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  1. Yep. That's the ticket. Quick call to CNC Software and he pointed me to the same download. Looking good so far. Thanks.
  2. Anyone have info on this? Have a new install of Cimco and Mcam 2023. I tried to follow the 2 links from AHarrison, but keep getting logged out for some reason.
  3. Just in case someone else runs into this issue...after more digging...www.rikenseiki.co.jp is the home web page. Now to find a local reseller.
  4. Hi everyone, Anyone ever seen a Riken or Riken Seiki collet ? Where could I buy them? The solid "back" end is 75mm OD. I'm looking for a 2.188 ID, but will take any ID and just bore it out to size. I cant seem to find anything, period. Thanks in advance. Doc1.docx
  5. Thanks Guys. On my more complex part I created/rotated a plane to get the X&Y cuts. On the simpler part(pic above) I just copied the feature and rotated it all in the same plane. I was actually hoping I was missing something and a couple check boxes and clicks I'd be good to go. So hopefully the next release will have this added??
  6. OOPS the rest of the explanation didnt get copied. So I have code to cut the part...just not the code I want. My upcoming part is too large to machine "all" the face features with X & Y only. I need to machine face features(like a cbore) by positioning to C0 then cut X & Y then position c-axis to 90 machine again with X&Y - repeat at C180 & C270 Thats all good. but like the above 1st pic, my cbores are at C45, C135, C225 & C315 - if I program at C45 I'll run out of travel (on the larger part). How do I get Mcam to rotate the part to C45 and then machine X & Y? Then transform rotate that 90 deg 3 more times?
  7. Trying to do a transform Rotate using C-axis to position and then XY face machining. This is MasterCam 2020 Mill-Turn. Is there not an option to rotate the 1st hole to 45 deg and angle between the rest at 90 deg.
  8. If my memory is correct on the ATC POT NO page you key in "S 1,L" or "set 1,L" Adj pots must be clear. I think the control will designate a pot 1M and the two adj pots will change to D Assuming you know this by now since this reply is 3 weeks after OP
  9. Bob W....not to be a smart guy...but I'm posting code that runs without changes...its not what I end up as a production program...but thats due to my choice. Its not crashing and for a small piece run I dont make changes to the posted code. Its from fastech / postability(i think I read their name in the post) Not sure who did what...between Fastech/DMG Mori etc. but it works. NTX3000's
  10. You can also search for "Okuma mnemonic codes". That may give you a few more ideas. The Okuma is very similar to Macro B in style and logic...Okuma uses shortened words. You can also make up your own... FINPAS=.005 or WKOSET=12 or T2OSET=-12.1234 or Okuma's codes VATOL=1 VZOFX[1]=23.1230 (G15H1 X value)
  11. I'm running DMG Mori NTX3000's with Mastercam (2020 & 2021) and a custom post. Works great. I believe we had a custom post included in the machine purchase. Our machines are Left & Right spindles, Lower turret works on both spindles and upper head(B-Axis) works on both spindles. Upper B-Axis is full turn & mill capable on both spindles. So far (knocking on wood) I've had no real issues with verify vs actual machine cutting.
  12. Mig, If the machine was running and now it isnt...this is what I was assuming. Then I'd be looking into something tripping the limit i.e. chips, gunk etc. Another possible, is the soft limit was adjusted outside the stroke end limit.
  13. Is there more to that alarm? usually Okuma will have some values pointing to XYZ. You could also check I/O to see what may be happening. And then look at basics, like chips or crud causing the trip...seen this one before.
  14. Hi Everyone, Starting my new job here and programming up a few NTX3000 mill-turns. Does anyone with a NTX3000 post directly from Mastercam and run?(without major editing) Would someone (or many) be willing to share a posted program with me? I'm looking for the G-code to Turn, drill/mill OD and face on both Main and sub spindles. The actual programming part I'm completely fine, its the G/M-code and order that I'm having problems with. We are working with our reseller, who is supporting us and doing an excellent job at it! I just want to get the end result program working exactly they way we want it and then go back to our reseller and have our post modified to output code more efficiently. My current problem is I don't know exactly what I want to be able to direct the post modification. Thank you in advance.
  15. May depend on the machine. But M98 P1234 L10 will run program O1234 10 times. try it in dry run 1st.

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