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  1. Are you new here ?? PEACE
  2. Gotta give props to our BAREFOOT Circle Brother for getting you squared away PEACE
  3. Hardmill

    Create edge curve 2018

    Hadnt noticed that one yet, im sure ill like it that way. PEACE
  4. Hardmill

    O/T Okuma Lathe /Mill users?

    Only took you 12yrs but im glad you replied to him PEACE
  5. Hardmill

    Stevens Engineering vises

    I used them at a mold shop This was back about 15 yrs ago They were great then i imagine they have to be even better now. We would generally see a few tenths (.0003) lift on the moveable jaw side We used machining magnets for everything else PEACE
  6. Hardmill

    Mastercam 2017

    I dont think you are Newb, stop fighting it............ 2017 is the way to go You cant live in the past PEACE
  7. Hardmill

    Mastercam 2017

    Dont be hatin Newb, jelly dont look good on ya :harhar: PEACE
  8. Hardmill

    Mastercam 2017

    Gotta agree with you "G" 100% PEACE
  9. Hardmill

    Top Level Programmer

    Great to hear good luck Troy And Daniel brag away, its a great story and you should be proud PEACE
  10. Hardmill

    Top Level Programmer

    Contact Brian Cerkas here on the forum Great resource for finding you someone PEACE
  11. Hardmill

    Ultra High Precision Surfacing help.

    All I can say is we use NX to get the proper output and our scallop hgt is .0000003mm PEACE
  12. Hardmill

    5 Axis Demo Part Help.

    Leonard Dye how the heck are you ?? Long time from our days @ Hartwell eh ?? Im going to PM my number so you can give me a call PEACE
  13. Hardmill

    GMCCS X+

    Youll find some links in here http://www.emastercam.com/board/topic/67968-important-topics-please-read-before-posting/ PEACE

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