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  1. If I understand what your looking for here's what I do, if cantext$ = 52, "M98 P5502", e$
  2. One thing to watch out for with C11000 is machining with larger cutting tools relative to the size of the material. This material will absorb stress very easily and is prone to warping with thinner walls and floors. Other than that it's a decent material to run.
  3. After making or updating my settings I copy the files to my personal folder on our file server. You can also save them to a flash drive.
  4. The tools will sort themselves depending on how you create the names.
  5. I've been having issues with .sldprt also so now I'm bringing the model in as a .x_b file with no issues.
  6. For the one person still looking, here is a picture of how we document our "critical" dimensions.
  7. On our database I have lists for tooling, setup sheets, program numbers and critical dimensions. On Word I have "do not run", "to do", "material hardness and density", "macro variables", "macro systems and routers", "Mastercam levels", "calculations", "synced tooling", "part process improvements" and isolated notes per part number. Other than that I don't have much.
  8. Here is a thread calculator.. https://www.guhring.com/Tech/tapdrill
  9. For 50,000+ parts why wouldn't you use a rotary transfer machine?
  10. Call the business you purchased the desktop from. They should be able to help.
  11. Our Solidworks assembly files are separated into individual files but I still can't open the .sldprt files. I have to open the files and translate them into .x_b files through Solidworks.
  12. I you're running X5 to X7ish I would agree with him but with any version from 2017 and later I would definitely be dynamic milling and let the operators do the talking. I know nothing about Haas but since they acquired space on the IMTS main floor they went from a bunch of rattling pieces of junk to more normal sounding machines.
  13. Do a search in your post for "wcstype". There are notes about four different types of work offsets.
  14. That is correct. The cantext$ number can be any unused number on the list. If you look at the Crazy^millman's posting you will see his list is grouped together. You don't have to do the same as his but it makes it easier to find if you need to make additional edits or additions.
  15. This is what I would do.. if cantext$ = 11, # rpm change for fan [ "S5000 M03", e$ ] I would then add this to the appropriate location of my post

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