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  1. Impellers without Blade Expert

    That applies to blade expert as well. I've been using port expert since day one and am amazed by how much easier it makes my job. We all programmed those parts, weather they are blades or ports prior to those add-on's, so yes it all can be accomplished without buying them, all depends how many parts like that you have to program. If it's just a few in a year then I wouldn't waste my money on it. If however you program several of them in a week like I do, or even just a few in a month it's definitely worth the money. I agree with Colin in the assessment of time saved. Some ports used to take me days do program (just the port toolpaths) and with the help of port expert it can be a matter of 30 minutes to a couple of hrs. I'd think that the same applies to blade expert. Best thing to do would be handing over the part that you already programmed to your re-seller (assuming they are decent) or someone from CNC software (Aaron ) and have them throw a toolpath at it while you watch them do this. My bet is that you'll be amazed by their efficiency. jm2c
  2. MC error on startup

    It bit me too this morning. Uninstalling this fixed it: Thanks Murlin!
  3. Small right angle heads

  4. i concede, i can not solve this computer issue

    I had something similar happen. I'm usually connected to dozens of drives at different locations thru VPN and lost one if them once. I figured out that one of the USB drives used that particular letter. Shot in a dark, but plug in one or two USB drives and then plug in that external floppy drive
  5. Nvidia Settings

    Had the same problem. This place rocks! Thank you!
  6. TCP (Type 1 ) or (Type 2 )

    Doesn't it also have anything to do with better (smoother) accuracy in high speed 5 axis speed motions? I could be wrong.
  7. Has anyone updated already? Are you running it together with 2015 or overwriting the old install? Is MC2018 plug-in avalable? It's a major upgrade, so I'm looking for some feedback before I nuke the old installation. TIA
  8. Okuma M560R-V mini(?) crash

    That doesn't seem right, but there is not much you can do about it. We're at the mercy of MTB's. You can only speak with your wallet when the time comes for a new equipment. PM me if you can ))
  9. Okuma M560R-V mini(?) crash

    That is a good lesson. Machines are getting a little wimpier... We had ceramic bearings on a bunch of older Matsuras and never had issues like that. And those machines WERE ABUSED. If anything, I'd expect an overload alarm, but not a bad spindle after feeding this tool hard like that ( I'm assuming you didn't rapid into the material?) Oh, Dzien dobry!
  10. Matsuura MX-520 issue

    My comment applied to this specific machine: Mats MX-520 with a 20k spindle.
  11. Matsuura MX-520 issue

    Those things are MTB dependend. We had a Mori where this was quite opposite. Coolant on/off only while spindle was running. That was with the DIN style coolant though. The important thing is to exactly follow the MTB's instruction and don't get fancy trying to make all equipment from different MTBs run the same way ...and sadly I do see it all the time.
  12. Matsuura MX-520 issue

    Hmm...the important thing here is to NEVER stop or start coolant thru spindle with the spindle running. ALWAYS shut down the spindle first. Parameters should be set the way to prevent you from doing it the wrong way.
  13. Matsuura MX-520 issue

    I'm not surprised that you asked that question then. Did you purchase this MX-520 new?
  14. Matsuura MX-520 issue

    Anything mechanical can go bad. Having said that, I'm not aware of any common issue with any of the Matsuuras.
  15. CAT40-SD012-160J (J has coolant holes along the side of an and mill) I have it modeled if you need it

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