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  1. When we moved to 2022 we found so many small bugs it's not funny, and have got help from our reseller and people on here but for the most part it is work arounds and not true fixes, and yes it is highly irritating when changing a speed/feed or something like a tool holder or tool length and it dirties the operations and stock models, and you didn't actually change anything with the actual parameters of the operation.
  2. Does anyone have an idea why sometimes when I save it blitzes out some of my programs I'll get the red X on them. When I check everything all the settings are still correct and they just need re processed, really kind of annoying and I am using 2022.
  3. Pete I am using 2022 and I have mine set up to select in+ in the selection mode and select the whole thing and double click.
  4. tried to send it and said it does not recognize the comma between your first and last name?
  5. yes I do, however sometimes it does it and like in the case of this particular part they simply were gone.
  6. Doing check solid it only showed the edge tolerances. I also tried the other of restarting after converting and they are just gone no where to be found, scratching my head.
  7. Yes I always keep the original solid and the place untrimmed surfaces on a specific level is checked, but on this part and others I have seen they are just gone.
  8. When creating surfaces from solid what causes some of the surfaces to disappear, is that something I can change to keep it from happening or does it have something to do with the way the part was designed?
  9. Using 2022 when importing programs to use on similar parts so we can use the same tooling on multiple parts, we have had an issue of it changing the tool numbers every since we switched, I did one yesterday on a set of four similar plates that had drilling and simple pockets for keyways and some shallow pockets for ball lock retainers we use, on 2 of the four parts it had changed the compensation type from computer to wear on one and control on the other, when running verify the control one showed up because it cut the pocket wrong and I fixed it however I missed the compensation one because in verify it ran fine but kicked up an error at the machine so other than lost time it didn't hurt anything but with it randomly changing stuff when we import it's almost as fast to just program everything as single parts. I believe our other programmer has turned in the tool number issue to our reseller and on up from there but this is first we've seen of it changing the compensation type, anyone have any ideas as to why it's doing this now and the tools numbers? or is it yet another issue we have to deal with and add to our list of bugs to watch for.
  10. TERRYH

    2D CAD

    HLE only saves files as a .edu I believe and it can not be opened by anything other than a HLE edition.
  11. TERRYH

    2D CAD

    I don't need tool paths I have the software that came with the machine that's pretty easy to use, thanks for the replay will look into that. And is the Mastercam hobby version the home learning one ?
  12. Wasn't sure where to ask this at but does anyone know of a decent easy to use 2D CAD or 3D Cad software that is similar to Mastercams that I can use that is either free or reasonably priced that I can use to create wireframe designs similar to the picture which I created in MC I need to be able to save as a DXF file. I purchased and CNC table top router to cut carbon fiber sheets to make customized and replacement parts for RC cars.
  13. Thanks I wish we could get a lot of other issues fixed and addressed that we have seen since switching to 2022

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