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  1. look for this in your post # General Output Settings use_pitch : 1 #0 = Use feed for tapping, 1 = Use pitch for tapping
  2. Tim Johnson

    setting spot drill depth by chamfer dia

    I didn't know that. I assumed the spot drill parameters was what Mastercam went by.
  3. Tim Johnson

    setting spot drill depth by chamfer dia

    How does Mastercam know what the web size is on the spot drill?
  4. That sounds like a lot of work both in the post and loading all the files. Is it possible to change M30 to M?? and M99 to M?? in the post, then search and replace the two codes in the machine after the program is loaded? Edit; Can you create special M-codes on this machine? If so you could create a "M3000" for M30 and "M9999" for M99. Make your M9999 program M99: and M3000 program M30; I don't know if that would work but I would try anything before loading 50 different subprograms.
  5. Tim Johnson

    Generic Haas post

    My post is originally from V9. I keep telling myself I need to update but it more than likely would take at least six months and 200 added postblocks.
  6. I don't break arcs and spiral pocket works for me but after dynamic milling came out I rarely use it.
  7. Tim Johnson

    Hard coat 7075 aluminum

    We have some parts (6061) that we have to remove the hard coating due to chuck jaw marks that are invisible until after the coating. I'm not sure about the speeds/feeds but we use a .1mm (.00394) radius insert.
  8. Tim Johnson

    Re-running a single operation in a nest

    What I call a router is a subprogram that directs tool paths to the appropriate part depending on what variables are set at. If a drill breaks on the fourth part we can turn that part off along with the previous parts so the replaced drill will start on the fifth part. After the drill has run we can turn parts 1,2 and 3 back on and finish the the full cycle for the rest of the parts. The operator has full control to change the variables as is needed. If a work order is a quantity of one or one hundred there is no programming intervention needed.
  9. Tim Johnson

    Re-running a single operation in a nest

    This is the number one reason I created routers. It's on/off switches for each part.
  10. I have done this (in Fanuc) and it works well. I'm home until the 2nd (and coming into a "crisis" according to my e-mails). If you don't have it by them I'll see what I can do. You can do his by, reading the current offset or using mi$/mr$. Canned text can also be used but that would be more post edit work. EDIT: I would prefer mr$ myself.
  11. Tim Johnson

    RH cut LH helix endmills

    OSG has them (limited sizes) but I can't answer how they are for stainless or high temp alloys.
  12. Mitsubishi has Ø7.3mm coolant thru drills from 3xD to 40xD.
  13. Tim Johnson

    mastecam versions

    Dynamic milling start in X4 as a c-hook then became part of the lineup in X5.
  14. Tim Johnson

    Tip comp issue

    I guess I instinctively add the tip length when changing depths. I don't think I've ever tried differently.
  15. Tim Johnson

    ABB RobotStudio

    I'll keep that in mind. The robot came turnkey with the tube cutting machine so my access may be limited. I will definitely take the class though if I get the software.

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