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  1. motor-vater

    5 axis Tool paths and Planes?

    I do enjoy when I open a can of worms... lol but seriously this is all good stuff to know. Mastercam has evolved in so many way over the years but some of us are such creatures of habit that we tend to not evolve with it. I myself always like to push the boundaries of what I am capable of, LOTS of times I look at something and know how I could path it, but will still take a trip down the rabbit hole in an attempt to get a better understanding of what I can accomplish and how. One thing I have learned over the years is mastercam is not very user intuitive, alot of paths can be made with a general understanding but the secret is to know exactly what u want to do and then trick mastercam into doing exactly that...
  2. motor-vater

    5 axis Tool paths and Planes?

    Awe!!! Arron you remember the version and everything! Man have we come a long way my friend.... It seems like those early lessons have carried me very far, and I am grateful, and glad you are still here for me. But yes the game has changed, I was just blown away the other day when I posted something out and ran it trough vericut and then the machine with no problems, then when I went back to modify a few things I realized my planes were not at T/T/T, or my New top/ New top, New top in that case and I was like Wow! OK
  3. motor-vater

    5 axis Tool paths and Planes?

    When doing a 5 axis curve/ Swarf or any multiaxis path for that matter is it always Top/Top/Top? I ask cause I have been fumbling around 5 axis for about 10 years and always used T/T/T but some times get real undesirable entry motions and exit motions, but recently did a curve from a plane I didn't realize I was on and it still worked fine. So what are you guys doing? Have I been going at this all wrong for years? lol
  4. motor-vater


    a tired old 5 axis post from our re seller, the more I look at my problem it seems more related to the G43.3 call and how the post is positioning the tool and then rotating into position. I have never been a post guy no matter how hard I try I guess I'm just simple. But if I had to bet I would say this post really does not have the logic to deal with mastercam 2019 and maybe I am just asking to much from this old girl
  5. motor-vater


    So I'm sure its my tired old post but I am having to use a longish tool in an Nmv5000 I need to home the tool before moving to the 5 axis curve for clearance. problem is referance points arnt helping, and if I turn on forced tool change, it moves to the right place but does not turn the spindel back on... What the heck is going on here..... Wasting so much of my day right now!!!
  6. motor-vater


    I try to use this feature often, sometimes it works, alot of times it will ignore it. Probably because of tool size corner size and arc size or lack of arc...
  7. motor-vater

    Faster Programming 5 axis.

    Standardize your tooling and create a library. make sure all of your toolpath defaults are dialed the way you like and saved as default... Create blank mastercam files with standardized fixturing, so you can just open, import geometry, move where you want it and start firing away...
  8. motor-vater

    MPMASTER 2019 SubProgram location bug?

    Weird I have not seen this one yet, and I sub alot of horizontal stuff. But I am using a MPMASTER2018 post that I migrated so maybe they changed something..
  9. motor-vater

    Hey Colin

    Trying to send u a message but mail must be full. lol Let me know how to get ahold of you buddy..
  10. motor-vater


    Agreed, but it depends on the feature... On our big Cat50 Hori's on aluminum parts I try to use the 3 inch 4 insert iscar cutter. Have it on a 10 inch long holder and can still rip material out at ridiculous feeds and speeds it will ramp, pocket, face, what ever I need it to do, only problem is it fills the chip bin to dam fast! here is a photo snagged from the inteweb!
  11. motor-vater

    Looking for MasterCAM Skill testing.

    We are going through the same thing trying to find a programmer. I whipped up something kinda like Titans thing in 20 min. Moved it all over the place, has all the basics. First they have to orient it, or dynamic plane it, then we go from there. Shows ability to tap, optirough, contour, chamfer, helix bore (counterbores on bottom) and even build a key cuter. If they can do all that We can go from there.....
  12. motor-vater

    micro reaming 718

    Kinda what I thought too, but we are gonna try to have them EDM drilled and see how it goes, cost of drills alone and life of tool played a role in the decision making process. Our filters dont have a small enough micron mesh and our coolant is to dam dirty. We were clogging the coolant holes in the drill after only a few parts which was leading to failure.... ERRR!!! Dont really want to go through all the work involved in setting the machine up to handle this.. Funny I always said why cant I get the easy ones like drilling a whole in something, Careful what you wish for!!!!!
  13. motor-vater

    micro reaming 718

    If you had to ream a 1.55 mm hole in inconel 718, what kinda reamer would you go with. Carbide, HSS, some other cool thing I've never heard of???? and its over an inch deep YIKES!!!
  14. motor-vater

    Code Expert- Applications?

    Diffuse is pretty cool, any syntax avail that is geared tward Gcode???
  15. motor-vater

    Code Expert- Applications?

    Nice thanks guys, now if I could just find a really fast way to change tool numbers I would feel complete. I use Cimco for it with the find and replace function but having to do heights and diameters aswell on a meaty program sometimes gets dicey if your not completely focused....

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