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  1. That was just the first image I found as an example.
  2. For instance, In Autocad I can bring in an image measure it, scale it, stretch it, move it. see image. Can this be done in MasterCam? I farted around with it and am assuming not. RTV will hold one for vector purposes but it goes away after.
  3. We get it often, I try and wire edm it whenever possible. Have not seen it delaminate from coolant or edm water. Have seen it delaminate on the waterjet. Just need to sammich it.
  4. We own a few of these. collecting dust since 2002. 5 axis killed the need.
  5. impressive amount of decimal places.
  6. https://www.emastercam.com/forums/forum/32-post-processor-development-forum/
  7. Can confirm. not always but this does pop up occasionally. Should be an empty place to select nothing for simulation. one of my guys spent hours trying to figure it out before he asked the question. 5 axis pgm he was set at 3axis in simulation. We use vericut. (facepalm)
  8. I prefer to leave it blank and pick the machine from the drop down menu AFTER saving the blank file. Populates the machine group, toolpath group and NC with the mastercam file name. (which is our program number)
  9. https://www.emastercam.com/forums/topic/104842-simulator-2022-bugs/#comment-1332823 I always have to reselect stock in "simulator options" button every time I open a new instance of an old program. It's routine now.
  10. If no 5axis available, Just surface it. looks kike a fairly small part, shouldn't take long.
  11. We would cut down the center taking full advantage of the upper corner rad tolerance, cutting it as wide as possible, We also make our own dovetail cutters and making the dovetail cutter O/D -.002 smaller than the slot and maxing out the lower rad makes a beefy tool, we historically only use one finish pass each side. (operators digression to re-run the tool if needed). MATERIAL REMOVED BY RADII.xlsx
  12. That sounds super risky. Scared to even think of doing that.
  13. We own a seat of wire, only use it for 4 axis things. we have 5 wire machines and use mill 2d contour 99.9% of the time. (setting comp to control).
  14. not automatically, could revolve a solid on a helix. but IMHO importing a screw from McMaster align to your minor and boolean remove it is waaay faster.

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