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  1. It needed VERISURF_2021_UPDATE2_TOOLS-MC installed, all better now.
  2. replaced a HDD added our cloned drive. VERISURF TOOLS comes up. but can't enable our REVERSE. works fine on everyone else's. although it shows on the tab as VERISURF TOOLS not VS TOOLS. licece is good. and says were good but tab won't show. any suggestions?
  3. check the Incremental button. ( 1/8 DRILL ) (TOOL NO. 1) (TOOL DIA. .125) (LEN. OFFSET 1) (DIA. OFFSET 41) N1G17G98G40G49G80G90 N2G0X0.Y7. N3T1M6 N4S2139M3 N5G0G90G54X0.Y0.B0. N6G43H1Z4. N7M08 N8M98P0001 N13G90X1. N14M98P0001 N19G90X2. N20M98P0001 N25G90X3. N26M98P0001 N31G90X4. N32M98P0001 N37M09 N38G0G28G53G49Z0.M19 N39G90X0.Y7. N40M30 O0001 N9G91 N10G83Z-4.R-3.9Q.06F4.11 N11G80 N12M99 %
  4. Mastercam Core Certification Has anyone done this? and why? Normally when I hire the true colors come out on Day 1.
  5. Alt PrtScn, then paste into Word or MSPaint.
  6. 2021.... So... trying to explain to a greenish programmer... Thread-milling multi passes leaves half the amount per side VS Contour leaving the exact amount per side. ffs Its wrong.. it should be the same as contour... smh.
  7. Finally getting around to installing 2022. historically I have copied our operation defaults over and ran with it. (its a 2018 ver.) I'm thinking I should just modify the 2022 vanilla one that it came with. There's probably some stuff in there I don't have in the 2018, or should I just copy the old one from 2021 over and just go with that? Whats your best method of changing the defaults? (retract heights ... top of stock, lead in and outs, ect.) I used to just modify it from here. Is this still the proper way?
  8. huge fan of ingersoll gold twist. tips from: 6.0-25.9 mm TD0900013S4R01 0.3543 0.3898 0.55 0.500 1.15 1.77 2.920 9 KTD6.0-D9.9 NEW-167-14_Gold-Twist.pdf pro tip.. don't peck inconel 718 . chip gets work hardened and will smash your insert on re-entry.
  9. I've always been a ZERO 90 -90 guy 0 deg toolpah toolpath 90 deg toolpath toolpath -90 deg ect... The snippet from AHARRISON1 just hurts my head. sorry M8
  10. Back in 2016 I used the "convert" to update all our Mastercam files to mcam2017. only like 25thousand files. all the way back to X8 2002. It was for the better. had to do it in stages by year. and keeping a backup. went easier than you would think. didn't lose anything. Our IT guy freaked. LOL only like a few months later. apparently he used to "audit" the files ( watching who did what and when. ) fixed his xxxx as well. Did it because mcam was stopping all support for I think was X9 and older.
  11. I always created curve all edges. then shift chain, then right click change color. Never thought of your way tbh. then again there is 20 different ways to do the same thing in MasterCam for almost everything.
  12. don't forget to disable the Lead In/Out if you are doing that.
  13. Expect that it will chip while milling, and delaminate when ground. condolences.
  14. Has anyone been able to do this? (get *.NC files to show in the windows preview pane) I have mine set to open with Cimco. It says "No preview available" (thinking it would be a quicker way of checking revisions in the program headers than always having to open it inside an editor.)
  15. Just throwing this out there. We program all our chamfer tools to a sharp point.
  16. Almost everything we do are small runs, so its cheap xxxx 1.25 thick Mic 6 aluminum tooling plate. If its a larger run, whatever un-certed steel we have. (yes there are monel/stainless/cast iron fixtures here) we also pad our tooling plate with steel if needed. Big Job shop so we grab whats on hand and go. Although when needed I normally order A36, and hot rolled plate and channels for our weldment fixtures. Material of choice tho is Cast iron. but who wants to cut that xxxx.
  17. Why not just recreate the stock model? the other ops are available?
  18. Wait What? Who actually drafts in MCam? Its quite horrible at it, not even good by far. I can see a quick print screen of a hole location or a pickup but surely It truly sucks at drafting. Autodesk Inventor hands down for drafting. IMHO
  19. Interested in seeing how this plays out... I'm sure its going to open some doors. but what happens to the existing customers base is going to be fun to watch.
  20. or.. you can just edit the tool to .375 diameter and the comment and just regen your toolpaths. It will update all toolpaths using that tool. and you won't have to re-number it.
  21. We have a bunch of Wire edms they slit quite well. Our burr depot has gotten real good at removing the recast. (I did attempt to finish thin floors with the wire before as well. but the heat deformed the floors "dished them")

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