMcN88_CyN-VTga?dl=0
  10. Orvie

    C Axis Help (Move if not in proper area)

    Does your VTL have a Y-axis? If you can get your Right Angle Head off center, this becomes very easy. If not, there are still a few ways. I am also in Milwaukee. I can stop by if you can't share a file. orvie.smith@sandvik.com
  11. Orvie

    5 Axis Motion Between Planes

    Yes, The price tag will surprise you. It's very reasonable. The simulation is directly tied to the post, so the same engine that generates the NC code is also driving the simulation.
  12. I just chained the actual groove and used reference points to control entry & exit.
  13. Motor Housing Turning Operation ojs.mcam
  14. Orvie

    Rotating stock about 'Y" axis

    There is no reason to move the models. Create new planes and this problem will disappear.

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