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    Programs blitzing

    well like I said it just started yesterday. it just gets aggravating

    Programs blitzing

    I am using 2019 and have not seen this problem for a very long time going back several version, but if I have a program complete and go back to it opening it up to look at or check the settings when I close it no matter how using the red X or the green check the program blitzes out and needs re processed I am not changing any thing at all. it just started on this part yesterday and continuing today.

    2019 Verify issues

    yes this didn't work........

    2019 Verify issues

    So I am using 2019 because all the issues we found in 2020, I'm running verify on a small part and have it set to stop on collision but it wont it just goes on by and does not show anything in the report. I went thru the settings and can't find anything wrong. When running back plot the tool shank is clearly hitting the part. This is something new it's worked fine in the past and just recently change and don't know why. This is a small part, but it kind of makes me worry because I just did a very large casting with several long reaching tools/holders. Any ideas?

    machine simulations

    Where do I find these files I normally do not get into any of that one of our other guys does all the putting files where they need to go will check with him. or you can tell me where to look and I will

    machine simulations

    Yes I would not thing thats the issue like I said before it occurs when drilling all our drills were modeled with jobber length drills and then longer ones as needed, so if I am drilling a blind hole for a 1/2-13 tap it is in no way going deeper than the flute length. and shows up on ever peck. And not sure it matters but we are using the simulator within Mastercam not a stand alone.

    machine simulations

    No it happens on blind holes and thru holes and shows up on first peck. Like I said before the way we design stuff is for say a 5/16 hole, if it is the main color of the part it's just a 5/16 clearance hole, if it is green it is for a 3/8-16 tap if it is a 1/2" hole main body color its just a 1/2" clearance hole, if it is colored white its for a 1/2" dowel. We have color codes they use and we can look at and know what they are because anything we do that is milled on the CNC their is no print, only prints we do is for the guys doing manual stuff and assembly prints. To me if it is modeled 1/2 and I drill it 1/2" there should be no issue unless I go deeper than the drill point showing I went to deep therefore creating a part violation. if it is a 5/16 hole for a tap then the drill should show no violation but the tap could because it was modeled to the hole size not the tap size if that makes sense. But when I am doing a large tall part requiring longer than normal tooling and holders to clear, when I get the "false positives" it's hard to have any real confidence in what I am releasing unless I just allow it to run ignoring everything and then sift thru the collision list looking for something other than a tool violation.

    machine simulations

    hole bottoms are to the drill point not flat, ans it shows a collision way before it even get to the bottom.

    machine simulations

    All our holes are modeled to drill size for taps and on size for reamers, so I could see a tap creating an issue being to the minor size, never thought of that. But as far as drilling the holes a drill would be under size for a reamed hole and should be on size for a tapped hole and it gives an collision error right off the bat while pecking or whatever not even getting to the bottom of the holes.
  10. TERRYH

    machine simulations

    when we moved up to 2019/20 we also started using the machine simulator for our machines we had made by our re seller or someone they work with, but anyways when we run it with our 2-D or 3-D and in the 5-axis it runs fine and only gives a warning if something actually hits machine,tool holder, but when we run it with a drilling program we get all sorts of false positives when drilling and taping the center drill runs fine but everything else shoes a collision. however if you run it in verify its all good. Is there some way to get this part of it to work correctly as well ? we've recently started doing a lot of long reach deep cuts and drilling that it would be rally nice to have this working correctly and have confidence in what were releasing to the floor. Have contacted the re seller on this and other issues with no reply as of late, figured I ask on here and hope someone can help.
  11. TERRYH

    File types

    They use the X_T
  12. TERRYH

    File types

    Yes we use surfaces to program not solids. We used to have MC set to automatically convert when opening a new file, when we went from X9 to 2019 or re-seller suggested programming directly from the solid, but we found they had their uses and didn't like it as well so we now bring in the solid and convert it to surfaces our selves and save a copy of the original solid. I do not think any of us use solids just keep it a a reference.
  13. TERRYH

    File types

    Is it possible that the type of file used for a part or the way it was created by CAD cause issues when trying to program. We have processes were supposed to use when programming certain part say like a part from a large billet or a large casting, and sometimes a certain program no matter how we do it will not process, for example if we rough a part with a 3" bull nose cutter, we do a surface high speed area rest roughing following it with a 1" high positive inserted facemill to get smaller areas the 3" tool could not get. I can do a dozen parts and not have a single issue, then all of a sudden no matter what I try the program will not process, however if I switch to a 1" button cutter it process. The current part I am working on would not process a surface high speed scallop but if I went with the older surface finish constant scallop it processed. Our CAD dept creates parasolids don't know why just the way it has always been, and were using 2019 and 2020. I know MC can use several different types and not really sure whats best, just trying to figure out why sometimes something works and others it don't. Also we get a lot of files from over seas from a outside design company TATA and I am pretty sure with our 4 full time in house designers they all do stuff slightly different.
  14. TERRYH

    Settings when opening a part

    2019/2020 but its doneit as far back as I can remember.
  15. Is there a way you can change a setting so that when you open up someone elses part it does not change your settings, things like line width and wire frame color. we have a new guy who is learning and he has done the 3-axis work on a part and I have to finish the 5-axis stuff and it's just kind of annoying when it changes your settings to match what the part was saved to.

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