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  1. I recently purchased a 3D cnc table top router to cut 2mm and 3mm carbon fiber sheets for RC cars making out of date parts for people and making new parts. The machine I got came with free software for programming and design and software to run the machine, Does anyone know of a good easy to use software program for 2D design, I've been using MC but can't do it all the time when needed. the files I create to cut are all wireframe DXF files I haven't figured out there design software yet but programming and cutting is pretty simple. Does anyone know of a good easy to use design software similar to MC that's either free or will not break the bank?

    2022 Not impressed

    Yes we do have a choice, but our senior guy has told us in the past that we have to stay current within 3 versions or we lose our MC support from our reseller, however in an email from them this past week we will still have support no matter what version we use, so not sure where he got is info from and he is on vacation till tomorrow so will ask when he returns.

    2022 Not impressed

    We have 3 dedicated programmers here using MC one for probably 15+ years myself 11+ and the other 7-8 I think so it's not like any of us are new, our methods may not be the same as other shops but I would venture to guess everyone has 500 ways to do the same thing. it just gets very aggravating dealing with this stuff.

    2022 Not impressed

    I just had another issue that got past me and out to the machines I was doing 7 small datum pins all under 1.5" square with a hole through the center with a c'bore and a small relieved pocket on top. I programed the first one and imported operations for the rest so one set of tools was used on all 7 parts. T3 on the bottom operation was a 1/2" endmill and it was used again on the top when it was flipped to finish. well T3 on the bottom posted zero/zero on the speeds and feeds same tool T3 on the top had the correct S/F from the library, and since it did it on the first one I programmed it followed through all 7 parts. Not sure what or why this happened. In trying to figure it out I clicked on the parameters for that 1/2" endmill and it showed 0/0 for S/F and if I clicked on any other tools in the list a "tool settings modified" window popped up and all tools then showed 0/0 BUT if I clicked parameters on any other tool and then clicked through the tool list everyone was correct S/F including the 1/2" ???
  5. Cutting 2 and 3mm CF plates I use these and they seem to last and have seen no delamination.

    2022 Not impressed

    Has anyone been having issues with it seeming to build up huge amounts of cache to where it gets painfully slow to the point of a restart is required ever 3-4 hours. I run the RAM saver all the time have for years out of habit and that does not seem to matter.

    2022 Not impressed

    I agree gcode the processing speeds and the stock model performance has greatly improved it's all the separation of things and addition of click after click to do the same thing you used to be able to do in 1 or 2 and IMO if it's not broke don't fix it. back in X9 and before when doing a surface driven program you selected surface rough pocket and it immediately wanted you to select the surfaces with no extra clicks, then they went to having to make 2 clicks before you selected them, not with 22 at least it's back to just one added, it's just stuff like that as well as changing stuff so that it does not stay where you have it set, it just makes it a pain in the azz to have to reselect stuff time after time when you are doing it multiple times.

    2022 Not impressed

    for over 11 years we have only ever programmed using surfaces so when we call in a new part it comes in as a solid then we create surfaces from that solid, then we select use original and either keep original solid or just un check that depending on what were doing, we have standards set up using colors from our designers so that we know what to do and what not to do on certain parts and areas kind of like what needs machined and what don't sort of thing, well now when you convert and have use original it ignores it and makes everything one color which has worked for the 11+ years I have been programing.

    2022 Not impressed

    And now it appears update 2 has broke something that worked before the update..................
  10. TERRYH

    2022 Not impressed

    While continuing to work with 2022 I am currently doing a part on our 6-axis machine which we have a machine simulator for, and finding yet more annoying things. First when I open it it opens full screen on one monitor and part of the other, second it does not remember my settings and I have to double check them every time it's opened.
  11. TERRYH

    2022 Not impressed

    Just out of curiosity what types of work are people doing and using 2022 on that seem to not be finding the issues we are, are you doing production type work or tool and die type stuff. We do several different types of molds, trim dies, form dies and assembly and check fixtures. just wondering if we are seeing different issues because of how and what we do compared to others.
  12. TERRYH

    2022 Not impressed

    For the type of work we do we found issues in 2020 and 2021 so we stayed with 2019 because it seemed to be a solid platform for our type of work, our reseller who have helped us out a ton only has to support back 3 versions so we had to move up to 2022 or it would have been stupid to continue to pay our maintenance fee every year. And like I said my biggest complaint was all the added clicks when there was a drop down window for something there was no need IMO to move it to its own button. Also like I said we use wireframe for a lot of stuff boundaries and such and I change stuff like colors so that when I give our operators a picture and a program description I can say cuts "blue" area picture 3 and he can tell exactly what and where its going to go. but when you change entity attributes if I was doing it by color diameter wireframe or whatever it stayed on color until I changed it now you have to reselect what you want every single time, that's what I was talking about initially. But after using it more now we've slowly found other issues and you don't have to look hard to find them. We like MasterCam and fought our owner several years ago to keep it when he was looking to switch software, it is far from "the worst piece ever" .
  13. TERRYH

    2022 Not impressed

    It doesn't bother me at all to get used to new things but when stuff is broke, don't work and more clicks are added, on top of this now not working properly or inconsistently is just a pain in the azz.
  14. TERRYH

    2022 Not impressed

    Yes I have 4 groups like I said a bottom mill and drill and a top mill and drill. but like I said I used it 3 times yesterday with no issues. and then this morning it's messed up. and like my thread title says 2022 not impressed.
  15. TERRYH

    2022 Not impressed

    Yesterday I did a set of 4 small similar parts that had bottom and top work and I wanted to use the same tooling on all 4 so after the first one I just imported all the toolpaths like I've done for years and it worked as it should no issues. BUT this morning it's a different story, started a second set of 4 did the first went to import stuff for the 2nd one and the operations were out of order I had bottom mill, bottom drill top mill and top drill, when I imported they were reversed was top mill, top drill, bottom mill, bottom drill. Not sure what has changed between yesterday and today. But I went ahead and imported the bottom operations and they came in correct, then I did the top so they would be in correct order, and they came in ok and it looked correct, but when I hit save it crashed MC after it restarted I did it again and same results it crashed. To make it work I had to import it in being out of order and then rearrange the operations to be correct. Not sure WTH is going on but man really regretting moving away from 2019......

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