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  1. tsaladyga

    Need Help With Mazak Integrex

    Ok Great! Thank you!
  2. tsaladyga

    Need Help With Mazak Integrex

    We have NC code another programmer made in Pro NC and it looks totally different than what Mastercam is spitting out. My machinist has run EIA before and said he knows it isn't right, but when I ask him for specifics, he isn't specific. I look at it and it doesn't look right at all. Like it is calling out C axis mode G53.5 when it is a turning op. I am not sure if that is normal or not.
  3. Good morning All, We have a Mazak Integrex 200-IV 5 axis turning center. We purchased a post from our reseller. The machinist says the code coming out of the post doesn't look right. I am capable of making edits to the Posts, but am not familiar enough with how the NC code should look. Does anyone here have an Integrex 200 that could possibly provide me with a proven program from Mastercam that I can look at and compare to what our post is outputting? The reseller says it should work out of the box but I have been with Mastercam long enough to know better.
  4. tsaladyga

    Feed Per Revolution

    My re-seller really screwed the post up with some custom crap. They actually changed the feed option in mi6$ with something that must have been for another customer. I was able to change it back but it took some doing. All is working as it should now thank to all of you helping. Todd
  5. tsaladyga

    Post Processing: Office Hours Sessions

    I'd be in for a Saturday morning Session. Afternoons are just to iffy with schedules.
  6. Hi Guys, First off Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, Happy Holidays to all else. I am doing some customizing to our Okuma Post we got from our Reseller, and on the Okuma's the tool offsets use letters instead of numbers. So for example: In the tool parameter page for example we use tool #1 offset #1 right? It outputs G56 H1, for the secondary offset if we typed in 21 then it outputs G56 H21. What we use is HA, HB and HC for our height offsets and DA, DB, DC for our Diameter offsets. So my question is, is there a way in the format statements to set up letters? fs2 4 1 0 1 0 #Integer, not leading <----------This into letter format? Thanks, Todd
  7. tsaladyga

    Force WCS coordinates?

    Yes exactly!
  8. tsaladyga

    Force WCS coordinates?

    Ok so we use Okuma machines and we use what we call "OSET1" values, which are the distances from machine zero to the WCS coordinates. Below is an example of the outpu I would like to see. The "X", "Y", and "Z" coordinates are from the tool plane box in Mastercam. I edited them in for now, but I would like to output them using the toolplane values automatically. This is an example of the main program: (**** 59330AR ****) (**** CNC10 ****) (**** FIXTURE LAY OUT WORK OFFSETS ****) (**** OP20 ****)(**** OP10 ****) (**** 41, 11 ****)(**** 40, 10 ****) (**** 31, 21 ****)(**** 30, 20 ****) (**** POCKET ON/OFF ****) NPKT CALL OPKT (**** PROBING ****) CALL OSET1 <-------------------------------------------------This calls out the WCS sub. NA1 CALL OT01A ( BOTTOM OD - OP10) NB1 CALL OT01B (CORD PLATE - OP20) ......... M30 This is the Sub for WCS. OSET1 (**** WORK OFFSETS ****) (**** BOTTOMS - OP10 ****) (**** 10 ****) VZOFX[10]=15.8492 VZOFY[10]=4.8288 VZOFZ[10]=3.1454 RTS ************************************** This is what I put into my post, I was trying to use misc, integers and reals to drive this. if mi10$ = ten, [ fixtrack1 ] else, if mi10$ = twenty, [ fixtrack2 ] else, if mi10$ = thirty, [ fixtrack3 ] else, if mi10$ = forty, [ fixtrack4 ] ***************************** I inserted this into the peof$ area in order to get the output after the M30. fixtrack1 [ pbld, "OSET1", e$ pbld, "VC110=1(SETS ACTIVE PALLET)", e$ pbld, ,"VZOFX[10]", mr1$, e$ pbld, ,"VZOFY[10]", mr2$, e$ pbld, ,"VZOFZ[10]", mr3$, e$ ] pbld, e$ pbld, e$ fixtrack2 [ pbld, "OSET2", e$ pbld, "VC110=1(SETS ACTIVE PALLET)", e$ pbld, ,"VZOFX[20]", mr1$, e$ pbld, ,"VZOFY[20]", mr2$, e$ pbld, ,"VZOFZ[20]", mr3$, e$ ] pbld, e$ pbld, e$ fixtrack3 [ pbld, "OSET3", e$ pbld, "VC110=1(SETS ACTIVE PALLET)", e$ pbld, ,"VZOFX[30]", mr1$, e$ pbld, ,"VZOFY[30]", mr2$, e$ pbld, ,"VZOFZ[30]", mr3$, e$ ] pbld, e$ pbld, e$ fixtrack4 [ pbld, "OSET4", e$ pbld, "VC110=1(SETS ACTIVE PALLET)", e$ pbld, ,"VZOFX[40]", mr1$, e$ pbld, ,"VZOFY[40]", mr2$, e$ pbld, ,"VZOFZ[40]", mr3$, e$ ] ************************************** This is the code output I am getting, the coordinates aren't coming out. I defined the constants. OSET1 VC110=1(SETS ACTIVE PALLET) VZOFX[10] = VZOFY[10] = VZOFZ[10] = OSET2 VC110=1(SETS ACTIVE PALLET) VZOFX[20] = VZOFY[20] = VZOFZ[20] = OSET3 VC110=1(SETS ACTIVE PALLET) VZOFX[30] VZOFY[30] VZOFZ[30]
  9. Hi Guys, Question, We use pre-populated WCS values on all of our repeat work. Is there a way to have the numbers in the tool plane in Mastercam output through the post?
  10. tsaladyga

