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  1. motor-vater

    Tool Crib Management Software?

    Awesome feed back guys. I have been building tool libraries for all of my assembly's. And we/programmers provide and control the info for the crib attendant to build assembly's. That part is working fine. The biggest problem I have is knowing what we have on hand, and equally important knowing when to replenish certain tools. I really need an inventory system that I can use as a reference when deciding on tools, it would be nice if it would keep track of lead times too so we know when to reorder some custom tools and such. We are now starting to kart jobs that are reoccurring to cut down on set up times, But the last big job I programmed alot of money was spent on tooling and 3 weeks later as we re-organized our crib, I found multiple tools that I had just purchased already in stock. This was an OH S#&! moment for me because I just hate wasting money that could be used for other things that can make my life better like probes, new computers, etc... I guess ultimately I'm looking for something really easy to use, but functional for all the above mentioned objectives. Spending a fortune for something complicated is less likely to catch on around here. If its easy they will use it... If they use it, it will help immensely..
  2. motor-vater

    Thank you!

    Sure am, we are just super slammed and waiting for the new machine and the macroB to be installed on the 6300. We got probes coming! So yes we are gonna need you big time, just need to get everything in place for you!!!! It probably wont be in the next few weeks but soon, I'll keep you posted
  3. motor-vater

    Thank you!

    You know I was reflecting on the fact that every time I get stuck, you guys are always here to lend a hand and I thought I should just say thank you all. You guys have been an amazing resource and it never ceases to amaze me you willingness to lend a helping hand to those that need it... Good Job!
  4. motor-vater

    Tool Crib Management Software?

    Maybe except we use multiple venders. I'm looking for something in house that we can use a company..
  5. motor-vater

    Tool Crib Management Software?

    Anybody got any experience or suggestions? Our old crib man just retired and while he knew every tool in the place his only system was, well he knew every tool in the place. We hired a pretty green kid to take over and we need to give him a direction to go in to make our lives easier and save some money. Its amazing to me how many tools we buy without really knowing what we already have. From a programmers stand point we have a decent selection of standard tools in stock that I know I can program to but, I still would love to be able to know what we have be it on other jobs or just sitting around before I commit to ordering tools. Also knowing when to reorder is huge. I feel like the money we spend can be some what reduced or atleast redirected into other areas of the shop... Not really interested in a vending machine or locking drawers, we have a guy to go through, just need a way for him to manage it all...
  6. try syncing the entities. look in the options when you chain manager pops up.
  7. motor-vater

    Mastercam to Vericut help

    you have to set up the Work offsets in Vericut. a CYS (I think thats what its called) and a Work offset that relates to that CYS. Its kinda hard for me to explain, but if I can grab some screen shots tomorrow I will. Also if you will have to move the CYS from where top top top is to where ever your new WCS is.... Colin has some videos on Eappentace that are probably gonna be 5 million times more helpful to you.. Just saying
  8. motor-vater

    engraving problem 2019

    I have Always just used contour for engraving so not sure... Just didnt want you to not get a response, maybe call your reseller?
  9. motor-vater

    Random M5's

    yes and tried turning it off with the same results
  10. motor-vater

    Random M5's

    Anyone wanna take a shot at this. Multiaxis roughing spitting out random M5's. This post is for a Mori NMV5000 and worked fine in 2018.... maybe.... Cant remember the last time I have used this toolpath, but I have. Just Migrated over to 2019 and now this. Any Ideas???
  11. motor-vater


  12. motor-vater

    backplot a and or b values

    My question of the week. Is there a way to get backplot to display the rotational values like it does with X,Y,Z?
  13. My question of the week. Is there a way to get backplot to display the rotational values like it does with X,Y,Z?
  14. motor-vater

    Could use some help with a pst err

    how do you guys know so much? Either way I am grateful for the nudge... I will most likely just use my newer MP Master than.. lol Thank you for the help
  15. motor-vater

    Could use some help with a pst err

    also it is only 1 toolpath that create the error. A projection toolpath. Looks right in the settings, and verify and back plot. Got me stumped..

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