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  1. motor-vater

    Arc Filter Advanced Multiaxis Toolpaths

    We need system upgrades, 2019 Crashes like crazy for us, pretty sure we need better graphics cards. I use 2019 on occasion but our Engineering Manager wont sign of on it yet because of stability issues, lack of reverse integration. Remember the good old days when you could save backwards... but I need a tool path to do almost the same thing the OP is after right now and if there is something new in there that can do it better I need to test it out.. They generally wait about a year before changing to a new version and truth be told I think 2018 is great, probably the best one at least to that point, but we have one dinosaur on staff that hates change, and we have to be able to open each others files to make adjustments so I'm between a rock and a pyramid.. lol
  2. motor-vater

    Arc Filter Advanced Multiaxis Toolpaths

    Sorry to hijack. What toolpath are you speaking of??? Equal scalup or is there a 3d finishing path somewhere? Someday we will start using 2019
  3. motor-vater


    wish I could help but I can tell u a good aggregate post makes all the difference. After weeks of messing with that stuff, we purchased one and right out of the box it did everything I could have hoped for and more. I am no fan of paying for posts but sometimes you save alot of time and money in the end. Good luck
  4. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

    Happy to report the new MP Master looks like a winner in this... Thanks Colin! Right out of the box it seems to do everything I need, just leaves the G05 on through null tool changes, turns it off when its supposed to, and doesn't seem to ever post it without a g43.... The only bad thing about this was it just cost the company$$$ for me to update to newer post, thankfully this was a set up piece but still I would have liked to first article it for data.... Better be real good on the next one! when I have time I'll fish around for info on how to change one of the misc reals into a switch for G332, I'm sure its been discussed on here. Thanks again everyone!
  5. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

    got VERICUT dialed in today, that helps major. I love that stuff... Found a few more problems in there that I am glad I never came a cross on the control. The null tool change is the least of my problems. lol turns out that if you are trying to use multi passes on something like a 5 axis curve (in 4 axis for my case) every time it picks up to come back for the finish pass, bam! another G49, G05.1, with out a G43..... I am in the danger zone with this stuff for sure. But man it works so good on the machine. I spent about an hour reading through the mori book and it gives u tidbits of useful info like I am calling a R# after my "G05.1 Q1 R#".. But it appears, at least according the book the R# does nothing. Q1=on, Q0=off that simple. But something the book mentions that instantly made me pucker was that any rapid move temporally cancels the look ahead and then turns it back on after the rapid. YIKES! I usually program my retracts as feed moves in opti-programs but I am hoping that this does not have adverse affects on toolpaths with rapid moves??? I'm gonna download the newest MPMaster and just see how it posts out.. I'm pretty sure it works right out of the box for the Mori code, select horizonal and not haas in the switches and I think its gonna give me the same code, but hopefully with more logic.
  6. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

    I just need a G43 H#, Yeah $200 doller endmill into a $500 piece of material... Took that good feeling away real quick.. Vericut was no help cause I need to modify the G49 area in there it always alarms out at a G49... Lesson learned always check your code when trying new stuff
  7. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

    its definitely an older MP Master, that has been through the migration a lot of times.... Something else for the Colin list... lol
  8. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

    Wow just learned an expensive lesson about stringing 2 toolpaths together with G05.1 and Not using a forced tool change.... G49 is bad.... with out a new G43
  9. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

    man thanks again for this Guru, I'm like a kid at Christmas with this right now. This Mori Hori I programmed was shaking and making a mess of some surfaces I was trying to machine, and even worse running slower than a 1 legged dog on 4 axis moves.... Some look ahead and now its smooth and fast... I even shaved a few minutes off some optirough paths with it today... Super happy, now if I could just get it to spit out a G332 and the G05.1, I would be able to do it all with out editing any code, that would be real nice
  10. motor-vater

    Odd threadmill action in 2018

    yeah buddy, lie to it and tell it one tooth. I also always drive it off a point rather than an arc. Dont know why, guess I just like to define my major diameter, just how I do it... I hardly ever use a tap anymore.... Crappy thing is sometimes you change something and it defaults back to 3 teeth...err always back plot a thread mill before posting..
  11. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

  12. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

    NEVER USED THE DEBUGGER????? I wouldnt know where to start... lol seems like this might be the area maybe the mr2$ is allready adding the "R"??
  13. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

    lol.... I would agree, any idea about where to look?
  14. motor-vater

    HELP WITH G05.1

    when posting with G05.1 I am getting RR instead of just R. What am I doing wrong?
  15. motor-vater

    4 axis surfacing problem

    how it it being located on said trunion, what planes do you have to use if were just to attack it as a 3 axis? multi axis paths are tricky, containment plays a role, how you drive it via curves, splines, surfaces, or lines also plays a role. Most of the toolpaths like triangle mesh have multiple places asking you what axis it rotates on, what axis you would like to retract on and so on, lots of things to experiment with so none of that helps either. Some times you have to create extended geometry and different boundaries to trick it into doing what you want. Still struggling to picture it here but if you need the tool to hit multiple angles along a pass to define a feature, you might need to drive it with a chain or spline that can make the tool tilt away from said feature to keep the angle you want. Or sometimes you create lines perpendicular to the features that would represent the angle of the tilt and drive with path with lines instead of a chain/spline. Sometimes you get lucky and just driving it off the surface works but not often enough. I'm just throwing things out there to get your wheels turning but if you find time whip up a simple version of a similar part and post the file, you will find all the help you ever wanted, seems like everyone on here enjoys a good challenge.. lol

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