    Mill Feedrates

    Is there a way to output Feedrate in Inch per Revolution? We use Okuma Horizontals and use IPR mode on all of them. Thanks, Todd
  11. Anyone know how to force Inch per revolution in the post? We are running Okuma Horizontals and run all of them in IPR mode. Thanks, Todd
  12. tsaladyga

    Loop routine on Okuma C-axis Lathe

    Thanks Jeff, but I don't think that's what I want. I am looking for it to have a start point and an end point and count down by depth of cut until it reaches the final depth.
  13. Hi guys, I am trying to come up with a looping routine for our LB4000 C-Y axis Lathe and I am having trouble getting the code to work. Can someone look at it and let me know what I am doing wrong? Basically I am starting at 9.5 inches and working my way .04 at a time until I get to 7.5. I would like the start and finish diameters to be variable so the operator can easily modify based on customer specs. Thanks, Todd NT7 ( .875 MILL) T0707 (7/8 MILL) G136 ( Y Axis Mode/Coordinate Conversion:ON) M110 ( C-Axis Joint:ON) SB=3400 M13 M175 CALL OTURN XX=9.5 XXX=7.5 M09 M12 M109 X20 Z30 M30 OTURN NLOOP G0 Z-.88 G0 C180 G0 X10.25 M08 M15 G0 X=XX XST=XX XDT=-.04 G01 G91 X[XDT] F.02 XDT=XDT+XST G90 G01 G91 C359 F.03 G90 G01 Z-1.4 M16 G91 G01 C209 G90 G01 Z-1.875 M15 G91 G01 C170 G90 G01 Z-2.301 M16 G91 G01 C170 G90 G01 Z-2.7 M15 G91 G01 C170 G90 G01 Z-3.1 M16 G91 G01 C170 G90 G01 Z-3.5 M15 G91 G01 C359 G90 IF[XDT GE XXX]NLOOP G00 X10.25 RTS
  14. Thanks Doug! I like your idea because there are legacy programs that run off the front of the table and use formulas to adjust for shift, so until I update those programs your Macro gives me the flexibility to run "old" style programs vs. "new".
  15. Doug, So XMPS=0 (MACHINE POS X ROTATION)<-------This is where I input the new X? ZMPS=-9.9444 (MACHINE POS Z ROTATION)<------This is where I input the distance from lets say table face to center of table? Don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I have just taken over a new job shop that has almost all Okuma Horizontals and I want to start programming from center of rotation. Your Macro is exactly what I am looking for. So for example, I set G15 H1 as the center of rotation, input those numbers in the PW= Then input G15 H10 as the new Work offset in the PH= Then the rotation as lets say B0 or B180 as PB=? Thanks, Todd

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