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  1. that's not likely. I only have 2 other employees that use the server and that's sporadic. When I post large size molds, marine parts or front and rear caps for buses it almost seems that when the file gets to a certain size it really bogs down. Hypothetically a file with a 120mb post should take 20 minutes then, but it may take 40. That's not verified, just me thinking out loud! but it seems like the system stalls for larger files? maybe just my imagination and impatience!?
  2. Just tested a file where my post file ended up being 65.8mb, 1,816,625 lines of code. It took 10 minutes locally and 10 minutes to my server. No noticeable difference?
  3. One thing I've never seen discussed is posting code. I deal with slower toolpathing speeds by trying to use high speed toolpaths as much as possible. this at least allows me to continue working. My bigger issue is when i go to post I may be shut down completely for 2-3 hours sometimes. any suggestions?
  4. Are you leaning towards a pod and rail machine or a table? are you making 5 pc doors, passage doors or simple pressed doors?
  5. I have 2 - 5 axis machines and and a gantry with 2 - 5 x 12 tables. all Onsrud. I always buy machines with a priority on service.
  6. I tell my guys that it's not a "double click" it's clicking on it twice!
  7. I dont't think I saw this anywhere in this thread? the ability to right click/hold and drag a toolpath and copy before or after insert arrow has been a huge time saver for me over the years. All i have to do is go in and make minor changes such as geometry selection, tool angles, ect, ect.
  8. Festus


    maybe zip it?
  9. Festus

    Locking Operations

    grey I think means it is being used by a different toolpath. such as a translate or convert. therefore it will not post. the yellow ones will post
  10. when creating geometry if you right click the selection button in the ribbon bar you can select multiple times. Hit esc to quit. used MC for 7 years before discovering this.
  11. Festus

    Roughing Internal Cone

    Can you use surface rough pocket? you may have to add a surface in the hole
  12. a blend might not work on a multiaxis part...try morph between curves which is basically the multiaxis version of blend
  13. moldplus is a great add on if you do a lot of surface work. easy fix with it
  14. Festus

    Issues with cutting foam

    this is a soft foam. Not Renboard type stuff? that pic looks like pretty hard stuff?
  15. Festus

    Issues with cutting foam

    no glass in it...I'm not sure of the exact composite of the foam? its a customer supplied part.

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