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  1. Not enough information. N1 #101 = 0.1250 Are N1, #101 and 0.1250 each separate variables or is this a hard line that never changes? If variables, where are the three variables stored for retrieving purposes?
  2. Note: Every time you get a Windows update Onedrive will reinstall itself. You can delete One drive where ever you have it again and it should be good until the next Windows update. Just make sure you clear the data off of Onedrive before deleting it.
  3. I have a bad habit of somehow adding crap that shouldn't be there.
  4. We have a cat50 X 10" long arbor holder for our 2" AXD mill that we use more often than I would have thought.
  5. G10 smells like cancer when it's being machined. We farm that crap out.
  6. I've downloaded 23.1 and update2 but I think I'll wait on loading them until update3 is released.
  7. In the Harvey 09/2022 book page 24 there are (2) 1/16" long neck end mills with 0.750 and 0.950 reach with 0.75 and 0.95 length of cut. This would be a much more rigid tool and you can get altin as a coating choice.
  8. One big change we made was replacing our vertical mills with horizontals. We bought our first horizontal with the idea that we would gain a 30% reduction in machining time. After six months we realized a 65% reduction and we now have 11 horizontals and two verticals. We are also getting quotes for another 800mm HMC. Creating a tool crib for keeping the tooling and fixtures would be a big benefit if done properly. One guy keeps all of our horizontals with tooling for the next part or the next two by himself. One other crib guy does nothing but orders whatever our shop needs to keep the ball rolling. These are pricey in themselves but have potential in quicker payback and it can be done in segments.
  9. Thanks. Emastercam is back to normal but I'll save your info for the next meltdown.
  10. I don't know anything about the 3D coordinate conversion but once you find the COR you can set a variable for future use. We use #921 to hold our COR. Each machine is different but they all use #921 so the programs can be shared with the other same machines. On a different subject , how did you get in to post your thread?
  11. You can do this with canned text. if cantext$ = 25, "M??" (cover coolant on), e$ <<<<<<< insert into post where you need it. The number 25 can be any unused cantext$ number from 1 to 200.
  12. Do a search for "subout". This should do what you're asking for. This is what I use, subprg$ : 1 #sub nc file --- subout = 1 (tool path files) auxprg$ : 1 #aux nc file --- subout = 2 (tool setter files) extprg$ : 1 #ext nc file --- subout = 3 (M198 tool path files) Each of the above are different auxiliary channels inside of the post that I use to create separate files. It takes some work to build but it's worth the time.
  13. Try Manual Entry and click "As Code". It's in the 2D box at the bottom under the "Toolpaths" tab or right click in the "Toolpaths" window and it will be in "Mill toolpaths".
  14. Leigh @ Kodiak What control is your machine using? Try removing your spaces.
  15. You shouldn't need decimal points. N1 G65 P1501 K079 H00 A011 N2 #6 = [#6 * 10000] N3 IF [#6 EQ 79] GOTO 41 ________________________________________ O5013 (8 PART CLUSTERTOWER ROUTER) (-0-) WHILE[#[#539+600+[7-1]]EQ1]DO1 (SURFACE 1) IF[#172EQ5002]GOTO113 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< IF[#172EQ5003]GOTO112 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< IF[#172EQ5006]GOTO112 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< #900=[#539+[7-1]] G91 G00 X0 G54 P[#900] G90 G00 B90. G2201B90. G91 G00 X0 G59 M#173 P[#170+1] GOTO112 END1 N112 G69 WHILE[#[#539+600+[8-1]]EQ1]DO1 (SURFACE 2) IF[#172EQ5001]GOTO116 <<<<<<<<<<< IF[#172EQ5002]GOTO113 <<<<<<<<<<<<< IF[#172EQ5005]GOTO113 <<<<<<<<<<<<<< #900=[#539+[8-1]] G91 G00 X0 G54 P[#900] G90 G00 B90. G2201B90. G90 G00 X0 Y0 G59 G68 X0 Y0 R180. M#173 P[#170+3] GOTO113 END1 blah blah blah N116 G69 WHILE[#[#539+600+[4-1]]EQ1]DO1 (SURFACE 6) IF[#172EQ5002]GOTO213 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< IF[#172EQ5003]GOTO212<<<<<<<<<<<<< IF[#172EQ5006]GOTO212<<<<<<<<<<<<< #900=[#539+[4-1]] G91 G00 X0 G54 P[#900] G90 G00 B270. G2201B270. G90 G00 X0 Y0 G59 G68 X0 Y0 R180. M#173 P[#170+1] GOTO211 END1

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