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  1. Yes, the pin is hardened throughout @ 60-62Rc I believe the part will be getting sent out to burn out the pin. Thank you guys for suggestions
  2. I believe this is the way we'll go...
  3. Our tool room could make them as well, but it's easier to buy something off the shelf. LOL
  4. I have a broken pin that needs to be removed from a Ø.295 hole (which is on ID of part @ 38°) . The break is about 1.1" deep inside the hole. I am looking for a thread mill that will fit in there. It doesn't matter if it's single point or full profile. I just need the overall length to be able to reach in there and put in a thread to be able to use a slide hammer to remove the pin. That minimum overall length needs to be at least 3.5" in order to be able to hold the tool in shrink fit holder.... If I have a tool with Ø.150" cutting diameter and a shank of Ø.250 this gives me approximately .0025" clearance per side to mill 10-32 thread.
  5. robk

    3rd wave

    Hope you got what you needed out of the seminar Wes. We have been using Third Wave Systems for a long time now (over 10 years) and find it very good at what it does. I would recommend getting the module to run within your CAM software as the stand alone version is nowhere near as user friendly.
  6. Award Cutter has a great off the shelf selection of both ball end and flat end taper end mills. We use quite a bit of their carbide cutters in Hi-Temp alloys and are very happy with their performance. Carbide Catalog; HSS Catalog
  7. robk

    Sandvik Surprise

    Yes, you could buy a stand alone version or you could buy XChange option for a few different CAM systems. We use NX ,but it's also available for Mastercam.
  8. robk

    Sandvik Surprise

    We only kept 1 seat of OptiPath here and I don't think anyone is using it. We're using Third Wave Systems on most projects. I really got to love it once we purchased the Third Wave XChange. So much less complicated than stand alone.
  9. robk

    Sandvik Surprise

    I truly believe you are correct with your statements. Cool little side story... We do not use "Force" by CGTech but were involved in beta testing it prior to CGTech purchasing it. That was back in 2010 when the software was still being developed. We have not gone the route of "Force" because of time constraints. We have been using Third Wave Systems since around that time instead.
  10. Yeah, every major manufacturer I spoke with suggested a "special", but I would rather go off the shelf. Unfortunately I can't switch to a different insert as this is a "locked process". Thanks guys
  11. I'm searching for a manufacturer of turning Capto holder C8 or smaller that accepts D style insert (55° Diamond-Shape) with .625 iC. Left or right hand is fine with negative clearance. I can't seem to find anything larger then .500 iC.... Technically it could be HSK as well since I can just get a Capto to HSK adapter. My current process is using a stick holder in a Big Kaiser square holder but I would rather see if there are better options.
  12. robk

    Good Technical information on Machining

    I still have my printed copies that Sandvik used to give. Some are 16 years old. The turn milling and HRST application guides still get quite a bit of use
  13. robk


    Have you considered brushing the parts? We do quite bit of on machine deburring and have a lot of luck using different kind of brushes for different features in Titanium. Contact a Xebec rep to help you out.
  14. robk


    Xactform should have what you are looking for as a standard item.
  15. robk

    Small right angle heads

    We have a bunch of different brands of RAH in here. From very small to very large. I would guess we have at least 4 dozen. The brands we have are; Alberti, Big Kaiser, Benz, Haimatec, Koma, Tecnara, ElTool. We do use our ElTool heads to slot titanium with a 4mm end mill. It's an excellent tool.

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