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  1. thread mill, you can use a small chamfer mill and taper angle, kind fun to play with. I too was bored once. lol
  2. funny, I have been holding onto that Library since I don't even remember when, but like you I have had very few uses for it. But I no doubt will need it someday and I apricate the work that went into making it.
  3. EXACTLY!!! I have tried a model based program, and then tried to incorporate a changed version through the change recognition inside the info tab, mind you this was an experiment with a very simple model maybe 15 toolpaths just to see how to use the change recognition option and OMG did I almost loose my mind. Sounded like a great idea to learn something new until I had several hours into trying to figure it out with less then optimal results... Never again
  4. Im so glad to know I'm not alone in my decision to still use wireframe. I was afraid to tell people because I thought they would call me a Dinosaur
  5. I have seen random arrow changing direction since 2021, or at least that's when I think they changed drilling. But fortunately for my machines we use Vericut, and or Camplete. Ive actually started to venture away from using solids to generate toolpaths, Which is sad because I truly love the simplicity of it. But every time I attach a path to the model, If I modify something on the model everything attached blows up, and models need to have history removed then regenerated in the solids tree, before I can regenerate toolpaths, Sometimes you can not save because of a dirty model, and then you have to do all the above mentioned. This sucks especially as I'm heading out the door at the end of a day.
  6. YUP RANDOM FILE GROWING WITH NO CHANCE OF SHRINKING THEM BEEN GOING ON WITH US SINCE 2021. Many threads on the Mastercam form about it. My work around is if I see it growing I save all solids I need as STP then open a new Mastercam file import STP models and start over! If you allready have toolpaths you can export them then import to new file, Seriously a real PITA!!!!
  7. I am very limited on my knowledge of Macros, but have found some success over the years. Nothing for nothing in order for my macros to be able to use Goto lines and things that make them jump around they have to be saved on the machines Memory. Thats on Our Mori's with a Fanuc Control. I wasted alot of time testing in MDI and trying to write into programs that ran on DNC just to finally cave and call the Mori apps guy, He told me that I needed to save the macro into the memory and then call them from the program. Kind of how the renshaw macros work. So I tried it and now I seem to have better luck with my macros functioning as expected. This might not apply to you or anyone else but works for me.
  8. I probably would these days too. but in my defense the one I did was 40 inch's long and the fastest way to get material out was a 2 inch shell mill and a 6 inch saw. Back then I wasnt to hip on using 5 axis paths like triangular mesh locked in 3 or 4 axis, these days I would love a part like that to show up.
  9. I have done pylons like this before, I would not even hesitate to go with saw style cutters and old school toolpaths like Surface finish Contour. I think the biggest issue I see are the drilled holes at 90 deg. One of the ones we did was to big to even fit in the 5 axis, We had to stand them on their side and use a horizontal with an anglehead. Bottom line you are gonna want to dig out as much material as you can how ever you can and then (pro tip) let it rest and requalify before adding features of tolerance. This thing is going to warp... Have fun, these are the kinds of projects that you are going to learn alot
  10. Update, Test part back from inspection. I am doing something wrong in the errors page for sure... My holes were shifted + 0.028 in my X direction. Every thing else I cut seemed right... Manager loosing patience, sad because I am this close to making a life changing thing happen in our set up and they want to shut me down when I'm 0.028 from the finish line. Lol Im gonna give it one last go in the AM before everyone gets there. So any last minute suggestions are appreciated. I have my G54 set to the theoretical perfect point of Origin (which is where I am programed from in mastercam) I calculated that from the Standard G54 point kept on the control for COR) I am trying to figure out the best way to set the errors. What I am doing is setting the B axis orientation to get my part straight, then probing the center of the part to get my X while the part is in its new B location. I am using G58 to store the values. Then basically subtracting the location of my G54 from G58 to update my error Values. In todays case that was b-.101 and x .0469 and a z of -.0544. Am I doing this wrong? Any last minute help super appreciated
