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  1. motor-vater

    Toolpath Editor w/ Random Coolant

    X3 Please do repost if you find it. This was affecting me the otherday on a points path I was editing into a drill cycle... Drove me nuts
  2. motor-vater


    Awesome, Thank you Colin, I will take a looksie when I get a few minutes and see if that gets me going...
  3. motor-vater


    EXAMPLE INSTEAD OF THIS N1 T1 M06 G00 G17 G90 G54 B0. X1.0 Y1.0 S1000 M03 G43 H1 Z1.0 I NEED THIS N1 T1 M06 G90 G54 B0. G00 G17 X1.0 Y1.0 S1000 M03 G43 H1 Z1.0
  4. Trying to get B axis moves on their own line? this old Mori gets confused and alarms out if the B move is not on its own... No locking necessary.. It used to do it fine in 2017 but updating to 2019 has created this little glitch. As always thank you
  5. motor-vater


    So I got that happening but I guess the next question is their a way to turn the MPL master to a simple X,Z output. Right now it puts out M24's and the Y zero returns with G28
  6. motor-vater


  7. motor-vater


    Colin, Thank you sir. Our new lathe programmer was going nuts trying to figure out why all his offsets on this one machine wouldn't hold. Then when he figured out it was the g54 throwing it off he was like OK ill just manually edit the code. Ill set him up a Control def and post specific for this machine tomorrow he will be pumped.
  8. motor-vater


    We have an older lathe that does not have work offsets and does not like G54 to be output... Anyway to turn it off in the control def or post. Using an MPLMaster 2019? I tried changing the plane to 0 instead of -1 but apparently not that easy. Any help is appreciated, lathe is not my thing and as always Thanks for the help
  9. motor-vater

    Dynamic OptiRough

    I have had some issues, kinda often when using minimum retract in linking parameters. Seems like the part clearance for retract does not respect left behind stock. Some times I am just forced to give it an inch or more on the part clearance, and sometimes I just throw in the towel and give it a full vertical retract... Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but many times I have been bitten by these settings. This information about the arcs in Fanuc scares me to know now... lol I always try to filter to arcs to keep code smaller and paths smoother, again probably just doing it wrong, but with mastercam you definitely learn something new everyday.
  10. motor-vater

    Post Processing: Office Hours Sessions

    Yes, I'm still in for this aswell
  11. motor-vater

    MISC Values Help

    sorry trying to upload screen shots but its fighting me. Ultimately I am looking at mi8 (Safe retract at toolchange), mr6 (absolute safe height in z for unwinds and TC) and how mr7, mr8, mr9 (Axis shift for X,Y,Z) relate and are used correctly
  12. motor-vater

    MISC Values Help

    I could use a nudge in the right direction here. I am trying to use long tools with a Mori NMV5000 and a tall part. Long story short I need it to retract to a safe distance when rotating. I have tried reference points with little success, And all though forcing tool changes gets it dont seems like a waste of time. I know I can do something in the Misc Values and reals but the post does not give me a clear description of how to set them up.... any help on how to use these values would be great. Thank you
  13. motor-vater

    Tool list description

    Ok think we got it. Amazing what a # can do
  14. motor-vater

    Tool list description

    Shane is outta posts for the day.. lol Guru, do you know how to force a B value. As it is right now for a Hori, we use Top Front. When we rotate we get all the work offset and B values at every tool change. But ultimatly we would like to have a B value with the work offset even if there is no rotation... G54 B0.....
  15. motor-vater

    saftey zone problem

    so I got it to work, strangly it has something to do with my 3rd screen. I keep my dialog boxes/managers on the 3rd screen to give me more space on my main screen. Oddly enough as soon as I re-docked my managers it works.... Kinda crappy but I'll take it....

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