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  1. Hi Eric, Milling holders are added within the ops, on the holder branch.
  2. It will not help with the milling, but right click in the ops manager - Turning stock preview - hit the little arrows in the upper left to expand the window - select save geo - solids - choose the boundaries you want to get solids from and green check. Now you have a solid of the lathe stock.... The stock flip of a stock model being mirrored is a known issue. You can get around this by using 2 stock models - 1 to get the stock to the point just before flipping the stock, and the 2nd to flip the stock. Do not include the stock flip op in the 2nd stock model, just use a custom plane to control the flip.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/q9eka835t64nsqyv4id5q/rizzo-milling-database.xlsx?dl=0&rlkey=150l7hdgk6cg7qxbt6z7n133j
  4. Are you adjusting the feedrate for the tight arc motion? When swinging a tight arc, the OD of the tool is feeding around the arc at a much higher speed than the center of the tool. You may have programmed .0008" FPT, but swinging a really small arc will cause the OD of the tool to experience a much higher FPT (maybe up to .002"!!!)
  5. If all your ops are set to TOP wcs, right click in the ops manager, display options, shut everything off except the WCS; Anything other than TOP will jump out at you.
  6. You wont have to wait long!
  7. If we ever get some dang snow!!! I was on the beach for new years eve, in maine... it had to be at least 285° Kelvin!
  8. My kids tell me the voice on this one is better; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXz6lOXkUTk Also wanted to add we have a bunch of tool locator libraries on the Tech Exchange; https://community.mastercam.com/techexchange#files Happy New Year!
  9. ^^^^ This. If you don't have a solid, just wireframe like the picture above... Extrude it and use Curvature.
  10. If you can't get it quick with parametric. Go with custom. If you have 2019, make it 3d! Seco SVLBR-16-3.TOOLDB
  11. G68.3 is plane rotation using the current tool axis. (on an i-series)
  12. Considering how often you backplot right after altering an op, we've got this available when you click backplot or post.
  13. break_slots.zip The SWF file should play in internet explorer, you may have to click "allow blocked content".

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