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  1. Sandvik Coromant acquires US based Dura-Mill You are correct. CoroMill Dura Catalog
  2. Here is the full library for the CoroMill-Dura for multi materials. All of the default cutting parameters are set up for ISO P Steel. Sandvik CoroMill Dura Multi Materials.tooldb
  3. Here is a complete Mastercam Tool Library for the recently released Sandvik CoroMill-Dura WhisperKut end mills for aluminum. Sandvik CoroMill Dura Aluminum.tooldb
  4. Orvie

    Good Technical information on Machining

  5. Here is an option for tapered floors or situations where a surface blends to a floor.
  6. Orvie

    Benchmark 3.0

    My new laptop
  7. PCMCIA Card Runs Like Memory.pdf
  8. Orvie

    Scrap carbide

    How it works Collection process Call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-SANDVIK (1-800-726-3845) to request free recycling containers. You can use the collection boxes at each machine or cell to collect used carbide inserts and solid carbide drills and end mills. All carbide inserts and solid carbide tools, both coated and uncoated, will be accepted. Fill the transportation boxes with carbide collected from each machine or cell. Put used carbide inserts and solid carbide drills and end mills together in the recycling boxes and or drums (see restrictions below). Return process Call 1-800-SANDVIK (1-800-726-3845) to obtain a Recycle Return Authorization (RRA) number and a current price per pound quote. Fill in the customer information and the RRA number in the customer information box on the return form and on the return label provided in the recycling containers. This information will ensure that you receive your check without delay. Ship the full containers using the shipping label included in the container. Be sure to include a copy of the return form in each container you return. A refund check or based on current price per pound times the weight of the returned carbide, will be mailed to you within 15 business days after receipt of the shipment. If you have any questions regarding your shipment, call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-SANDVIK (1-800-726-3845). Please have your RRA number ready when you call. Return restrictions Include only stand-alone inserts and solid carbide round tools; carbide cannot be connected or brazed to any other material. We do not accept cermet or ceramic inserts. These items are not recyclable. Please do not return these inserts.
  9. Orvie

    lathe c-axis milling choppy finish

    Don't give up on this, It can be a real time saver.
  10. I believe R2 is just referencing sub spindle. (TOOL - 52 OFFSET - 52) (.007 FOR SUB INSERT - NONE) (ROUGH .700 Ø) G53.5 G50 Z[#575] N52 T5252.01 G18 G99 M902 G97 S3600 M303 R2 G0 Z-.06 M8 X.0307 G50 S3600 R2 G96 S200 R2 G1 Z-.01 F.01 Z.0579 X.0707 Z.0779 X.1414 Z.0425 G0 Z-.06 Can you look on the variables page and tell me the value for #525 & #575?
  11. I believe it is variable #575. To test this, enter #575 = #525 +15.0 see if you are 15 inches closer to your sub spindle.
  12. Do these variables need to be populated in the program? What are the current values? (#525= FACE OF PART "Z" ZERO NUMBER,FROM POSITION SCREEN) (#550= PICKOFF POINT ON PART,FROM POSITION SCREEN) (#575= FINISH LENGTH ON BACK SPINDLE "Z" FACE OF PART) Your post treats the Sub Spindle coordinates as variable #575 I believe once you figure out these values, you enter them without the parenthesis and the program is ready to go every time the job is run. #525 = G53.5 value #550 = pickoff value #575 = Z0.0 of sub spindle face of finished part Hoping for others to chime in, as I am just guessing.
  13. Orvie

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    Yes, please.

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