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  1. Your #500 should capture #139. My #100 variables are cleared only at Program End. I use #144 to find angles. Here's is a subprogram for how I find the angle for castings. O4021 (4" LONG PROBE -- FORCED) IF[#153EQ#0]GOTO1 N0220 G00 G90 X.0001 Y0. B0. G54 P[#900] M19 N0230 G43 H04 Z5.875 N0240 G65 P9810 Z1.375 F200. N0250 G65 P9814 D2.15 Q.75 N0260 #5301=[[#135+#[[[#4130*20]-20]+14001]]+[0.]] N0270 #5302=[[#136+#[[[#4130*20]-20]+14002]]+[0.]] N0280 G65 P9810 Z5.875 F200. N0290 X12.8581 Y-.83 N0300 G65 P9810 Z.25 F200. N0310 G65 P9811 Z-.25 N0320 #5303=[[#137+#[[[#4130*20]-20]+14003]]+[0.]] N0330 G65 P9810 Z5.875 F200. N0340 X6. Y-4.722 N0350 G65 P9810 Z-.25 F200. N0360 G65 P9843 Y0. D10. A0. (<<<<<<<<<< Do you need the A value) N0370 G65 P9810 Z5.875 F200. N0380 #997=#144 N0390 Z14.055 N0400 #[[[#4130*20]-20]+14001]=#5301 N0410 #[[[#4130*20]-20]+14002]=#5302 N0420 #[[[#4130*20]-20]+14003]=#5303 N1 M99
  2. #500=#139 will see it.
  3. Tim Johnson

    copper-tungsten alloy

    What % tungsten? This makes a big difference.
  4. Tim Johnson

    Programming multiple depths with a key cutter

    If I'm doing multiple depth cuts I set the depth of cut I want for the cutter then dink with the top starting point to get the first cut correct. It takes a couple minutes to get it correct but only one operation is needed to get the job done.
  5. Tim Johnson

    Loading heavy aluminum billets HMC

    Would forklift extension forks work? Edit: We have bridge cranes over all of our horizontals.
  6. Tim Johnson

    Dynamic open contour

    I'm pretty sure I've used multiple air regions pre-2020 but I can't remember which version.
  7. Tim Johnson

    Miscellaneous Values?

    Please don't step away Ron. I enjoy reading your threads. If someone has issues with the way you think or type on this board, just ignore that person and let the person find someone else or figure it out the hard way.
  8. Tim Johnson

    Miscellaneous Values?

    Where do you keep the control def? If it's on the network, can you right click the file and click "get previous versions"? If it's not on the network, can you copy the file from another machine? After I set my files up I save copies and if/when the file gets corrupted I just replace it with the copy I need.
  9. Tim Johnson

    Z depth as macro variable

    The only way I can see to do a "FINAL Z DEPTH or Z DEPTHS if the toolpath had more than one" is to make a WHILE/DO loop and you will need more than one variable but they won't need to be stored. They should be able to be created inside the loop(s). The final Z shown "G01 Z[#502+.01] F75." looks like its not the final Z. This means at least one more loop would be needed and depending on what control you have you may be limited on how many loops that will be allowed.
  10. Tim Johnson

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    I would rather have a one kilo porterhouse over a t-bone.
  11. If I'm reading this correctly, Create a "mi1$" block counter variable and format the new counter. Right before your normal tool change block; if mi1$ = 0, mi1countervariable = 0 if mi1$ = 1, [ mi1countervariable = mi1countervariable + 100 *mi1countervariable, add the tool change line code after the block number variable, e$ ] else, (add "else," in front of your normal block number) if mi1$ does not equal 1 then the block will automatically be "normal". Edit -- always back up your post before making any changes.
  12. Tim Johnson

    Vericut Vue -On line for 2020-

    I'm signed up for next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00.
  13. Tim Johnson

    Sub program

    Separating the files require some extra work including adding folders for storage. The post documentation that you can get from your reseller will show you how to do it.
  14. Tim Johnson

    CAT 50 to MT6 tool holder

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Morse-Taper-6-Drill-Mill-Tool-Holder-11-Extension-CAT-50-Taper-Shank-MT6-6MT-/173901884194 Edit, one of the views has at least a piece of part number.
  15. Can Mastercam run multiple instances with a nethasp connection?

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