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  1. 4 axis backplot

    Drives me nuts too. You'd think this would be already resolved in 2018....arghhhh
  2. Tsudakoma rotary axis

    We have this setup on 2 new NHX5000 machines (2 pallets per machine). Works quite well.
  3. Mouse stuttering with new Win10 box

    Check the battery!
  4. CAT50 Dual Contact

    Are you measuring the tlo off the taper or off the flange? If measured from the taper it should be the same if the gage length is the same as well.
  5. Haas dwo/tcpc

    I might not be the biggest fan of Haas equipment, but I sure admire their effort in educating machinists and creating those videos. Something other MTB's could learn from for sure.
  6. I'm surprised. Models are supposedly tied to serial numbers....but I guess it is still possible for someone to screw that up. Dangerous for sure. Luckily for me, Camplete and Vericut has been working flawlessly here. Not even a scratch since we got them few years back...
  7. I program those and load programs remotely from 1000 miles away Very nice machines. Congrats!
  8. Must Have HMC Options

    This is what I do: Place a precision ring in HMC (top of the tombstone, vise jaws, doesn't matter). Measure the exact diameter, indicate the exact location and write a program for a depth indicator to touch it off at -90 0 an +90 deg (both directions) and then sweep it from +90 to -90 and back. This will tell you if machine is even setup right. No special codes/options needed. If this part is bad, no options are going to fix this. Fanuc has to synchro all the axis prior to using any other options. EDIT: Program from the center of rotation.
  9. Must Have HMC Options

    NOT surprised at all I'm glad you got it sorted out, even though Fanuc and MTB left you with a huge dissapointment.
  10. 500mm Horizontals

    Comes down to support. My experience with MTB techs has been subpar most of the time when things went south (read: okuma 5axis head/table) Some of those guys are like programmers that never worked as machinists....they seem to know few things and can talk the talk, but can't do the walk...
  11. 500mm Horizontals

    Ouch...that's bad
  12. .03 fillet on 2 cross holes

    use "direction" settings
  13. Must Have HMC Options

    Very few MTB's really know what they're doing. People like James M and few others on this forum that support MTB's are a rare bunch. For Majority of them 3 axis stuff is it. Fanuc sent someone closest to you to save money for them. They still charged you as if it was an out of state technician.
  14. Thoughts on the appropriate approach to this?

    Looks like you have easy access to this feature, so I'd lean towards getting it done from both sides (2 toolpaths at 180 deg from each other) along x+ and x- as shown in your screen shot....simple waterline
  15. Thoughts on the appropriate approach to this?

    5 axis morph will get you the nicest finish and blend as shown in a pic. You can also do it "old school" with either flowline or one of the high speed surfacing toolpaths (waterline).

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