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  1. Offset tombstones

    Stevens makes them too...but I can't wait for it to be built (6 weeks)
  2. We usually custom build those, but don't have much time this time. Is there a supplier for those? The face of the tombstone (1 sided angle plate) needs to be offset from c/r by a negative number. 1-2 inches+ TIA!
  3. A rotation Question

    Sorry to hear about your wife Colin
  4. A rotation Question

    Easy way to force the desired rotation is to add one or two simple drill toolpaths with the same tool at certain rotations to force it going that way.
  5. How do you deal with Op Defaults?

    I want to pull the rest of my hair out when I see "experienced" programmers populating one by one all the fields in toolpath manager even for the simplest operations over and over again.... Setting up default operations and tool libraries should be the first thing ANY programmer should start with.
  6. Part# U61386A04 (INCH,TAP+EDGE LOCATOR) Anyone know of new/used supplier for those pallets? Lead time from DMG is tool long. TIA
  7. umc 750 programming woes

    What you're seeing sounds like a post issue. I've seen similar behavior on fanuc controls where TCP and G68 where called out in the wrong sequence. Can't help you with the haas though, not familiar with it.
  8. 5 Axis Alignments

    FYI, it's NOT really a do it all set and forget kind of alignment. I'd treat it more as a nice reference start point, but not something that will get you aligned to a really tight specs ))
  9. I'm ready to replace my broken spacepilot and my current 2 button space mouse isn't cutting anymore. So, who is a good supplier with fair prices? It can't be a private entity...(corporate account). Also, what's your experience with wireless? Any lag? Battery life? Looks like the battery is not user replaceable ( Thanks!

    I'm NOT overly surprised by the finish on Haas being a little sub-par, but what you're showing is excessive. I'm not seeing it on our Haas machines. Have you looked into mechanical issues perhaps? Drawbar, pullstud, servos being out of whack?
  11. 5-axis swarf question

    If I don't use this toolpath for a week or so I forget where it's at too. They should rename this. Tool shift isn't exactly self explanatory, lol
  12. Vericut question

    Have you set it up on any other PC previously? The license is only for ONE PC and prior to the installation the license created by CGTech is specifically for that exact equipment. If you try to load it on anything else it'll bail without a new license. Just a thought, but I agree....their support is second to none, so they'll walk you thru this over the phone. I have to admit, that their installation is like pulling teeth....I dread the moment I need to reinstall their software or move the license to a different pc

    Not as easy... often times moving machine/control definition changes settings within control definition...small stuff, but painful. I'm not a big fan of how this whole thing is looping.... machine definition to control definition to post...
  14. Which UMC750 Post Processor?

    They do (post and verification/collision detection) and it's an awesome setup, but with the price to match. Definitely worth it if there is money in the budged for it.

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