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  1. DEFINITLY AXIS SUBSTATUTION. I have done this and its fun, Really only necessary in a few situations where travel limits come into play, But If you are just wanting to make YouTube videos, Axis Sub will get u the results, assuming your post is pretty good. Had no problems with my postibility.
  2. We have predator we are slowly phasing it out and have been using Fanuc's program transfer tool. Love its Awesome drag and drop capabilities. Down side is its only for Fanuc
  3. I figured my ip guys were the ones creating havoc. They have been steady locking everything down. Glad to know its just the entire Mastercam community experiencing it as well. Thank goodness for ematercam
  4. So I have always ran the model through model prep, removed history, etc than hit the file drop down , configuration and then switch mastercam from imperial to metric. It will ask if you want to scale the model answer is yes, Done. Usually I have the reverse work flow to turn metric models into Imperial though. In that case I open a new Mcam file switch to metric via same process, then import my metric model, model prep, switch to imperial, Scale Model, Yes, Done It is important to have Mastercam in the correct metric or imperial configuration before importing any model, or things get weird. If its a metric model start in metric mode, if Imperial start in imperial mode. I'm sure their are many ways, but this works 100 percent of the time for me
  5. Super old school option.... Use a Contour, then translate/rotate the contour around the radius ROTARY WORK.mp4
  6. Hey Colin, Merry Christmas my man, Definitely an ezier way, but you know me love beating my head against the wall. We do more castings as of late, So I am becoming better with everyone. I try to get them Qualified and straight into a 5 axis where I have the functionality. We are using vericut, Camplete and anything else we have to. We even got a 3D scanner, to make a raw casting STL. All of that and they are still my least favorite thing in the world. Lol
  7. cant wait to get into this thread over break, looks like a lot of good info. I have always taken the simple approach. If I have rotations going in my Horizontals, I program from COR, set matercam up with my planes associative to a point, Go back the machine do some measuring and move my point to make up for any fixturing error. It sucks but I have always been able to get within a thou. any thing tighter I'll just set up a different work offset. If you have accurate models of your tombstones, or pallets in your case, you can get it pretty good. As for castings, God I hate castings!!! But I try to fixture to datum target points and usually don't need to shift after the initial set up. All of that just to say I have been doing it wrong.. lol I Just wish our horizontals had dynamic work offsets, or Work shift error enabled, probe and go would be a God Send!
  8. thread mill, you can use a small chamfer mill and taper angle, kind fun to play with. I too was bored once. lol
  9. funny, I have been holding onto that Library since I don't even remember when, but like you I have had very few uses for it. But I no doubt will need it someday and I apricate the work that went into making it.
  10. EXACTLY!!! I have tried a model based program, and then tried to incorporate a changed version through the change recognition inside the info tab, mind you this was an experiment with a very simple model maybe 15 toolpaths just to see how to use the change recognition option and OMG did I almost loose my mind. Sounded like a great idea to learn something new until I had several hours into trying to figure it out with less then optimal results... Never again
  11. Im so glad to know I'm not alone in my decision to still use wireframe. I was afraid to tell people because I thought they would call me a Dinosaur
  12. I have seen random arrow changing direction since 2021, or at least that's when I think they changed drilling. But fortunately for my machines we use Vericut, and or Camplete. Ive actually started to venture away from using solids to generate toolpaths, Which is sad because I truly love the simplicity of it. But every time I attach a path to the model, If I modify something on the model everything attached blows up, and models need to have history removed then regenerated in the solids tree, before I can regenerate toolpaths, Sometimes you can not save because of a dirty model, and then you have to do all the above mentioned. This sucks especially as I'm heading out the door at the end of a day.
  13. YUP RANDOM FILE GROWING WITH NO CHANCE OF SHRINKING THEM BEEN GOING ON WITH US SINCE 2021. Many threads on the Mastercam form about it. My work around is if I see it growing I save all solids I need as STP then open a new Mastercam file import STP models and start over! If you allready have toolpaths you can export them then import to new file, Seriously a real PITA!!!!
  14. I am very limited on my knowledge of Macros, but have found some success over the years. Nothing for nothing in order for my macros to be able to use Goto lines and things that make them jump around they have to be saved on the machines Memory. Thats on Our Mori's with a Fanuc Control. I wasted alot of time testing in MDI and trying to write into programs that ran on DNC just to finally cave and call the Mori apps guy, He told me that I needed to save the macro into the memory and then call them from the program. Kind of how the renshaw macros work. So I tried it and now I seem to have better luck with my macros functioning as expected. This might not apply to you or anyone else but works for me.

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