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  1. Del.

    WirePaths Wire 4-Axis question...

    Break the entities at the end points and create branch lines connecting the geometry and then use sync by branch.
  2. Del.

    featured based drilling

    Depths also I assume?
  3. Del.

    featured based drilling

    Just curious. Does Mastercam not have the ability to recognize hole features by windowing part and setting all those holes to a group?
  4. Del.

    Arc dimension

    "Maybe" people were just curious as to why you wanted this function because you never answered.
  5. Del.

    Arc dimension

    Maybe he meant ARK dimensions.
  6. I thought he was measuring the depth of the grooves. He should be able to find some reasonable point micrometers in different ranges, preferably some deep throat ones.
  7. If it were me I would verify my OD and then use a micrometer with ball to measure and then do the math.
  8. Del.

    Fanuc Program Restart

    I love that feature but you must be at the " Hold point return" to do so accurately.
  9. Del.

    Noob screwing up, help please!

    I sent you a message.
  10. Del.


    Holes must lie within .050 of the specified tolerance zone of the datums Hole to hole they must lie within .0035 tolerance zone to each other
  11. Del.


    I believe it is True Position
  12. Del.

    charmilles cut p550

    Thanks, I can't keep up with Agie/Charmilles and who is what and who owns who. I believe they bought out my supplier Global EDM.
  13. Del.

    charmilles cut p550

    What little I know about Agie, is that they are not cam friendly, but I may be wrong. I'd invest my time in programming from the machine and generate program from that.

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