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  1. motor-vater

    Question for all you 5th axis experts

    Yes, I might have got that from u in the past, cause it sounds familiar. My problem was the old post would spit out g49's without a g43 after, so it was the Z motion that was called after the g49 that would try to kill the machine, not the TLO call in its self.. Postability was the best money I spent around here... No more wonkie problems like that...
  2. motor-vater

    Question for all you 5th axis experts

    Agreed!!! Also if you dont have verification software forced tool changes are like training wheels in 5 axis. Starts from home every toolpath. 5 axis in mastercam seems all good and ez when in verify, but actually verifying G code is a God send, the post plays a significant roll. A misplaced G49 for example will have you polishing up the old resume!!!!!!
  3. motor-vater

    Raster extension

    I do as well. I almost always do. I am loving unified locked in 3 axis!!!!!
  4. motor-vater

    Raster extension

    I have a love hate relationship with this. I love what it does, until you add vertical or horizontal radius. Some times I want a controlled lead in/out and I want to extend my overlap. 2 very different things trapped under the same setting..
  5. motor-vater

    Downloading MCAM to separate SSD?

    If you do this does this essentially make Mastercam portable? If so that would be cool, But otherwise I'm not seeing the point?
  6. motor-vater

    Need help on this tool

    IT CALCULATES THE RADIAL CHIP THINNING FOR YOU. A lot of the high end tool manufactures give u recommendations with RCTF already built into the recipe, but I like the little button. If you change step over, it changes feed rate as you do it. Play with it and see what I'm talking about. But I'm apparently a Sissy so there is that... LOL in my defense most of the machines I run and the window size I work in, the machine would never reach those feeds. I have programmed many aluminum parts and ran it at 100 200 and 500 ipm, and seen no reduction in cycle time "at the machine" from 200 to 500. It just can never get there on small moves. Ive always felt most of us are just lying to ourselves when we try to program those feeds. But without a doubt their are plenty of machines out there capable Ive just never had one...
  7. motor-vater

    Need help on this tool

    OP please report back after trying this, I would love be get some feed back, I feel like I need some Midal and a maxi pad after hearing Huskers input..... Let that baby eat!!!!
  8. motor-vater

    Need help on this tool

    I make cuts like that often, but the sfm seems highand there are multiple things to consider, first your holder, I would use a hydraulic then a shrink fit, never a Weldon. They recommend the high chip load because the radial depth of cut is so light. So it takes into account Radial chip thinning.. That being said. I would still start some where around 360 sfm, chip load I would just set it at .002 or .003 and turn on the chip thinning option in your tool tab (RCTF). Next in your cut parameters you want to make sure you are not forcing this the tool into tight spots, you do that by setting your minimum toolpath radius to like 15%. And finally most of these tools do not do well with 3d step ups, like Opti rough, they are designed to be full depth cutters as soon as they are not using the full length of the flute, harmonics will start to happen. I use these tools for material removal then go to a shorter or reduced neck tool for step ups... This is just my opinion as I am not a tool rep, just someone that removes metal everyday... Good Luck
  9. motor-vater

    File growing very large

  10. motor-vater

    File growing very large

    Shane D was able to send u one of his Huge ones on the file share so please keep an eye out. Thank u
  11. motor-vater

    File growing very large

    Pete we are attempting to send one of the big ones to the file share, fingers crossed. Just for a time frame reference, this all started for us in 2021 when we all downloaded the service pack that got immediately recalled. All though we did clean installs after that and put the repaired service pack update on our systems, we started having problems... So its been with us for a minute, but oddly we did not seem to have problems in 2022 tell around the time we got the first update. Not trying to say anything, just stuff for the round table to discuss.. No, but maybe some, we deal with all kinds around here but this issue seems to not have a pattern of predictability...
  12. motor-vater

    File growing very large

    Yes way to big to email and would probably take an hour to upload to the FTP server. I have been this route before with C Howard. Not to say I wont drag you into it I just need to find something more manageable to share. I sent C Howard a bolt in 2021 that was 145,000KB, and he could not figure it out, but when dragged into 2022 it was good. I will definitely share a file but first I got to find something that I can actually send. I will try to send this one too and see how it goes yes empty as in delete all tool paths, machine groups, solids, wire frame, hidden wireframe, planes, levels, etc... Resaved and it was still huge, might have even grown more......
  13. motor-vater

    File growing very large

    There were 3 groups, I deleted and saved. No Joy!!!
  14. motor-vater

    File growing very large

    where is the groups manager I'll give it a shot?
  15. motor-vater

    File growing very large

    SO NOTHING WORKS. I have removed hidden entities and deleted everything from the file and resaved and it still grows, with absolutely nothing in it lol.... Model prep - remove history - save some - parasolid - open new file - import parasolid file - save as mastercam file. Then I have a clean file...... Back to old file, export toolpaths - save them someplace, back to new file - import toolpaths - start playing connect the dots. File now saves at 10,000KB..... Sip coffee - contemplate life choices that got me here - accept the fact FML - move on... Thats my process for saving these files... So originally I thought it was the Catia files that are converted to STP, But more often then not its models that I built and Model prepped in Master cam that do it.... I probably abuse Model prep more than I should in fixture design....

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