  11. was getting a few depending on format. I should have wrote them down, so I'm just going off memory here for now. Originally it was illegal G68 command, on the G69, then I tried moving the G54.4 above the G49/G69 and started getting an illegal WSEC error it became obvious The G54.4 P0 does not want to be before the G49/G69. So moved that back and tried some other stuff but oddly enough removing the G05 P0 gets rid of the illegal G68 alarm, but why the illegal g68 alarm on a G05 P0 has me scratching my head. Ill post some shorter cycles tomorrow for more detailed info, But I had that spindle shut down for 4 hours today playing around, so I gotta be mindful of our customers. Lol While I got you on the hook James I have a question about the error values in the Wrk setting errors. Try to imagine my part be a U shape, in the machine it is an orientation where rotating around the b axis would turn my U into a C. Now when I first load, I am probing the center of the U for my G54. Thats where the part is programmed from. But Then I must rotate my B axis to get the legs of the U even...... Still with me? Today it took -0.101 deg on the B to get there, So I enter that error into the b on my error page. My question is when I come down and reprobe the center of that U it has Moved/Followed and is now .120 shifted in my X. So do I enter that into the x on the error page aswell, or does it just know to follow cause of the b error adjustment. I ask cause I almost wonder if I should just find and set my rotational error first, then just probe the Center of my U with the B axis at -.101 to the G54 and be done with it? But as I am typing I am thinking probably not a good idea, but How do I find the theoretical perfect position of the part as it was programmed when it has to be skewed to get to that position. Probably why some would Use COR for this I think. Then all you are measuring are errors, Sorry Long winded I am and I hate to take advantage of your kindness, But Lunch on me sometime when we cross paths... Edit: Just dawned on me I can steal the theoretical perfect numbers outta mastercam, Just create a plane at COR and get the values of my Origin point and enter those into my G54. Then that should make my b and x error values valid. Maybe. LOL If that works I would never need to reprobe my G54 and could spend all my energy on the errors...
  12. Ran some test cuts today, found a few more format errors. When the post outputs a B0, C0 cut it does not use 68.2 So the G54.4 came after the B0. C0, call and did not move the axis'. Was ezily corrected by adding a B0. C0. after the g54.4. I got a list going for when I reach out to the boys at postabilitly, I know they will get it all dialed. But the one Format error that is killing me is the look ahead, no matter what I do I get some kind of alarm with it. It did not like G05.1 p1 at all alarmed out immediately. Usually the old post always used G05 p10000, So I went with that and it works but always alarms out at the end of a toolpath when trying to turn it off. G05 P0. I tried moving it around and it always alarms no matter where its at. tried canceling the g54.4 first, didn't like it, tried after, no good tried the way James showed above, nothing Without G54.4 my post would output like this, and never had problems G0 Z4. G49 G69 G05 P0 M9 M5 M81 M69 M11 G0 G17 G40 G80 G90 G98 G91 G28 Z0 G28 X0 Y0 G90 M01 New post wants to do this and it alarms out Z-7.1333 M05 G49 G05 P0 M9 G69 G54.4 P0 G53 Z0. G91 G28 Z0. M11 M69 G28 B0. C0. M01 Ideas? Thanks Everybody for getting me this far
  13. Success Update! Seem to be going in the right direction with the format difference, I am now able to get the G54.4 to run with the G68.2, Thank you James. Now I will have to make some test cuts to really figure out how the errors work but So far the Code I posted, a simple square pocket, calls for a rotation of C90, B5 deg and then linear X and Y moves. But as you will see in the video Adding 1 deg of error to the b on the Work Setting Error, moves the axis' to C78.715 and B5.099 and my liner moves are now traveling along both axis' simultaneously. This is a good thing, the machine is now thinking for itself and correcting for the error. I will have a few last questions after the excitement wears off but wanted to update those that have contributed. https://youtu.be/iEKy04TZEAI
  14. This Helps immensely, Thanks James. Ill do some experimenting tomorrow.

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