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    Strange mouse or video skipping MasterCAM 2018.

    I agree with the auto-save, I've had complaints of that here as well. "like every ten min my screen freezes!" lol auto save was set for 10 min. Not sure the frequency of the "MasterCam backup files" gets saved. but that may also dog it down.

    MC 2018 Wire ---- Why is this so hard?

    We set up a mill post just for wire and always program our wires using MasterCam Mill 2d (.010 tool 15" long, comp in control), We only use MasterCam Wire for 4 axis programs (I agree its not fun to use).

    Using Chamfer Tool as Spot Drill in FBM drill

    You could just rename your spot drill to "chamfer mill" and make it the same tool number as your chamfer mill. (just ignore the duplicate tool alert)

    backup copies

    I may be old school, I still manually save before verify, regen on large toolpaths, and now, before i print. But my autosave is set for 15min., there is another that saves inside C:\Users\"yourname"\Documents\my mcam2018\Parts If it's not in my autosave 90% chance its in the "Parts" folder.

    16 digits after decimal!!!

    Same... \o/

    Hollow stock model, STL, imported mesh

    if my next op is on bottom, I set bottom as my WCS. leave the stl where it is. I've always has issues when rotating / translating stl files. Changing you WCS to the next op orientation is the key. I think my issue was the just size of the part.

    Drill point selection in 2020

    was it rotary work? if you have "filter out duplicate points" checked it will see the side opposite as duplicates and not use them.

    Highlighted fields

    Is there a way to make the highlighted field brighter/ more contrasting. ( i know it gets dark if you click on it ) when you go to Tools to see your selected tool, the highlight is barely noticeable, 2018

    Dynamic OptiRough

    Ditto, Always. A large expensive part isn't the place to be High feeding around a contour in a micro lift. Plus the Operators gonna need a pacemaker if you don't retract out.

    2020 Solids from STL

    I was told 2020 can make a solid from an STL? or Pointclouds? Has anyone tried it with success?

    WTF? Drawing Lines in Mastercam 2020...

    my 2020 autocurser.

    Tool numbers

    I suggest you start with the one that needs the most tools first, when done, rename and use that mastercam file for every other part you import. (your internal tool list should stay the same.) just refrain from re-numbering. I do this a lot cause I hate repetitive tasks. (Just Lazy)

    Text editting

    You need to redraw the text every time. Although drafting lets you edit the text content after the fact, you can not put a toolpath to drafting text. I do a bunch of engraving, always have to re-create new text every change, and re-chain them as well. thankfully they are all 90% similar, so i'm only changing a few numbers or letters, I also keep the font size and spacing pinned up on my wall. This way anyone here can modify or re-create it.

    Tapping Speeds and Feeds

    We don't do mad quantities just big expensive parts mostly. I try to have my guys keep a constant 5ipm on all taps, the RPM is easily confirmed by the operator (multiplying it by 2) We used to use 10ipm but noticed most "send backs" were cut in half. 1/2-13 @ 5ipm = 65rpm x 2 = 130 1/2-20 @ 5ipm = 100rpm x 2 = 200 3/8-16 @ 5ipm = 80rpm x 2 = 160 If a tap gets broken it won't be from a speed feed issue. I know it may sound slow but in the end way faster than burning out a broken tap.

    Mastercam/Verisurf 2018 4K monitor

    Im sure you already tryed... File, Options, Options ??? or,

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