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  1. Tim Johnson

    Arumatik block length

    I have a 50 character line on our Mazak millturn. Since both controls are Mitsubishi I think i'm going to be ok.
  2. Tim Johnson

    Arumatik block length

    I'm hoping that this is a Japanese translation issue.
  3. I'm starting the process of adding a Kitamura HX300iG horizontal to my post. On the programming warnings list there is a statement that there is a 39 character max limit per block. Can anyone tell me if this is a true statement or if only 39 characters will fit per line on the screen? It's bad enough that the Arumatik code doesn't contain the IF THEN statement but only 39 character blocks means major surgery.
  4. Tim Johnson

    Drill cycle is reset

    In the toolpath screen under the Machine properties, click Files. click Tool Settings. Under Advanced Options, click Override Defaults with modal values along with the other three boxes.
  5. Tim Johnson

    standardizing metric taps

  6. Tim Johnson

    standardizing metric taps

    That is how I come up with my feeds when I create my metric taps.
  7. Tim Johnson

    standardizing metric taps

    Feed = 25.4/ pitch. m5-.8 =25.4/.8 =31.75 pitch. (1/31.75= .031496) lead. Close to a 10-32 thread. (.03125)
  8. Tim Johnson

    Repeat without transformation

    I use macros to do what you're asking for on all of my programs whether the program is the same for each pallet or different. In my case #913=1 means run pallet A only. #913=2 means run pallet B only. #913=3 means run pallets A and B. I am now using this process for the main and sub chucks on our Mazak mill turn.
  9. I used this macro for my right angle heads but it was for a 38° X Y path only. I remember having to change something but I don't remember what it was or if it was something special for me. It did save me hours not having to write it myself and I did like the way it was written.
  10. Tim Johnson

    Macro For Pallet Change

    On our Enshu horizontals #1000 is pallet A, #1001 is pallet B. On our Kitamura horizontal #1000 is pallet B, #1001 is pallet A.
  11. Tim Johnson

    Extra Long Reamer

    Gun drill reamer I can't state they have 1" sizes but worth checking out.
  12. Tim Johnson


    Two backups lol. I guess technically I have two backups. The first is a renamed file stating what will be added/fixed and the second from our server backup system.
  13. It's been a long time since I've used G76 but isn't the taper I-.3458? I seem to remember R is the chamfer amount. I used to add .400 for my lead catch up amount but that was in the 90's. I started my taper at the +.400 start point also.
  14. Tim Johnson

    Force Tool Change won't stay checked....

    When you go through the operation parameters towards the bottom there's a a parameter called Canned text. I'm at home so my name description may be off. If you have to ask then you're probably not using it.
  15. Tim Johnson

    Using subprograms/subroutines with AXYZ router?

    You're programming in incremental mode. Try changing the G91 to G90 and see what happens. Edit: Change the program into absolute mode (G90) and repost.

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