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  1. Tim Johnson

    Mazatrol Post

    Yeah, we g-code our Mazaks.
  2. Tim Johnson

    Knowing if MR10 was used.

    You can create a flag to check your mr10$ value at the appropriate time but that seems like a waste. This is what I do... psub_end_m$ #End in main level n$, "M99", e$ prv_absinc$ = -1 #n = sav_n1 #Reset update variables for subs at main level psub_end_s$ #End in sub level n$, "M99", e$ prv_absinc$ = -1 psub_end_st #End in sub level for tool paths # ************** removed from HX300iG 2019-05-17 *************************** # if machine <> 60, phsm_off if machine <> 60 | machine <> 300, phsm_off # ************************************************************************** "N1 M99", e$ if sav_cantext = 99, "%", e$ # added 06-18-2009 for M198 calls psub_end_sm #End in sub level for system macros "M99", e$ prv_absinc$ = -1
  3. Tim Johnson

    Chip Trap

    Our new Chipblasters replaced the filer bags with a chip trap. We use 5 micron bags on our other ones but there's still a layer of chip "mud" that needs to be removed on every coolant change.
  4. Tim Johnson

    Macro Loading, advice needed

    What do the variables do? Are there common variables that are in every/most parts? How many parts will you run on one VMC in a years time? What is your variable storage capacity?
  5. 4 1/2 years later we are having this same issue. Our installer said that there is Kitamura FTP software that will take care of our problem but I can't remember the name. Does anyone here use their FTP software?
  6. Tim Johnson

    Custom Speeds and Feeds Update Issue

    What I do is create as many of the same tool as needed, set the different speeds/feeds for each tool and describe the process being done for each of the same tools.
  7. Tim Johnson


    I have over 70 subrograms in one file on one of our machines' hard drive. Most are probe and laser setter subs but one is a right angle head macro, one is a auto spindle warm up macro... This is a fanuc control. Edit: When the subs are used they are called by their program number and are used inside of the one file.
  8. Tim Johnson

    FastTrack Barcodes?

    We use the DYMO 450 also. It's a nice label maker.
  9. Tim Johnson

    Arumatik block length

    I have a 50 character line on our Mazak millturn. Since both controls are Mitsubishi I think i'm going to be ok.
  10. Tim Johnson

    Arumatik block length

    I'm hoping that this is a Japanese translation issue.
  11. I'm starting the process of adding a Kitamura HX300iG horizontal to my post. On the programming warnings list there is a statement that there is a 39 character max limit per block. Can anyone tell me if this is a true statement or if only 39 characters will fit per line on the screen? It's bad enough that the Arumatik code doesn't contain the IF THEN statement but only 39 character blocks means major surgery.
  12. Tim Johnson

    Drill cycle is reset

    In the toolpath screen under the Machine properties, click Files. click Tool Settings. Under Advanced Options, click Override Defaults with modal values along with the other three boxes.
  13. Tim Johnson

    standardizing metric taps

  14. Tim Johnson

    standardizing metric taps

    That is how I come up with my feeds when I create my metric taps.
  15. Tim Johnson

    standardizing metric taps

    Feed = 25.4/ pitch. m5-.8 =25.4/.8 =31.75 pitch. (1/31.75= .031496) lead. Close to a 10-32 thread. (.03125)

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