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  1. Awesome!!!! Thank You!! I will Check them out now.
  2. Hi all, it has been a long time since I have asked a question here. I tried to do a search and I did not come up with what I was looking for. So, I hope someone can help. I am looking for a 1 page setup sheet with a picture of the part I am cutting and my list of tools. The one I used before was in "X+" But I guess it is not available anymore. Any info would be helpful... Thanks, Lou
  3. I am updateing every mold I work on in Catia so we have a true representation of math data to what is on the shop floor and I will be uploading to Smart Team also. Plus still doing all the programming. These are good computers but we want to get the top of the line with the budget...
  4. Is there is a Nvidia Quadro model that Mastercam Suggests???
  5. Hi all!! I am looking for all of your infinite wisdom!! I am getting a new computer soon. I am currently running Mastercam X5 and Catia V5. The New computer I am looking at is: Dell T7500 Zeon 6 Core 3.4g processer 24 gigs of ram. Right now the Catia guys are recommending a ATI Firepro 4800 My Question is: What Graphics card plays well with Mastercam? I have about a $6000 budget to do this…..What Would be your dream machine???
  6. lou

    You must be talking about the old Omega. The new Omega doesnt care about anything but the almighty dollar...its good you found a place that cares about its people. They are hard to find now a days.....

  7. Hello All, I have Mastercam X2 MR1. I have 10 design seats and 5 Mill seats that are on a NetHasp on my server. I am looking into working from home once in awhile and log into my company through the terminal server. Can I use one of the licenses logged in from home? Thank you for all and any input…. Lou
  8. I think what you are looking for is under Machine types menu. Then control definitions and inside of that you will fine all of your operation defalts. Hope this helps...
  9. AHH!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!
  10. Hi All, This might be a easy question, But I cant find this... In 9 I was able to backplot and get my cutting time. I dont see this in X Can anyone point me in the right direction??? Thanks in advanance!!
  11. Hey Carl, I did try to download the latest drivers from Aladdin Software and it did install with no problem, but still can not get the computer to see the hasp. The thing that KILLS me is that the local hasp was working before I messed with the nethasp..... Again....Thanks for all of your input!!!!!!
  12. That is the thing that bugs the crap out of me is that MC9 IS running on this computer but only thru the Nethasp not hte local hasp?????????
  13. I did read that and I understand that. Just that everything works with nethasp turned on but when the local is turned on then it dont work. That will be my workaround for now but I hope to find a way to keep my local hasp for sentimental reasons :-) Thanks for all the input, Lou
  14. As long as the cutter is definded properly and you have a good surface model you should not have a problem.

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