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  1. Tim Johnson

    Minimum 1/4-20 blind depth

    Whatever the engineer deems it needs to be.
  2. Tim Johnson


    Line 150 is showing pitch = (1/peck1$). #tapping cucle 'J' word level on canned cycles. Does (1/peck1$) mean anything to you?
  3. After you make that request go to your tool's online catalog, take a snapshot of the page that has the information you need and put it into an INFO folder that's on the taskbar. You will have what you need inside of a minute.
  4. Tim Johnson

    STI roll form tapping

    You have to look at the quantity though. I recently ordered 3 1/8" standard length three flute carbide end mills with a .010 radius from Helical. About two weeks later I asked if they were in yet and was told no. I mentioned the the site shows the quantity and looked at the screen shot of what I ordered and it said 0 quantity.
  5. Tim Johnson

    Fanuc d offset help

    I can't answer that. This is what our (old) maintenance guy was told around ten years ago. I don't know if he asked but knowing him I'm sure he did. He didn't give me a reason if he did get one and I didn't ask.
  6. Tim Johnson

    Fanuc d offset help

    The part that sucks about the travel (at least here) is that Chicago is half the distance of Detroit but we are forced to use Detroit and the double cost of travel.
  7. I used D-base for keeping track of program files in the late eighties and upgraded to Access 2 whenever it came out. Now we use the Office 365 version of Access. Most people around here will use Excel for their database work. They say it's easier to set up but I've always thought is was easier setting up Access The only part I don't like is the 2GB data limit per file. I haven't checked 365 to see if the limit is still there but my understanding is the limit was put in to avoid lawsuits.
  8. Tim Johnson

    INTEGREX i-200ST

    This sounds more like a wait code syncing issue. We do different processes on both spindles at the same time constantly on our i-300ST including OD roughing on both spindles. Do you have wait codes on every process or tool change? Depending on the parts we may run ten processes with tool changes on the main spindle using one wait code while the sub spindle may run several processes with indexing on it's same wait code without issue. Edit: One thing we do here is printout the main spindle code separately from the sub spindle code. This makes it easier for the operators to find the needed wait codes when restarting in the middle of a program. Something that is running in my head is to put only the tool change and wait codes on the "main" tool change programs and add the cutting paths on separate subprograms for each tool. This could potentially save the operators time searching for wait codes when restarting in the middle of the programs. I don't know if this is achievable yet though.
  9. Tim Johnson

    Posting sub programs

    I see someone reads Modern Machine Shop magazine. That was a good article.
  10. Tim Johnson

    CIMCO File Compare

    When I received my new computer I upgraded to Version 8. Version 6 was MUCH better for comparing files.
  11. Look at page 449 in the 30i volume 1 operator's manual. 16.9.8 for some light reading. I haven't used that macro code but you can see if the parameters are being used.
  12. Is it mapped in the 6080 parameters?
  13. Here's my list. The parameter numbers should get you there. (Fanuc) M-CODE SUBPROGRAM CALL O9001 -- M60 -- PARAMETER -- 6071 -- AUTO PALLET CHANGE O9002 -- M71 -- PARAMETER -- 6072 -- LOAD PALLET 1 O9003 -- M72 -- PARAMETER -- 6073 -- LOAD PALLET 2 O9004 -- M181 -- PARAMETER -- 6074 -- LASER SETTER CALIBRATION O9005 -- M600 -- PARAMETER -- 6075 -- MOVE SPINDLE TO DOOR O9006 -- M906 -- PARAMETER -- 6076 -- "G30" AND TOOL CHANGE O9007 -- M177 -- PARAMETER -- 6077 -- BK TEACH TOOL LENGTHS O9008 -- M178 -- PARAMETER -- 6078 -- BK CHECK TOOL LENGTHS O9009 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6079 -- G-CODE MACRO CALL O9010 -- G2300 -- PARAMETER -- 6050 -- SEND HOME O9011 -- G2301 -- PARAMETER -- 6051 -- SPINDLE WARMUP O9012 -- USED -- PARAMETER -- 6052 -- PROG NUMBER USED -- RIGHT ANGLE HEAD O9013 -- G2302 -- PARAMETER -- 6053 -- CLEAR STORED INSPECTION VARIABLES O9014 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6054 -- O9015 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6055 -- O9016 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6056 -- O9017 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6057 -- O9018 -- G2201 -- PARAMETER -- 6058 -- XZ COORDINATE ROTATION O9019 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6059 -- M-CODE MACRO CALL O9020 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6080 -- O9021 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6081 -- O9022 -- M100 -- PARAMETER -- 6082 -- LASER SETTER TOOL LENGHT & DIA. O9023 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6083 -- O9024 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6084 -- O9025 -- M2201 -- PARAMETER -- 6085 -- WORK OFFSET ON/OFF SWITCH O9026 -- M501 -- PARAMETER -- 6086 -- TOOL OFFSET REMOVAL O9027 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6087 -- O9028 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6088 -- O9029 -- -- PARAMETER -- 6089 --
  14. Check the M-code macro parameter page.
  15. Tim Johnson

    Can we talk about 3D Blend for a minute?

    Back somewhere in the early to mid-nineties another programmer and I went to the Whirlpool model shop to look at their BTR system. What they did for their dinosaurs back then was strap 80 meg hard drives (largest on the market at that time) and ran their programs from there with the BTRs between the hard drives and machines. It was a nice setup. Also, every person in that shop including the machinists was in dress clothes and wearing ties. We had that info in advance so I dressed up with a tie and the other programmer was dressed up but without a tie. The machinists would talk to the both of us but the supervisor would only talk to me. I thought that was rather rude but we were told how they would be dressed.

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