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  1. Dan_AKA_ROY

    Off-Topic: My house and car were destroyed last night

    Scary stuff! Silvering lining is no one was hurt.
  2. Dan_AKA_ROY

    This process not available

    I never use Autosave. Sometimes, I might not want to save and close w/o saving then re-open. I save often manually. Faster than 5 minutes or whatever time you set for Autosave. I do use backups, though.
  3. Dan_AKA_ROY

    Trimming issues...

    Know what you mean now. Doing a lot of trimming this week (new grill mold for our hood scoop). Super touchy. Driving me a little nuts (not a huge deal but very annoying). It's the new drag selection added that causing the issues for me. Doing everything right, yet it still acts up. It will select the perimeter spline sometimes (when trimming interior patterns). Agree with Jeff, I liked it the old way (2020 and before!)
  4. Dan_AKA_ROY

    2021 crashes on fillet

    2 weeks running 2021 and haven't had any of the issues reported here. At times, I've found the selection process when trimming and filleting can be a bit bulky (have to select again when it wouldn't take) but not that big a deal. One thing irks me (not related to this topic): Say, you want to convert solid body(ies) to surfs - no dialog box shows up like in previous versions. I have to triple click a solid to select the body. Sometimes I have to do it more than once to take. In previous versions, all I do is select the solid body icon and it only selects bodies (and not faces, etc.)...or select the 'faces only' icon / button to select faces. The clicking only selection bugs me a bit. I prefer the former described.
  5. Dan_AKA_ROY


    Ah. Good idea. Thanks..
  6. Dan_AKA_ROY


    (I love the new interface. From day 1 when I first opened 2018...after I explained to my company it was time to upgrade and get back on maintenance. Mastercam investment has repaid itself a thousand fold for us.)
  7. Dan_AKA_ROY

    Trimming issues...

    No. Everything was whack. Certain toolpaths were red X'd and could not be regened. Closed program. Opened program. Re-opened file and everything looked and acted normal. Toolpaths not red x'd.
  8. Dan_AKA_ROY

    Trimming issues...

    Just installed 2021 last week. Received the Update 1 this morning. Hadn't noticed any trimming or fillet issues. I did some tests just now and everything seems fine. (A different subject) But after Update 1 finished, I opened a grill file I'm machining (now). Toolpaths were red X'd that were fine before. I couldn't regen them! Thought locked? Ghosted? Nope. I got worried...Closed the program....re-opened file and toolpaths all good. Everything now acts normally. (That was weird)
  9. Dan_AKA_ROY

    2019 won't open Solidworks file sometimes.

    I just opened a SW 2019 file in MC 2020 with no issues. Maybe some setting. Perhaps try something different in Options before opening sldprt in Mastercam?
  10. Dan_AKA_ROY


    Config setting also. I elected to add Pan to the right click drop down menu. (I use mouse wheel dynamic rotation constantly) And no, never tried holding shift down and mouse wheel. Nice tip...
  11. Dan_AKA_ROY

    mind blown

    Hmmm.. Maybe try Clear All in Model Prep before converting to surfs? You can't just change the colors of selected surfs? Maybe try bringing in a SLDPRT file instead of a Parasolid X_T? With scanned data (large hood scoops) I had trouble with Parasolid X_T. Had to use sldprt file format to successfully import. Normally I can open x_t files, but these scanned files gave me problems.
  12. Dan_AKA_ROY

    Mcam 2018 Fillet Chains / Chamfers question...

    I like to put in 'untrimmed fillets' to use as a reference and solid extrude the profile (with sharp corners). Do any shaping of solid (like trimming to surfs, etc.), then fillet the solid model (observing the fillet values placed in the original profile).
  13. Dan_AKA_ROY

    Using a STL as stock

    File merge?
  14. Dan_AKA_ROY

    DNC to machine

    I'd try that and see. Won't hurt. I drip feed our VMC (older fanuc controller) using MachLink DNC software. Program ends in M30 with no issues for me..But, every situation is different.
  15. Dan_AKA_ROY

    mind blown

    Is it just my imagination or does turning off shading speed up Stock Model regeneration? Not sure, I swear to calculates a little faster.

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