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  1. Radical1

    Mastercam University - Help needed from a student

    Just a thought, is snap to grid turned on? Or maybe 2D/3D has to be toggled
  2. Radical1

    Mcam 2018 Mouse Wheel Issue

    I went through 3 mice before I swore off Microsoft. Logitec all the way!
  3. This also happens with 2018 and 2019 sometimes. I would usually suggest to go into MasterCAM advanced configuration/Graphics support and disable Hardware acceleration. It usually means that you don't have a strong enough graphics card or you have not told your computer to use it for MasterCAM always.
  4. Radical1

    Move to Origin

    When you select move to origin you can use auto cursor to find intersection of the two corners of your solid. But using a new WCS works real nice also.
  5. Hello Daniel, a little off topic but do you know when the HLE version will be available for 2018
  6. Colin what an inspiring example. I am not available for the suggested days but your story has touched my heart, I will do my best not to judge and to reach out to someone this Christmas anyway.
  7. Radical1

    3D toolpath

    I had the same question for my rep. a couple of weeks ago. I like to have some customized tabs and couldn't find some of the old surface toolpaths. They are still in the customize ribbon command but in the "commands not in ribbon" section.
  8. Radical1

    Some help with MC for SW2017

    The part was made at the college as a quick demo of the integration of M/C and S/W, its pretty nice how they work together.
  9. Radical1

    Some help with MC for SW2017

    It was quite the confusion with the new save extensions at the college when X9 came out, the students could open on the HLE version at home but that was it. I guess it's better than nothing when it comes to practice and assignments. With X8 and before they always had to change the default file extensions in the open file menu, now they don't have to.
  10. Radical1

    Some help with MC for SW2017

    Thanks a lot Pete, great help, I just didn't select the chain first. Solidworks is not giving me any tool tips when I hover but that may be a setting or something, I will check that later. Yea sorry gcode, I thought of that later on. I am teaching at a college so of course the file won't open with an industrial version. Thanks for the help everyone, I have to figure out why when I select the chain at the bottom edge it finds the chain at Z0, almost like I was in 2D mode when I chain. I tried the toolpath again and now it chains at the bottom of the contour where I want it to, I think I got it figured out now. Richard
  11. Radical1

    Some help with MC for SW2017

    I don't get any of those options, I used the edge of the solid to chain, not the geometry. The geo. is a solidworks sketch at Z0. I know I can chain the sketch and set my depth to absoulte Z-0.55 but I was trying figure out how to chain or reverse the chain to the correct direction of climb miling. Richard
  12. I am fairly new to using MCFSW, I was trying out a program today and had problems with the chaining direction of a contour tool path. I built the solid from Z0 down with 2 extrusions. I get a toolpath but it is inside the contour instead of outside like I wanted, like I chained it in the wrong direction but I can't find a flip or reverse command. I chained the bottom of the contour but the toolpath keeps showing the highlighted chain at the top of the contour. Any help would be appreciated. MasterCAM Solidworks example.SLDPRT
  13. Radical1

    Custom tabs

    I just went through all that, it works great. You can make a tab with all your favs. depending on what you are doing you can put all the icons on one tab. Tabs.pdf
  14. Radical1

    Missing nice option in 2017

    Hey thanks Aaron that is awsome, kind of wierd for the shortcut letter but at least it is still there! That is a great tip for using the alt key.

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