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  1. GF8er

    Tool Manager - used tool icon

    Thank you! It worked.
  2. GF8er

    Tool Manager - used tool icon

    Yes, I tried this. no dice. This didn't work either.
  3. GF8er

    Tool Manager - used tool icon

    I tried that, doesn't work. The tool icon is not in the list of available options.
  4. GF8er

    Tool Manager - used tool icon

    I accidentally removed it when organizing my columns/headers.
  5. Some how on mcam2020 I removed the tool icon that shows the green check if the tool is used in the toolpath manager. Does anyone know how to get it back or reset to default?
  6. GF8er

    clipped corner opti rough

    We have run into this numerous times on our old Haas's. If the back feed is set at anything faster then about 200IPM they will clip a corner of the part on back feed. what machine are you running the parts on?
  7. GF8er

    Solids turning transparent

    I've been dealing with this also. Try selecting the solid and change the color of it.
  8. GF8er

    New Haas settings issue

    setting 40, change it from diameter to radius.
  9. GF8er

    X8 panning feature

    try shift + mouse wheel.
  10. GF8er

    dynamic rest milling

    here's an X6 version CIRCLEMILL.MCX-6
  11. GF8er

    dynamic rest milling

    Here's an example on how to start circle mill not from the center. CIRCLEMILL.MCX-7
  12. GF8er

    dynamic rest milling

    Use the roughing option with circlemill to spiral out. works awesome. if you uncheck the helix entry the endmill will plunge into the hole then spiral out, can also add a finish path in the same toolpath.
  13. Chris, are you hitting the E-stop prior to changing the parameters? Dylan
  14. GF8er

    A couple of X7 Questions

    Try defining your chamfer tool with a .01 tip and see if you get your desired results.

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