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  1. I’m going to have some questions for those familiar with Makino Wedm. it’s a Heat U6 machine.
  2. Del.

    New computer.

    I was just being sarcastic, but I did think I had a better computer than I really have.
  3. Del.

    New computer.

    Well now I'm just depressed.
  4. Del.

    New computer.

    I think everything except my software was already loaded in Of course this computer is just for wire and drawing.
  5. Del.

    New computer.

    Downer. I know they paid almost $5000 for it.
  6. Del.

    New computer.

    I have a Xeon Silver 4216 CPU @2.10 GHz. Is that good?
  7. Del.

    hole table

    In Esprit you can just set a max and min diameter after windowing entire contour and it will find all the hole sizes for you. Comes in handy if you have 60 .375 EJ pin holes and 40 .125 holes. Especially on solid models.
  8. Del.

    MC 2018 Wire ---- Why is this so hard?

    I'm lost as to what you want to accomplish. For this wire contour, whats with the no comp and no lead in and out. Seems if your power library is correct, you just set your parameters for number of passes, comp and it should work and post out your offsets and power numbers Mits use. Mits and Agies are a PIA .
  9. Del.

    MC 2018 Wire ---- Why is this so hard?

    I prefer using 4 axis or taper most of the time as you can control the size of the top and bottom of your part from the table surface.
  10. Del.

    MC 2018 Wire ---- Why is this so hard?

    Best way to not have any lead in or out comp is just hand edit G41,G42 to G40. You will still need a thread and cut point but it wont call up comp. I can't make out your drawing. What make WEDM are you using? Some wires allow you to thread on an angle if its not too severe, or you can use single block- dry run to set your wire to a programmed angle and let it go from there. Also, you can save your parameters to any thing you wish. Like 2 pass,4 pass, taper, 4 axis and have all the parameters already set. It's been awhile since I have used MC WIRE.
  11. Del.

    Exit/entry on an elipse

    Create your own lead in geometry.
  12. Del.


    Can you run a reamer thru them ?
  13. Del.


    I have CPM 10V. Not too bad soft.
  14. Del.

    strange toolpath request

    Racking my brain as to why you would want to do it that way.
  15. Del.


    I could see much difference in that flat area so my file is the tapered part. With that much angle make sure you use half hard wire and reduce your tension and use big flush cups.

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