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    Is Mastercam more sitting or standing up work?

    sitting like always... I make sure to "tour" the facility, at least 3 times a day, 650' long building, around a half mile walk a day. sort of... If your programs suck you're gonna be getting a whole lot more exercise.

    Best way to using views in 4-axis milling?

    I'm old school, I always rotate my view as if it was the machine / rotary axis moving to the position. then save the plane from graphics view.

    setting default tool library

    in "file", "config" pick your default as shown below but lathe...

    quantity of programmers required rule of thumb?

    Were in the same "job shop" boat as well. occasionally see a repeat, and most quantities are below 10 parts. From 10 oz parts to 5 ton. 92 CNC machines strong running days and nights, We have 2 Lathe only programmers and 5 Milling only programmers. Seems to be a good number for us.

    setting spot drill depth by chamfer dia

    IMHO, It's best to program to the theoretical point. (Zero flat) drills, spot tools, chamfer mills. The flat is an uncontrolled feature on a tool, like a reground tool or different tool mfr. Theoretical point is a constant, worse case it will leave you safely above. Our tool setter normally writes the distance on the tool sheet for TLO. Its a rule here, Parts were scrapped because of this small issue. (swapping out a chamfer mill to be exact).

    how to make this part in 5axis

    Whats the material? I've successfully formed sharp corners inside a concave cavity by surfacing a negative "die", a little bit of heat treating and using a press. This parts not really that big should be able to form it then machine to blend. had a R.007 max, formed it then surfaces the flipside after.

    Verify O-ring cutters.

    Posted this like 4 years ago. Wondering if its still broken in 2019? Verifying o-ring tools does not see the inside diameter. The shaded tool looks correct but the result is not.

    Thoughts on gaming mice

    Razer Tiapain -- was inexpensive, think like $60 new. I bought 3; one for work , home , and a spare. ( i use approx 1/2" hand movement to get across a 24" screen) my wrist is always anchored across dual monitors as well. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS  8200dpi 4G laser sensor  Ambidextrous Form Factor  Razer Synapse Enabled  9 Programmable Hyperesponse Buttons  1000Hz Ultrapolling  Up To 200 Inches Per Second / 50g Acceleration  Gold-Plated USB Connector  2.13 m / 7 Ft. Braided Fiber Cable  Approximate Size: 125 mm / 4.92” (Length) x 56 mm / 2.20” (Width) x 39 mm / 1.54 mm (Height)  Approximate Weight: 95g / 0.21 lbs

    Gnomon label

    rename it to a decimal point. so its small and kinda out of the way more than a paragraph description of the view

    Finish pass Facing Feed


    reverse post

    down and dirty , copy and paste your code into this. its a quick visual. https://nraynaud.github.io/webgcode/ mastercam used to have a rpost (reverse post processor) dont know why they dropped it. I used to enjoy stealing xxxx from old proven code.

    Setup sheets

    should have added .SET and X+ to the choices. IMHO the setup sheets are as bad as the drafting part of MasterCam. Active reports are an overkill waste of paper. Set files are simple and take a lot of work to get just right. Would be nice to get a detailed setup sheet out of the box that nobody should have to modify. We use set files and output this. I can get 3 tools per page. With a detailed complete first page setup description. (simple but works) Definitely NOT a show piece by far. It has all the info but still looks like the crap from 1985. _______________________________________________________________________________ TOOL DESCRIPTION = 1/2 x 1/2 x 1 x 3 GARR ENDMILL TiALN 230MA CATALOGUE NO = VENDING MACHINE MSC #44758993 EDP #13317 INSERT GRADE = TOOL NO = 5 TOOL DIA = .5000 TOOL TIP ANGLE = 180. LENGTH OFFSET = 5 TOOL RAD = .0000 DIA OFFSET = 45 RPM = 2000 FEEDRATE = 7. H=_______________ADJ_______________ TOOL LENGTH FROM HOLDER = 1.5 D=_______________ADJ_______________ FLUTE LENGTH = 1. RELIEVE BACK =_________ COMMENTS: FINISH 1.406 DIA THRU 4X _______________________________________________________________________________

    burring inside port intersections

    I didn't post one. just asked. but this is what i'm talking about. for port intersections. I remember seeing a video back in Feb, can't find it anymore.
  14. has anyone had luck with this? is there a video to show it working?

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