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  1. Please log a detailed defect request via your reseller so we can get this into our system and investigate.
  2. Customize the Ribbon to access all functions not already in use, the VBScript button will be there and you can place it in the QAT, Ribbon or context menu. However, I would recommend looking into a NET-Hook as the VBScript API is quite old and no longer under active development.
  3. Mick George

    Best language to learn?

    Steve, Assuming you are talking about automating Mastercam I would recommend .NET, either C# or VB.NET, at least initially. .NET is more approachable that C++ with less of a learning curve and there are tons of resources out there too. We have a getting started document and sample projects on our website under 3rd Party Developers that should be your starting point for Mastercam development once you have studied some general .NET
  4. Mick George

    NESTING : Changing Label Name ?

    Peter, O would recommend that you post this question on our official forums as there are people there that do not come here that would be better equipped to help you.
  5. Ok I just got verification that currently iCentral access is via your reseller only at this time so you will need to contact your reseller and give him the details of your support request and have them add a ticket on your behalf. Have them assign it to the SDK team.
  6. It is certainly out of date and essentially deprecated at this point but you might be able to use AddArcPoint() If you open or create a VBScript in Mastercam Code Editor you will get intellisense to help find functionality.
  7. I think a customer can just log into iCentral and submit a support ticket (i'll need to verify), however, your reseller can certainly do it on your behalf. Once a ticket is submitted it gets into our system and someone will address it.
  8. The NET-Hook DLL, FT file etc that resides in the CHook folder.
  9. It could be a timing or sequencing thing if you had to wrap the C# call in an async Task although I have not come across this before. Feel free to log a Ticket in iCentral with an example and what version of Mastercam, VS, etc you are using and we can take a closer look.
  10. Just make sure that if you are copying from one version to another to copy to a temp folder away from Program Files before copying to the new Mastercam location or the files will become blocked (Windows 10)
  11. As SavannahG mentions, never versions of Mastercam has an extended API for working with tools and assemblies. I thought there was an example up on our website under the 3rd Party developers .NET developers section, you might want to check that out.
  12. Hi, We have several examples with documentation on our website, just sign in and go to the 3rd Party Developers area for NET-Hooks.
  13. Attached is a list of all items in a nesting.ini file. MCLink INI Interface.docx

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