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  1. X+ Mastercam 2019

    X+ is updated for Mastercam 2019. download
  2. Renumber toolpaths

    What you see is the ID of the operation. What you want is the list number. Check your display options.
  3. SVG import chook

    Hi, I thought I will share this little chook. download It's included in X+ now (link) It imports SVG images. Mastercam 2018!
  4. X+ Setup Sheet and Tool List - 3rd party Add-on

    added parameter "Tl Mfg code".
  5. X+ Setup Sheet and Tool List - 3rd party Add-on

    Yep...that was a change by the Mastercam SDK. It should work now too.
  6. X+ Setup Sheet and Tool List - 3rd party Add-on

    Yep...I've seen it. New version uploaded. Download
  7. X+ for 2018 install problem

    It's important that you launch Mastercam as Admin...at least once. Mastercam than writes its own install path to the registry. The X+ installer is looking for this registry key. If you just install Mastercam with admin rights...but never launch it as admin...the key will not be written...unless the user has the proper rights.
  8. X+ Setup Sheet and Tool List - 3rd party Add-on

    This version is build with the latest SDK for Mastercam 2018. If you right click in your explorer, you can watch the source of the html. It's very easy to find the ID for something that you are looking for. Once you got the ID, you can add a format statement in your css file or add the ID to existing format statements. Google CSS. ---------------------------------- X+ (french) is now available. Thanks to Selim Sheta from VUITEC. ----------------------------------- "AV software is calling an alarm." I see this very often. The X+ installer contains EXCEL templates with embedded VB-Scripts. This templates are included for the user as a reference/example. If an AV software detects this kind of files, it may call an alarm. If you try to send a postprocessor via mail, it may be blocked by AV software. It,s almost the same. AV software don't like PST files.
  9. opcode$

    I'm using Visual Studio Community. It's free.
  10. X+ Setup Sheet and Tool List - 3rd party Add-on

    The screenshot is the same what you get with the snapshot tool. But the screenshot may be shrinked in your HTM report. Use CSS if you don't want to shrink it. By default it may be something like this: .HEADSCREENSHOT img{ max-width:600px; } If the screenshot is bigger than 600px, then it will be resized to fit 600px. Check it youself. Right click the image in your browser -> show image / show image info.
  11. opcode$

    Yes, I use Mastercams SDK. With C++ you will probably get the best access to Mastercams API, but it might be a little bit harder to lern. C# or VB might be easier to start with, but the API is limited as far as I know.
  12. opcode$

    Because of this, I think CNC Software should think about a new string variable for MP. For example: sopdescr$. For this kind of information I need to make calls to my own dll. I would like to get rid of this. #------------------------- # calls to gm.dll #------------------------- rvar:0 sDLL:"" sArgs:"" spost_arg_0$:"" spost_arg_1$:"" spost_arg_2$:"" # sArgs[0] = 1 = op_make_description(...) # sArgs[1] = op_id poptype sDLL=spathpst$ + "gm.dll" rvar=fexist(sDLL) if rvar, [ sArgs = '"1" "' + no2str(op_id$) + ' ""' rvar=dll(sDLL, sArgs) if rvar, soptype = spost_arg_0$ #operation description ] else, [
  13. Mcam code editor, convert tabs to spaces

    I use UltraEdit for postwriting etc. It's my favorite editor, because it can edit binary files too. Therefore I wrote a small parser in C++ to extract all the keywords from mcpost.dll for syntaxhighlighting. If you import the attached XML file in Notepad++, you get syntaxhighlighting and intellisense in Notepad++. Mastercam MP2018.xml

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