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  1. In MC 2023 the whole interface for the machine group has changed. This could probably cause some new glitches in MC 2023. And hopefully this will be cleaned up before release. However, I guess this has nothing to do with X+
  2. Hi guys, X+ for Mastercam Public Beta 2023 is now available. https://www.gmccs.de/downloads_x+.php A new setup sheet template “grouping_example” has been added to X+ 2023. Among other things, it demonstrates how you could group your report by the Groupname (or any other) parameter. However, this template also works with previous X+ versions! Watch this video to see what it looks like. As always, I welcome comments and suggestions.
  3. If you have plenty of RAM and not a SSD, you could try to use a RAMDisc and map pagefile.sys and %temp%\Mastercam to it.
  4. X+ 2021 is ready with some new lathe specific tool info active turret active spindle holder orientation holder shape (rectangular/round) holder width/thickness tool angle
  5. Automatic mode should always center align the part on the table. A manual translation should be relative to the automatic position. YM2C
  6. I would grab the comment in pscomm0$ and then you can use in any postblock. pAnyPostBlock n$, *sopcomment, e$
  7. In 2021 PB1 backplot is much faster again. Hopefully they will provide an update for 2020. It's a pain in 2020. I do understand if a customer moves back to 2019.

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