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  1. I'm not saying he did something malicious. All I'm saying is I extracted the file, opened the folder and saw one of the two files disappear. The fixture file was still there and the x+ wasn't. I can't install something that is quarantined.
  2. Filename: setupx+_2018_en.exe Threat name: Heur.AdvML.BFull Path: c:\users\cnc1\downloads\mcam 2018\setupx+_2018_en\setupx+_2018_en.exe ____________________________ ____________________________ On computers as of 6/1/2017 at 7:45:52 AM Last Used 6/1/2017 at 7:47:16 AM Startup Item No Launched No Threat type: Heuristic Virus. Detection of a threat based on malware heuristics. ____________________________ setupx+_2018_en.exe Threat name: Heur.AdvML.B Locate Very Few Users Fewer than 5 users in the Norton Community have used this file. Very New This file was released less than 1 week ago. High This file risk is high. ____________________________ Downloaded File from Unknown Source: External Media setupx+_2018_en.exe ____________________________ File Actions File: c:\users\xxx\downloads\mcam 2018\setupx+_2018_en\ setupx+_2018_en.exe Removed ____________________________ File Thumbprint - SHA: dcc1d29762d94ce2b625dce68cb68ee46eb120ec6a449f3c09a5a785e144b90d File Thumbprint - MD5: f40feddcecbd47cfe6f1057beaac325d
  3. Norton flagged that with a virus
  4. Ok. Earlier versions never used to do this.
  5. If I start 2017 there is a machine def loaded. File, new = def loaded any mcam file, open = def loaded If I open any other type of file (step, x_t, sldprt) it switches to design and I have to manually add the machine def. It's kind of annoying. What am I missing? Thanks, Mike
  6. mwc815

    Windows Free Upgrade Deadline Approaches

    I wonder how long Mastercam products will support Win 7 x64. I'm reluctant to upgrade to 10. My boss upgraded my previous computer and I lost the ability to communicate with the cnc machines. Mastercam X6 worked fine. Struggled for 1/2 a day, reverted to win 7 and everything worked immediately.
  7. I'm running X9 on win 7 64 box. I tried out the 2017 beta 4. Last week I uninstalled 2017 using the instructions. Now x9 won't open native solidworks files, it used to do it. Solid works is installed on this computer. Thanks, Mike
  8. I Recently set up a new pc, win7 x64. Have Mcam X6 and X9 installed. The Mcam X6 x+ html setup sheet saves to the mastercam part file folder on the server, while the Mcam X9 x+ setup sheet saves to the x+/reports folder on the C drive. How can I change the save location for the X9 version to the job folder? The job folder being different for each mastercam file. thanks, Mike
  9. mwc815

    multiple do you approach?

    I use 1 machine group per part. Different setups are broken up into tool groups.
  10. mwc815

    Windows 10, lost communications

    Struggled with this all day. I have a printer that i share with other computers. Worked from mine, not theirs. Go to check settings, win10 wants me to install a print app. WTF? Give up, revert to win7 and during startup the printer starts printing. Check the cnc and it sees the shared folder with the nc code. There goes a day I'll never get back. Oh yea, you have 30 days to revert to the old os. Back to work now. Mike
  11. Ok, while I was away for the holiday my boss installed Windows 10 on my computer. I lost my communications to the cnc, but still have network/internet access. Computer has 2 network ports, 1 for the local network/internet and 1 that is connected to a Haas ethernet port. They are bridged and the ip is set to a specific address, while the Haas is set to an address that is 1 higher. I have a shared folder on the C drive that I save my programs into and load them into the cnc from the controller. While creating the network bridge for the 2 ports, I get a warning that the ip address is being used and it will only work for 1 of the ports. Using command/ipconfig, the settings are right. Ping sees the cnc. This method has been working for years on 4 computer/cnc setups using XP or Win7. I dont know if its win10, norton ow whatever else. I have about 4 hours into this and nothing works. Mike
  12. mwc815

    Right angle head spindle direction

    ok, I can live with that. The tool is defined accutately, and it posts out the correct code. As long as noone clicks on the tool to reset it. thanks guys
  13. mwc815

    Right angle head spindle direction

    I thought about that, but I might also want to do a conventional toolpath in the same program.
  14. We just got a used Alberti right angle head. It is going to be mounted in a Haas VF series mill. By researching the forum, I was able to set up machine def. and alter the router post to generate code that works. The one bug I can't figure out is the spindle direction. M03 spins backwards. I can call it a left handed tool to make it spin the right way, but I really hate to lie about tool definitions. Any ideas? thanks, Mike

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