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  1. Living the dream my friend, living the dream I was visiting your old stomping grounds in Cypress just last week
  2. I'm pretty sure that Siemens and positive that Heidenhain monoblock DMUs have this built in. Good luck starting machine at high rpm.... it'll just sit there oiling and warming up the spindle and wait until all the sensors are "satisfied" . Throws some untrained operators for a fit Can't knock matsuuras, never had a problem with their 20k spindle.
  3. I'm partial to DMU50, or even better DMU65 and above. Pretty much all our customers in our 3 state area are using those for aerospace parts. Alum to all the way to Inconel alloys. .0005" is tight for any equipment, so how machine deals with this will be critical. VCS Complete (Volumetric Calibration System) takes this to a next level....waaay above any 3dquickset stuff. It's like having 3 types of alignments on the machine that the operator can run at will: 1. Mechanical measurement of straightness and squareness 2. Lasertracer 3. Laser intererometer to compensate positioning errors Perfectly aligned machine geometry is the basis for volumetric accuracy. I'd highly recommend any of the DMU MonoBlock machines. Let me know if I can help you in any way.
  4. Hi Aaron. We could use you next for a little show and tell
  5. Hi Jason. Will that do?
  6. Send me a PM. I'll get you in touch with CNC Software swiss expert. He's doing a little show and tell at our DMG MORI tech center today and tomorrow. He really makes it look easy...)) I'm pretty sure he's also doing the above webinar
  7. Same here. Best code I ever got was from Complete. Never let me down. Also have and use both Vericut and NCSimul. Not sure where the earlier comment came from someone's post that NCSimul is a lot more expensive. It's THE opposite.
  8. Mark@dmg-mori

    Surface HS Hybrid flats

    Yes, but it's not perfect. There is no such tool/toolpath that will do it all great in one shot. Imho
  9. Mark@dmg-mori

    Surface HS Hybrid flats

    If you only need to cut flats than Use HS horizontal. That's what this toolpath is for..flats))
  10. Respectfully disagree.;) HSSRough toolpath is superior, but even then I still show both ways during MC training classes and let students understand both options )
  11. Use High Speed Area Roughing instead? MUCH better on all fronts for surface roughing Sorry...can't help with the quick mask (
  12. Simple part, so flowline will do the trick, but for MUCH more control try blend on this and or more complicated parts
  13. For mill-turn products/enviroments we're pretty much stuck with code expert. Cimco for everything else. I'd go with code expert 100%, if I could only have a built in compare capability
  14. Tread milling in multiple planes is as easy as drilling in 2020. No need to create extra planes. There are some super cool improvements in multiaxis for sure

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