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    Disappearing tool holders

    To be honest I think that is a waste of time, when we made the jump to 2020 several months ago we found so many glitches and bugs and contacted our re seller for help and after they could not figure it out they sent it to CNC software, and we never heard back after that. Our re seller has been tons of help but anythng beyond them seems to have went dead.

    Disappearing tool holders

    All of our holders and tools were created and saved on our network we all use, it was a std tool and holder not a custom created one. I know I selected it because when I printed the tool sheet yesterday it was correct, that's what confused me because if I had not selected one it would have printed out as it appeared this morning as a puck. And we use Varco reports for our tooling build sheets for the tool crib.

    Disappearing tool holders

    I've seen it 2-3 times on different parts, and our other senior guy said he has seen it a couple times.
  4. I programmed a base casting for a trim die and finished it yesterday, I had throughout the process ran it through verify and our machine simulation, and had no issues. I posted everything and printed our setup sheets and tool sheets for the tool room to build and gave it to the CNC dept. when I left yesterday. came in this morning and was waiting on my boss to give me something else to do and opened up the part from yesterday and gave it one last check over just basically killing time while waiting on more work, and I had a tool holder crash in verify, I thought maybe I had not selected a tool holder, but that's second nature select tool, select holder, adjust tool length if needed. so I went out got my paperwork to check and write the correct holder for that tool and had printed the picture with the correct holder.............so not sure why in Mastercam it was correct when I printed it yesterday and had disappeared over night. has anyone else had this happen? I was using 2019 because of issues we've had with 2020.

    Avoidance surfaces

    Was wanting to try and use these but cannot figure out how to select them as it seems to be grayed out. is it something that needs turned on somewhere? used to be easy in X9 Seems like they never make anything truly easier.

    Lag issues

    Thanks will give them a try. The part is a large Alum casting for a carpet mold for a vehicle, it contains the original solid, a surface file created from that solid and a new file that was imported to do engineering changes, plus all the geo. I created for boundaries and other stuff.

    Lag issues

    I am working with 2019 on a file that's 2.3GB and up until today it has seemed to be ok but it seems to have gotten very slow in everything I try and do, I have run the RAM saver shut down and re started my PC and MC is there anything I can do or try to speed it up? The only other stuff I have open are power point excel and my email

    plane jumping in 2020

    we have the first update and it still does it.
  9. is there any way to change these settings and save them so that you do not have to re do them ever time? I had a program leaving .01 stock and when I finished and verified the part and then did the compare I forgot to change the +/-.01 setting and it all showed green so I assumed it was good, but at the machine you could see a step from the finish program to the smaller tool pick program.
  10. TERRYH

    Best programming method

    thanks guys for the help and suggestions
  11. TERRYH

    Best programming method

    I am working on a check fixture for a part we made the trim die for, it has a 6mm wide groove around the OD I need to do it with a 6mm ball and go 3mm deep to maintain the 6mm width. what would be the best method to do this so there is less hand work after its done if I did it vertical where I could and then at locked angles on the rest to try and get away from leaving cusps in the bottom and make sure I am maintaining the 6mm width all the way around. in the top pic the green line is what I have to cut and the second one is a close up of one area. will be doing this in 2019.
  12. TERRYH

    Now using 2020

    When we were going to switch to 2020 our I.T. used the wizard and it was nice to start with as it brought in our personal settings like our right mouse drop down and our individual background colors, after that it seemed to all go down hill, we was told to re do all our control defs. and machine defs. and not use the wizard. We was having all sorts of issues and stopped using 2020 went back to 19 then we got the beta update/patch for 2020 and was still having issues trying to keep up with production we simply did not have the time to keep worrying about them, so currently using 19. Even in 19 we have to watch stuff and have so many work around's for stuff it's not funny.
  13. TERRYH

    Now using 2020

    we have the Beta for 2020 and were still back in 2019 so...........
  14. TERRYH


    Opening the files does not seem to be an issue, it's the slowness of stuff during to process of programming. And all our files are designed in NX

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