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  1. No. I just at lost my Chit I think it’s called a conniption.
  2. Mostly that they crashed it hard a few times before I got here and the wire threader is a poor design and very unreliable. Some days it’s just possessed with a demon. I kicked it yesterday and pretty sure I heard it moan in agony.
  3. Sorry Rocket but if I owned this machine I’d take a sledgehammer to it.
  4. I’d advise against getting a Makino Wedm with split V guides. It sucks and Fanuc is superior in every aspect. I hate the Makino.
  5. I’m pretty comfortable running the Makino now. Never heard of OEM.
  6. Yeah. Going to work one more year full time.
  7. No. Just loaded Esprit for Makino wedm 14 day trial to show owner what it can do. If he doesn’t buy it then it’s a deal breaker and I’ll quit. Fikus sucks and no way I’ll use it.
  8. Yes. I worked 8 days there Gonna try 1 more year at new place If they don’t get me Esprit though I won’t stay. They need someone badly to get their Wires running correctly. They have a Mill mentality in the Wire and that’s not the way to run them. Hopefully he will buy this new Fanuc to help. He has too many molds to build for one machine. And Ficus sucks as a cam software. He also said he would buy me some work holding stuff.
  9. I’m getting a little better on it. Today was my first full day. Pretty sure owner is buying a new Fanuc. They need at least 2 machines. Want me to do 3 jobs currently and only so much you can do. Typical for mold shops.
  10. I’m going to have some questions for those familiar with Makino Wedm. it’s a Heat U6 machine.
  11. Del.

    New computer.

    I was just being sarcastic, but I did think I had a better computer than I really have.
  12. Del.

    New computer.

    Well now I'm just depressed.
  13. Del.

    New computer.

    I think everything except my software was already loaded in Of course this computer is just for wire and drawing.
  14. Del.

    New computer.

    Downer. I know they paid almost $5000 for it.
  15. Del.

    New computer.

    I have a Xeon Silver 4216 CPU @2.10 GHz. Is that good?

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