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  1. Tim Johnson

    automatically post out high speed machining codes?

    I use misc integers on most of my dynamic milling operations. This might have something to do with your dynamic milling issue. Pre-version 2018 you could do all of the text work much more efficiently inside the post. Now with XML sadly it's more efficient to do it through the machine def - control def. I understand because of language varieties this makes life easier for MC but it makes more work for the customer no matter what language is being used.
  2. Can you tie a condition to mi$, mr$, canned text, a drill parameter or custom drill parameters? Edit: Nevermind, I missed that or already doing that. Try adding a condition that will reinitialize it until your done with the probing. I'm done for the weekend and I don't have my post at home. Try searching here for pmachine and you will see a different example but it will show the process.
  3. Tim Johnson

    mic 6

    Our instrument assemblers used to strip threads often when we used cut taps. The roll taps made a big difference.
  4. Tim Johnson

    mic 6

    Mic 6 is a cast aluminum material so a cut thread will have less holding pressure than with wrought/ extruded material. Depending on the thread usage you may want to roll tap to get the increased holding pressure.
  5. Tim Johnson


    The post debugger will either give you the post line number for each block (F7) or give you a post line for each variable on each block (F5) but if you don't know how the post operates or how to edit what you need then the debugger will do you little good. Depending on your answer you will have what you need or may want to call your reseller to see if they have a post class and/or have them fix your post as needed. You can also search this site for answers or post questions in the post forum.
  6. Tim Johnson

    Change tool number without changing speeds and feeds

    You can have as many speed and feed versions of the same tool as you want. Copy the original tool, adjust speeds and feeds as needed then save the tool with either the changed feed/speed or as what process that tool is created for.
  7. Tim Johnson

    Do you have a final check list before posting?

    I check every finished operation on the fly. That seems to work for me.
  8. You can rig it like this, pcoolanton if machine <> 300 & machine <> 800, [ if coolant$ = 1, [ sm08, e$ sm08_2, e$ ] if coolant$ = 2, [ sm08, e$ sm08_1, e$ sm08_2, e$ ] if coolant$ = 3, [ sm08_1, e$ sm08_2, e$ ] ] but the custom coolant is the better way to go.
  9. Here's a snippet of my broaching, pdrlcst$ #Custom drill cycles 8 - 19 (user option) #Use this postblock to customize drilling cycles 8 - 19 pdrlcommonb if drillcyc$ = 8, # broaching [ if dwell$ = 0, [ temp2_1 = x$ # cutting "X" temp2_2 = x$ - peckclr$ # retracting "X" pdrlcommonb n$, pdrlxy, e$ n$, "M19", e$ #<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< while temp2_1 <> drl_prm2$, [ n$, sg01, "X", no_spc$, *temp2_1, feed, e$ n$, *depth$, e$ n$, sg00, "X", no_spc$, *temp2_2, e$ n$, *refht$, e$ temp2_1 = temp2_1 + peck1$ if temp2_1 > retr$, temp2_1 = retr$ ] ]
  10. Tim Johnson

    Mastercam 2020 "forgetting" customized options

    I had this problem on 2017. What I starting doing was open the first instance and moved it to the far left of my tool bar and open another session and others as needed. If I lost the configs I would close all of the used files first and then close the first instance. When I opened the first instance everything would be back to normal.
  11. Tim Johnson

    port error help

    Before the reinstall did you remove/rename that versions' public and personal folders? If not MC may have stored the reinstalled data somewhere else.
  12. Tim Johnson

    Latest computer builds

    I was told that card is doing a couple million calculations per second. I am (was) (maybe still am) looking at a RTX 2080 ti for my card. I'm replacing my everyday computer for normal home stuff. Writing posts will be a lower percentage of my total time. I actually feel like I'm stealing money by getting that computer.
  13. Tim Johnson

    Latest computer builds

    I mentioned to our President of operations that I was going to buy a gaming computer to replace my old one then start writing a post for our mill turns. He said we use a gaming computer for spectrometer calculations and he would buy that computer for me to work at home. Here are the specs I got from R&D, HP Z6 (2TB) Cost: $4345 CPU: Intel Xeon Gold 5218 2.3GHz RAM: 16GB (2666 MHz) HDD: 2TB M.2 SSD GPU: Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 Check out this card I think it might be just a touch overkill for my needs
  14. Tim Johnson

    micro endmills

    There's a grind shop in Kalamazoo MI That does work for Harvey.
  15. Tim Johnson

    Question about custom tooling

    Make sure your custom tooling is set to a level that will never be used by anything else. Our custom tooling starts at level 8001and ends at 10000. We're currently at 8630ish so we still have growing room.

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