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  1. I deal with this all the time. I revert to multiple stock models to avoid air cuts. I started a few threads complaining about the inability of MC to recognize "mushroom" shaped stock. I don't see it being fixed anytime soon though, lol
  2. We can adjust parameters on our matsuura 5axis machines to within .0005 in ALL 5axis fairly easily with a small test program. I bet we could get it tighter than this if we needed to. Not surprised by the haas performance though. There is a GOOD reason they're so much less expensive.
  3. Guys and gals at CNC Software used those (sit/stand adjustable) when I was there. I should probably get one myself since I work from home. Sitting too much is NOT healthy.
  4. I have one, but the adjustments might be tricky for you. I know Sean created his own part together with spreadsheet to calculate the adjustments (after fighting thru our test and making adjustments) . I suggest you contact him as well. PM me your contact again. We got everything to within .0005 or less at any rotation/position. I need to get his part too. We just bought another matsuura 5 axis.
  5. Even with EZ5, you don't necessarily will get good number, as it depends on your probe being setup perfectly. We run a test part for that purpose to verify the parameters. James, can you share that with me as well? I'm after any and all info/tricks that can get me to as perfect numbers as possible. TIA
  6. I'm still on the fence about the machine sim. Tried it and wasn't too happy, but maybe I didn't give it much of a chance since X9 or so. Camplete and Vericut together give me almost 100% confidence...almost
  7. A million lines of code is my personal best/worst. Depending how you look at it That's 28.3 MB (80 % 5axis)
  8. Did this start after the drivers update? I actually had to revert to old drivers because of similar issues.
  9. Updated quadro drivers lately?
  10. I think I've seen it as well. It might have had something to do with a custom tool definition ... if I remember right
  11. Mine is Dated 6/22/2017
  12. Yes, I got it last week as well. Forgot to update this post.
  13. Jay, I like what you did there. Care to share a sample file? TIA
  14. Really strange that it thinks it's a concave cutter. I'm assuming that you checked the geo. Have you tried defining cutter manually? I have had trouble with using dxf on few occasions. Just for kicks, adjust LOC of the tool to a little over .050 doc that you're running it at and see if it tricks it?
  15. Strange, I just got a response from cgtech that: The MasterCam 2018 to Vericut interface is not yet ready, we are working on it. I will enter a request in your name this should get you notification when it is released. <head-scratch>

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