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  1. motor-vater

    Shrink Fit Libraries

    Thanks Buddy!
  2. motor-vater

    Mastercam 2020 Constantly shuts off without warning.

    LOL! So I have lots to look forward to with 2021, But that wont help me now...
  3. motor-vater

    Mastercam 2020 Constantly shuts off without warning.

    Man thats Awesome. I'm jealous and curious at the same time. By chance are all of your planes related to TOP? I seem to have the most problems when I have to create planes from scratch aka "New Top" then trying to link planes to that New Top Location
  4. motor-vater

    Mastercam 2020 Constantly shuts off without warning.

    I will try but it is almost impossible to reproduce. Its so random, and sometimes when u move it back it will stay after that. I know I'm not the only one I have checked the official and quite a few people have taken notice. Is this the first you have heard of it?
  5. motor-vater

    Mastercam 2020 Constantly shuts off without warning.

    Thank You as always Colin, but sadly I have never used the duplicate plane function. I almost always use dynamic, from solid face, or from geometry or from gview. We still program from center of rotation (I know, I know) My work flow for 5 axis is almost always the same for setting up a part. I create an origin point, then make all my planes associative to that point. Reason some of the machines are different and to move machines I can move the point and regenerate with very little work in most cases.. But In 2020 plane association is broken. If I use a dynamic plane to the point I get no associative check box to work with. Only planes by solid face, or geometry will give me the associative check box, then I use the lil arrow in the plane manager to select my origin point and viola! I have the plane I need, associative to a point! But at any given time with out rhyme or reason it will just move. I have tried locking the planes which does not seem to help... Its all buggy as heck. The rumor is they have fixed this in 2021, fingers crossed, but It needs to be fixed in 2020 as well. We will no doubt not move to 2021 for at least 6 months after release, and what about the customers that do not pay maintenance or have vericut. They will be stuck with broken 2020 for life. The cost of master cam in my mind dictates the fact that no version should be abandoned for the next version. They need to at least fix the major issues and make a version stable. Honestly I am like a kid at Christmas every year when a new version is released, I love the new features and new toolpaths etc. I look forward to it all year. But I really get frustrated with how CNC will abandon older releases that are not at the very least stable....
  6. motor-vater

    Mastercam 2020 Constantly shuts off without warning.

    Hey Arron, any chance you can motivate someone over there to fix the moving plane issues in 2020. My company will not move to a new version for at least 6 months after release and My planes have a mind of their own in 2020! This is going to be costly to one of the Mori NMV5000's at some point. It seems like most issues are just pushed to the next release, leaving rouge issues in old releases. This is the kind of thing that could lead to early termination for a programmer and worse than that every time I repost something I am over whelmed with anxiety about a potential crash that may result from a plane moving... Thank God for Vericut! but we share 1 seat of it between 4 programmers so sometimes u make a quick modification and resend to the floor with out waiting for a turn to rerun vericut and that's when I'll get got. Never had problems before we moved to 2020
  7. motor-vater

    hangs up on Merge

    So crazy enough never had this problem in the past. I merge all kinds of STP, STL's, fixture solids, etc. would always work perfect. was loving the new 2020 merging even more. But just moved to a new system, clean install and it is all whacked out! Doesn't blow up, but reverts to original Top Plane, opens up other levels and is a real PITA. This is just the last 2 days and I did not have time yesterday to solve it. I am thinking it is something in the settings. I hope anyway. Its like its making a effed up bookmark on a view sheet or something. Any suggestions are welcomed, or I will have the fight on Monday and post my results. Thanks
  8. motor-vater

    New Compuer, how to move?

    So I finally got a new system. IT performed fresh installs of 19 and 20. I personally have spent years tweaking settings and defaults, etc and despise the idea of starting from scratch. Can I use Migration Wizard and grab from my old system still on the server, or is there just a list of files I should grab and drag over. Posts, machine def, control defs are a given, but what about all my tool lists, toolpath defaults, mastercam defaults? not sure what to do here? Part of me wants to use this opportunity to clean up some clutter that has transitioned through version upgrades over the years but dam I need to atleast have my workflow how I'm use too
  9. motor-vater

    Monitor Recomendations?

    I cant even see your monitors on that desk... lol is that a light bulb? how do you like standing desks tho?
  10. motor-vater

    Monitor Recomendations?

    What Resolution are u guys using?
  11. motor-vater

    Monitor Recomendations?

    my current setup
  12. motor-vater

    Monitor Recomendations?

    So Finally getting a new system and I'm pretty pumped. Mind u it nothing super fancy but an upgrade all the same. Currently I have been using 3 DELL 24" monitors A few years old for sure but functional. I am really up in the air as to what I should do for new monitors. Maybe 2 bigger monitors, flat screens, curved screens, maybe one of those ridiculously large curved screens... What are u guys doing? I have been using the 3rd screen for my toolpath/level managers because I just dont hae enough real estate on the 24" screens to leave it docked. But there are issues with that, it makes a few issues with safety zones and points manager. Not sure why but I filed it a while ago. So when I work with those features I have o re dock to get proper function.. PITA for sure, so I am looking forward to getting back to 2 or maybe one proper sized monitors...
  13. motor-vater


    Great video, Im super appreciative. It confirms that I have tried everything. I will give it another go on monday. Ill whip up something I can share , but maybe I just have a flawed install. Ill also try it on my neighbors system
  14. motor-vater


    Does this toolpath actually work or am I doing it wrong? Im talking about the one under the 3d tab. Ive been trying to use it and every time, every scenario I get this. Wondering if it is me or is this something everyone knows about and I'm late to the party?
  15. motor-vater

    Plane Association MC 2020

    Anyone found a work around for this yet. Finally got the OK to move to 2020 and know this! We use the crap outta associative planes, this will be a real deal breaker in my quest to move the company forward.

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