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  1. Mine is Dated 6/22/2017
  2. Yes, I got it last week as well. Forgot to update this post.
  3. Jay, I like what you did there. Care to share a sample file? TIA
  4. Really strange that it thinks it's a concave cutter. I'm assuming that you checked the geo. Have you tried defining cutter manually? I have had trouble with using dxf on few occasions. Just for kicks, adjust LOC of the tool to a little over .050 doc that you're running it at and see if it tricks it?
  5. Strange, I just got a response from cgtech that: The MasterCam 2018 to Vericut interface is not yet ready, we are working on it. I will enter a request in your name this should get you notification when it is released. <head-scratch>
  6. Perfect timing. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know if the MC2018 plug ins are available for Vericut V7 and V8? IS the same plug in working for both versions? CGTech has been slow with the response... TIA
  8. Didn't they try to sell it to CNC Software at the beginning? CNC Software wasn't interested, and that was the beginning of Module Works....I think, lol
  9. ROFL, do you still ride horse to work? Seriously though, I'm surprised that you don't see an advantage of a high RPM spindle for surfacing aluminium and such...oh, well... I'm out.
  10. rofl, if there is any surfacing involved especially in aluminium, then 5k spindle is useless
  11. Be ware of the way covers on X axis. Friendly shop has two of those. Tons of chips get there when cutting aluminium. Great machine otherwise, but I'm still partial to maatsura
  12. By "economy" I meant "cheap". Like a NV vs Duracenter from Mori. NV being a solid machine and Duracenter being their "value" haas competitor
  13. Actually all very nice choices. I'd go with the Matsuura personally, as they don't really make "economy" version machines like the others.
  14. I got the model and everything already set. Thanks for the offer!

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