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  1. Tim Johnson

    Index Drill as a drill and boring bar (MasterCAM)

    Go on the Ingersoll site and compare your Iscar drill to theirs. Iscar bought Ingersoll for their boring heads but Ingersoll sold them at a lesser price even though they were coming out of the same building in Italy. Our Iscar guy hated it when I brought it up. The insertable drills may be the same and have the same pricing process.
  2. Since the "X" days I've kept a copy on our server out of range of MC. That has happened to me on about half of the versions but it's fixable in about two minutes.
  3. Tim Johnson

    Warm up Program Issue

    I know nothing about your machine but if the control is older you might need G10 L50. I think the G10 L52 started with the 30 series.
  4. Tim Johnson

    Shared folder is shared folder on another pc

    One Drive was also putting my Mastercam files on the Microsoft Cloud. That was one more excuse I used to get One Drive off my computer. Microsoft is friendly with China.
  5. Tim Johnson

    Shared folder is shared folder on another pc

    It hijacked My Mastercam and Shared Mastercam also here.
  6. Tim Johnson

    Shared folder is shared folder on another pc

    Do you have My Drive on your computer? When I had it on mine saving to our file server was much slower. Since it's been removed I'm back to normal.
  7. if next_tool$ <=118 (max tool belt number) *next_tool$, e$ I'm assuming next tool as a turret tool.
  8. Tim Johnson

    Drilling and tapping inconel

    If it's possible thread mill it.
  9. I taught myself to edit my current horizontal post at home using the Mastercam learning software and a free Emastercam post. It would only post the first three lines of toolpath code but I was more interested in making routers and subprograms than toolpath code. It took about nine months of training and writing to do what I was looking for. That was some very good experience. I don't know if you can do what I did on today's learning software.
  10. Tim Johnson

    Thoughts on tool management

    I have created my tools as I used or purchased them pretty much since V9. The alum cutters gets added to the alum castings, coppers, and plastics groups along with the aluminum, The same with the steel cutters and their type groups. Holders these days is a non issue since models are very easy to acquire. All of my stored tools have a tool number of 0. They will renumber and offset themselves as they get loaded into the part program. I also keep a database of all of our tooling that includes size, description, tool notes, Mastercam level if needed, (I also keep a Mastercam level list), tool group, manufacturer, List number (if available) and EDP number.
  11. Tim Johnson

    finding center point of circle that doesn't have one

    Read Pullo's posting.
  12. That how all of ours are mounted. The teaching and checking is done at the tool change position of the magazine.
  13. We use it to check for broken tools only. We have two m-codes only but you can use any M code number you want. Enshu GE480H stool_detect_test = "M270" stool_detect_teach = "M271" N2 G91 G30 X0 Y0 Z0 G00 G17 G20 G40 G49 G64 G69 G80 G90 G94 #153=1 IF[#1000NE1]GOTO99003 IF[#910NE1]GOTO99004 M06 T01 (3" DIA FACE MILL FOR ALUM .031 RADIUS) M270 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< checks the previous tool after tool change T06 #170=4020 #172=5002 #173=98 #174=0 #199=0 M50 M54 M98P5013 M55 M05 G91 G30 X0 Y0 Z0 #153=#0 M01 Kitamura HX800ILTGA stool_detect_test = "M178" stool_detect_teach = "M177" N4 G91 G30 X0 Y0 Z0 G00 G17 G20 G40 G49 G64 G69 G80 G90 G94 M28 #153=1 IF[#1001NE1]GOTO99003 IF[#910NE1]GOTO99004 M06 T13 (17/32" SCREW MACHINE DRILL) M178 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< checks the previous tool after tool change T12 #154=1 #155=1 #156=0. #157=0. #170=4040 #172=5202 #173=98 #174=0 #199=0 M08 M07 M50 M34 M98P5037 M09 M05 G91 G30 X0 Y0 Z0 #153=#0 M01 % O5510 (TOOL SETTER) (HX800ILTGA 834-101-604) G91 G30 X0 Y0 Z0 M501 M06 T01 M06 T06 (1" FOUR FLUTE CARBIDE END MILL WITH 2.250 FLUTE) M177 T06 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< setting previous tool length (possibly dead hit) T14 M100 T06 R.5 S2865 M06 T14 (3/8" FOUR FLUTE EXTRA LENGTH CARBIDE END MILL 3" FLUTE) M177 T14<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< setting previous tool length T07 M100 T14 R.1875 S1528 M06 T07 (6.75MM 5D COOLANT THROUGH CARBIDE DRILL) M177 T07<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< setting previous tool length T10 M100 T07
  14. What I do in this type of process is put the specific tool path closing codes inside ptoolend$ This keeps the "closing" arguments in the same area. In this case you would insert your code in the "if nextop$ = 1002 segment It is definitely better to create and use "sav_mi8". Your code is the first statement after "nextop$ = 1002" statement. The rest is mine. ptoolend$ #End of tool path, before reading new tool data !speed, !spdir2 if nextop$ = 1000, # repeat with same tool [ prvtpsub = virt_tlplnno ] if nextop$ = 1002, # last operation before toolchange [ if sav_mi7 = 1. n$, "G165", e$ #<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< cantext_54 = 0 cantext_55 = 0 # ****** moved from probing cycle for multiple offsets***2011-08-20********* prvprb_x = 0 prvprb_y = 0 prvprb_z = 0 prvprb_b = 0 # ************************************************************************** prvtpsub = 0 plane$ = 0 if sav_mi8 = 1, n$, "G69", e$ n$, sgplane, e$ # ***************** removed from HX300iG 2019-05-17 ********************** # if machine <> 60, phsm_off if machine <> 60 | machine <> 300, phsm_off # ************************************************************************ prv_tloffno$ = c9k sav_mac_tloffno = 0 sav_mi6 = 0 sav_mi8 = 0 sav_mr10 = 0 if s_popen_flg = 1, [ s_pclos, e$ s_popen_flg = 0 # ********** added to clear inspection variables*****2018-02-15************* s_full_storage_removal, e$ # ************************************************************************** ] psub_end_st subout$ = 0 #main NC program # if sav_mi2 = 3112 | sav_mi2 = 3612 | sav_mi2 = 3712, "#539=#540", e$ if sav_cantext = 51 & sav_mi2 = 37, "#539=#540", e$ if vari_540_flg = 1, [ "#540=-9999", e$ vari_540_flg = 0 ] tooldiawarn = 0 t$ = c9k if (machine = 60 & prvtool = 59) | (machine = 80 | machine = 300 | machine = 480 | machine = 800 & prvtool = 4),sys43_Bax_cl = 1 pcoolantoff if sav_mi2 > 41 & sav_mi2 <= 44, "#181=-9999", e$ ]
  15. Tim Johnson

    changing colors of something

    Highlight the model along with the lines and arcs then re-click the model to un-highlight it. Click alt-e and only the wire frame will show.

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