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    Okuma MA600 conveyor(s)

    yep...contacted them 1st. They are checking their contacts. But we want to move this soon - without bidding/viewing etc. Its brand new - has never been connected. So we want a cash offer(unless we know buyer), buyer to arrange all shipping if needed. We will load on truck for buyer.

    Okuma MA600 conveyor(s)

    Guys...1st I hope this is allowed, didn't see anything in guidelines. I have 2 brand new Okuma MA600 machines...I don't need the chip conveyors. I actually have two huge dust collectors sitting where the conveyor goes. So with that I'll let the conveyors go for a song...no joke, we need the space. message me if you are interested.

    Okuma spindle ramp-up time speed up?

    Same thought here...depending on TPI the spindle/feed is at the max accel/decal rate for the machine.

    Spindle Speeders

    Just gonna leave this here...I happen to have a 40,000 precise spindle, complete with aux chiller and mounting brackets. Hardly used! I bought it for a custom job & its complete. Was supposed to go with my machine/shop when I sold. The buyer didn't want it. Anyone interested? PM me so we don't hijack the current thread unless its the OP.

    Renishaw TS34

    High speed machining and spindle probe/tool probe package. Currently I run Renishaw TS27, OMP40, OLP40 & OTS. I believe the TS34 is for Horiz mills and the OTS/TS27 is avert application. Ive used contact probes & Laser measurement before. I'm a little more biased to the contact ones. - but just an opinion. ghuns When will your MA-600 arrive? I have two MA-600's coming towards the end of the year. Both will be loaded with Renishaw.
  6. a rotary union is what I used. instead of air pressure I plumbed all my vacuum lines through this...I did do some concepts with a shutoff valve on the vac table. It all worked as long as I NEVER had a vac leak. once a leak started vacuum was quickly lost. FYI A vacuum pump will constantly draw @29. A small pump or a large pump can only draw about 29. The small pump may only flow 2cfm & the larger ones 220cfm +. So a large pump will be able to handle a leak 10x larger than a small pump and not drop your part...more or less.

    Okuma .lib Autoload files

    short of sharing your machine online I would suggest your machine tool supplier or Okuma help line. I believe Hartwig is in your area. Jay is pretty good. I think he was a apps guy from Okuma. And when you solve this one please post the fix...I'm interested.

    Okuma .lib Autoload files

    I was thinking the same about the OCHG called in there more than once. or could you have it aliased twice? If not did you try to unregister/reregister the .lib files.

    Renishaw OTS Tool Setter Error.

    Get the manual out. And try pulling the batteries, maybe leave out for a time. put batteries back, when it starts to flash, trigger and hold the probe to get into programming mode - ref the manual here. Then don't touch it, it'll default to time out and off.
  10. GoPro here for the most part. I like that I can position the camera where needed to get a good shot of the cutting action. Another couple applications I have fixed Uniden outdoor cameras. The down side is I have 4 cameras in the machine & at a distance from the cut. So the GoPro gets a better close up video & the fixed cameras don't. But the fixed cameras don't get caught up in the action either...the gopro did - but only once.
  11. T_MALENA

    Okuma VTL C-axis G98 question

    Can you post the whole code? I'd guess it'll depend on your R plane height etc. And how did it crash? Was it a face drill cycle & hit a clamp or boss? An OD drill cycle etc.
  12. T_MALENA

    Need help

    Just an FYI, not sure how all machines function. BUT I watched a guy lock the spindle with M19, with the door interlock disabled. When he applied enough force to tighten the jaw bolts he overcame the spindle position, this machine then rotated the chuck and re oriented itself. Luckily he dropped the wrench & cheater bar...nothing happened. But it sure could have been worse.
  13. T_MALENA

    O-ring Boss Port Question

    I think the bigger issue with milling a ms33649 style port is the milled finish NOT having a circular lay pattern. Under pressure the oil could seep/fail due to surface finish and o-ring seal.
  14. Not sure if itll work for you...I have our Okumas setup with ER adapters/reducers. So when I need to change out I'm using a ER wrench to loosen the ER16 nut while keeping the other ER25 nut from rotating with a wrench. ie my milling tool is a ER25, ER32 etc & Im holding the tool with a ER16 or ER20. I personally wouldn't use the mill head gears to torque against while changing ER collets.
  15. T_MALENA

    Tool Changer Question

    look at the large tool settings and also tool life management for that tool. that has stump the guys here a couple times.

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