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  1. Radical1

    Chaining selection method

    Thank You Mr. me
  2. Radical1

    Chaining selection method

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, some of the suggestions were indeed "nerding out" but that's OK. I feel that sometimes the "white tower" does things just because they can. Adding things is most of the times OK but keep the ability to turn it off or change it. Sorry to ask but what is the email for QC?
  3. Radical1

    Chaining selection method

    Been using MasterCAM for 10yrs+ so I'm kind of used to doing things a certain way. The new chaining selection method option is kind of annoying, it remembers the last used option. If I use partial for my chaining then need full chain later I have to change the option, usually just have to change the option if I do anything other than full chain. Is there a way to turn this option off so it stays on chain all the time?
  4. Radical1

    Corrupt Workspace File

    Not sure why this is happening but could try to make a fresh CONFIG folder that will have a fresh workspace file. With M\C closed try moving and renaming the CONFIG folder found in "my Documents\my mcam2018" folder to the desktop (for safe keeping). Then start M\C, it will make a new CONFIG folder and a fresh workspace folder, if you have specific settings in your mcamx.config file you can now move the old file from the desktop to the new CONFIG folder that was just created. You will have to redo the settings in the .workspace file (try one or two settings first then close M\C and restart to see if the situation is better). By moving and saving the original CONFIG folder to the desktop you are preserving all your old settings if you decide that the above has no positive effect you can always move the old files back to the new CONFIG folder. HTH
  5. Radical1

    Roundup Function?

    In macros we can use the FUP (fix up) function. Not sure if that will work for you in the post processor.
  6. Radical1

    Machine Simulation false collisions

    It may be the setting of verify. By default MasterCAM uses non-interpolated rapids (X and Y axis move at max.feed rate independently). This may give false crashes in tight spots. You have to change settings in the control definitions, (see image below) so that X and Y arrive at destination simultaneously. This may help.
  7. Radical1

    Tool Manager crashes in 2018

    Looks like M/C 2020 will not even start if you have integrated graphics, it does a system check first. In older versions you could disable hardware acceleration to at least run the software but there is no settings for this any more.
  8. Radical1

    Mastercam University - Help needed from a student

    Just a thought, is snap to grid turned on? Or maybe 2D/3D has to be toggled
  9. Radical1

    Mcam 2018 Mouse Wheel Issue

    I went through 3 mice before I swore off Microsoft. Logitec all the way!
  10. This also happens with 2018 and 2019 sometimes. I would usually suggest to go into MasterCAM advanced configuration/Graphics support and disable Hardware acceleration. It usually means that you don't have a strong enough graphics card or you have not told your computer to use it for MasterCAM always.
  11. Radical1

    Move to Origin

    When you select move to origin you can use auto cursor to find intersection of the two corners of your solid. But using a new WCS works real nice also.
  12. Hello Daniel, a little off topic but do you know when the HLE version will be available for 2018
  13. Colin what an inspiring example. I am not available for the suggested days but your story has touched my heart, I will do my best not to judge and to reach out to someone this Christmas anyway.
  14. Radical1

    3D toolpath

    I had the same question for my rep. a couple of weeks ago. I like to have some customized tabs and couldn't find some of the old surface toolpaths. They are still in the customize ribbon command but in the "commands not in ribbon" section.

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