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  1. is there any way to change these settings and save them so that you do not have to re do them ever time? I had a program leaving .01 stock and when I finished and verified the part and then did the compare I forgot to change the +/-.01 setting and it all showed green so I assumed it was good, but at the machine you could see a step from the finish program to the smaller tool pick program.

    Best programming method

    thanks guys for the help and suggestions

    Best programming method

    I am working on a check fixture for a part we made the trim die for, it has a 6mm wide groove around the OD I need to do it with a 6mm ball and go 3mm deep to maintain the 6mm width. what would be the best method to do this so there is less hand work after its done if I did it vertical where I could and then at locked angles on the rest to try and get away from leaving cusps in the bottom and make sure I am maintaining the 6mm width all the way around. in the top pic the green line is what I have to cut and the second one is a close up of one area. will be doing this in 2019.

    Now using 2020

    When we were going to switch to 2020 our I.T. used the wizard and it was nice to start with as it brought in our personal settings like our right mouse drop down and our individual background colors, after that it seemed to all go down hill, we was told to re do all our control defs. and machine defs. and not use the wizard. We was having all sorts of issues and stopped using 2020 went back to 19 then we got the beta update/patch for 2020 and was still having issues trying to keep up with production we simply did not have the time to keep worrying about them, so currently using 19. Even in 19 we have to watch stuff and have so many work around's for stuff it's not funny.

    Now using 2020

    we have the Beta for 2020 and were still back in 2019 so...........


    Opening the files does not seem to be an issue, it's the slowness of stuff during to process of programming. And all our files are designed in NX


    our files are kind of large the one I am working on now is 2,014,056KB but I can also be working on way smaller parts and it take just as long. Our boxes were new 9/11/17


    is there any setting we can change in these to help speed up how fast it does stuff like changing colors of stuff, deleting stuff, it just seems like some of the simplest things in these two versions take so long to do, in X9 and before it would do stuff like this almost as fast as you could click stuff.

    Random work planes

    which groups is that?
  10. TERRYH

    Random work planes

    This happens during normal work processes, I don't do a lot of importing as I do large parts and dont fully trust it.
  11. TERRYH

    Random work planes

    does anyone know why or what is causing 2019 and 2020 to randomly create work planes? it gets very aggravating dealing with this stuff, it does it when crating tool paths. We made the jump to 2020 but was so many bugs and stuff not working for what we do, that we dropped back down to 2019 which is somewhat more stable at least from what were seeing. Also it will switch work planes just by how you rotate the part on your screen, I was doing multi axis drilling was in my top work plane and when I selected the geometry it told me it was not in current orientation, it had switched and I have to go over switch back to top and then do it.................there are as many bugs and work around as there is functions almost.
  12. TERRYH

    Check holder

    no I have ran the tool in verify and knew it cleared, and the holder. I am referring to the button at the top that says check holder.
  13. TERRYH

    Check holder

    In 2020 and 2019 does check holder work ???? or is it like so many other things and just broke, was messing around with it and had a 1/2" ball mill 2.0" long picking some scorners smaller from a 1" ballmill running verify it showed me a holder was hitting my part I changed the tool length to 2.125" long re ran verify and it clears no issues. had never tried the check holder and read up on it and tried it to see how it does well after it spent a few mins running it gave me lines all over the place and told me I needed to modify my tool length to a tool over 70" long.................uh is there something I am missing FYI not impressed at all with 2020
  14. TERRYH

    2020 verify

    I see 2020 holding onto several things like this I was posting a drill program yesterday and it told me when posting I had 2 different tools with the same number when looking thru the program in MC there was no same numbers everything was in order like they should be but when posted it actually had two # 12's for some reason it was posting T4 and T12 as T12 no matter what I did. I completely shut MC down restarted and posted like it should. IMO 2020 has some neat new features, but has so many bugs someone needs to call Orkin.....................

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