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  1. Dan_AKA_ROY

    2019 won't open Solidworks file sometimes.

    I just opened a SW 2019 file in MC 2020 with no issues. Maybe some setting. Perhaps try something different in Options before opening sldprt in Mastercam?
  2. Dan_AKA_ROY


    Config setting also. I elected to add Pan to the right click drop down menu. (I use mouse wheel dynamic rotation constantly) And no, never tried holding shift down and mouse wheel. Nice tip...
  3. Dan_AKA_ROY

    mind blown

    Hmmm.. Maybe try Clear All in Model Prep before converting to surfs? You can't just change the colors of selected surfs? Maybe try bringing in a SLDPRT file instead of a Parasolid X_T? With scanned data (large hood scoops) I had trouble with Parasolid X_T. Had to use sldprt file format to successfully import. Normally I can open x_t files, but these scanned files gave me problems.
  4. Dan_AKA_ROY

    Mcam 2018 Fillet Chains / Chamfers question...

    I like to put in 'untrimmed fillets' to use as a reference and solid extrude the profile (with sharp corners). Do any shaping of solid (like trimming to surfs, etc.), then fillet the solid model (observing the fillet values placed in the original profile).
  5. Dan_AKA_ROY

    Using a STL as stock

    File merge?
  6. Dan_AKA_ROY

    DNC to machine

    I'd try that and see. Won't hurt. I drip feed our VMC (older fanuc controller) using MachLink DNC software. Program ends in M30 with no issues for me..But, every situation is different.
  7. Dan_AKA_ROY

    mind blown

    Is it just my imagination or does turning off shading speed up Stock Model regeneration? Not sure, I swear to calculates a little faster.
  8. Dan_AKA_ROY

    mind blown

    ^ That's what I got. And yes, changing shading to 0.004". I also do that when opening large files with scanned surfaces. Just the scanned surfaces can cause some problems (minor, though). In addition to loosening my shading chord height to 0.004", for these files (1,000's of tiny scanned surfaces from a hood scoop) - I turn off shading (switch to wireframe) when changing levels to avoid the slight delay "tessellating".
  9. Dan_AKA_ROY

    mind blown

    MC won't give this update via the File/Help/Check for Updates. There was an issue with maintenance customers (not sure of the specifics, config files reverting back to default settings, I believe). So, MC disabled it via directly from the software. Log in to the Mastercam website and you will find the update there. Download and install and no more 'color crashes'. I have had zero issues since installing the update, Jeremy.
  10. Dan_AKA_ROY

    mind blown

    ^ Checked for updates. No new updates at this time...still crashes sometimes. A minor inconvenience. I always save prior to changing colors.. Seems geo is ok, surfs crash. Not always, but at times. Changing surf colors is best for me. Some finishing toolpaths have 12 hour cycle times (manifolds - 78" by 58" by 1" stock). So I change colors for easier selection and split the toolpath in half...for two days machine (I could just use trim toolpath, also).
  11. Dan_AKA_ROY

    mind blown

    (I love 2019, Terry. Caught on very quickly and no going back to X. Just work through it - don't X! - and soon it will become second nature to you). But yeah, It was a breeze getting used to for me. I just plowed through when we got the upgrade (started with MC 2018, was using X7 prior). Never (very rarely) opened X7 again. That helped me transition. All the powers and more are there.
  12. Dan_AKA_ROY

    mind blown

    Good to hear! I ALWAYS save before changing a surf's color. Sometimes it works like a charm,...sometimes MC crashes.
  13. (I found it - added it to my right click drop down menu).
  14. This really is a great thread to view! So, there isn't a 'regenerate screen' icon or function in any of the menus? I searched everywhere. When I bump up my chord height to view a crisper looking surface it never worked! The view was always the same. I figured I needed to regen screen but couldn't find it for the life of me. So thank you, Rich Thomas! I never knew nor would have known "CTRL SHIFT R" regens screen! Viola! Now surf shading updates to the proper view when changing chord height! A minor inconvenience but it has been bugging me!
  15. Dan_AKA_ROY

    Quadrant curser problems?

    Autocurser conf. Right in front of me. Duh. But yes, I needed that for speedy creation of circles all positioned properly for solid cone creations. The part (a tonneau cover for an F150 truck). Then when I trim the solid cones to the solid body (I create a surface from a face for the trimming) the file memory soars higher. Would soon be unmanageable. One row of 11 trimmed solid cones (2 1/2 diameters, 5" ht. before trim) would increase file memory from 4 MB to 11 MB. I trimmed up 11 such rows. So,... after I trim one row of cones - I have to then convert them to surfaces (and set to 'delete solid'). That way the file memory stays low. (Bottom untrimmed faces need to be deleted anyway, so surfs they became). I posted another dumb question on the mastercam forum a couple weeks ago. How do I turn the arc center points off? (looks bad when creating jpeg blueprints). I searched everywhere! In the X series, it was in System conf. CAD settings. Ah. HOME tab center (staring right at me) lol Sometimes the new interface gets me... I didn't even need that question answered as I saw older posts on the same topic...

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