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    Is there a setting in mastercam 2019/2020 where you can turn off coolant for everything so no matter what you do you never have to worry about it being on. I know how to do it manually but thats just extra clicks, and I forget sometimes.

    Now using 2020

    both of my monitors here at work are same size and same resolution

    Now using 2020

    Started using 2020 yesterday, from 2019 working on first part and in the toolpath manager as I filled up the window I can barely see the arrow at bottom to add more programs without minimizing others above it, is this normal I have never had this issue in any other versions . is there a setting I need to change, or is this yet another aggravating bug to deal with?

    surface finish blend

    WORKING IN 2019

    surface finish blend

    sorry I just dont see any blend in the HS stuff, I must be missing it.

    surface finish blend

    I know where the legacy tool path is and use it, just looking for a high speed replacement and settings.

    surface finish blend

    I like to use the old surface finish blend sometimes just a nice program for certain things, does anyone know if they replaced it with a newer high speed tool path, if so which one is it, and what are the settings. Thanks in advance.

    2020 issues

    with all the bugs we have found in 2019, and all the work arounds we have to do to get our jobs done, not sure I want to even mess with 2020........used to really like MC now its a shot in the dark whats going to change on a daily basis and what will work this time and not the next.

    Stock model work planes

    it just gets aggravating because one time it seems to work one way and the next another. the part I am doing is only 45 x 13 x 6 so it is not real big. the op1 stock model processed in about 2 min or less in the correct position using my first op work plane not (top) on the second oper. I tried using the 1st op work plane and it processed about the same amount as time as the first one did but in the wrong position when I tried switching the work plane and re processing it I let it run all weekend and still processing when I came in this morning............... and all our parts are created in car position which would be MC work planes, and we do not move them from that position we work from created work planes when doing multi pal operations.
  10. TERRYH

    Stock model work planes

    might be a stupid question for some but I seem to be having issues on these I have a part that will have 4 separate operations, side 1, side 2 bottom and then top to finish it, created the first stock model for side 1 no problem using the work plane I had created for that sides work and it was in correct position, after using it to verify my 2nd operation I tried to create another one to do the bottom work and then another to use to finish the top, after the first one I created one using the same side 1 work plane and it processed fast like the first one did but was not in the correct position. and went I tried to switch the work plane to another one it started processing but took forever and has yet to finish. when creating these from the start do I create them all in MC top or what this should be an easy process but starting to get aggravated.
  11. TERRYH

    backup copies

    thanks this worked like I had it before
  12. TERRYH

    backup copies

    We work off of a server and when we save a part it is saved to the server, when we were using X9 I had it set up to also save up to 3 times before over writing a file to a folder on my PC to use as a backup in case something happened, I could go back at least 3 times I saved. When we switched to 2019 I could not figure out how to do it or remember how I did it in X9 because I had done it so long ago, guess I'm getting old. Does anyone know how to set this up so it saves to our server location like normal and to a folder I create on my PC had an issue the other day where a file got over wrote somehow and had to re program it from the start when before I could have just went back and grab one of the backups on my pc.
  13. TERRYH

    Hollow stock model, STL, imported mesh

    I have seen this issue when using just a stock model on a very large part a headliner mold, where I run it in verify and before I start it looks great and when I run it, it's like it removes the surfaces and you see a hole like it's hollow, not sure if this is same issue or not but it is irritating. I have never sen this on smaller parts I have done only larger molds like a headliner, or carpet mold, guess it's a bug in MC.
  14. TERRYH

    Lots of good enhancements

    I don't like a lot of changes they made in 2019, and from the sounds of it they are even worse in 2020 I liked the way X9 worked when ever you were using a surface driven program when you clicked on it, it knew you needed to select the surfaces automatically, in 2019 you have to click 2 things before you select your surfaces.............more clicks equals waste of time in my opinion. Not sure why they are heading the way they are buttons and bells to sell to new people rather than keeping it solid for it's long time users.
  15. TERRYH

    Tool numbers

    importing is what we ended up doing, although in the end the CNC supervisor didn't like this idea because it would have been confusing for his operators.....................bangs head on keyboard walks away crying

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