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  1. X+ FOR MASTERCAM 2018

    I figured out the problem. Apparently when X+ makes the screenshot, it temporarily switches the background colours to white (colour #15). I had accidentally modified colour #15 in the configuration to be a dark grey colour. I corrected that and now all looks as it should!
  2. X+ FOR MASTERCAM 2018

    Two computers here at my work are creating the screenshots with dark backgrounds instead of the usual white or transparent. Anyone have thoughts as to what would cause this to happen? Other computers seem to be working just fine.
  3. X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    Is there a way to improve the image quality for the screenshots in the X+ Tool List? (not the snapshot function). We use the screenshot to include additional setup information for the machinists, but image becomes quite blurry and grainy.
  4. X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    Gunther, this is a really valuable add-on to have. Thank you! We just did a major upgrade here, going from X7 to 2017, and I noticed one problem now that didn't happen with X+ in X7. I have my Toolpath Manager display options set to highlight wireframe geometry for selected toolpaths to colour White. This presents a problem when creating the screenshot for setup sheet, since when I select the toolpaths for the setup sheet, it highlights all the geometry White, and isn't visible against the white background of the screenshot. Is there a way to fix this so that the original geometry colour shows up on the screenshot? Thanks again!
  5. 1) When surface shading is on, you can only select wireframe that's on outer edges of the part, since surfaces will always highlight first in the middle of the part. If you want to select a few wireframe entities that are not in a chain, without turning shading off do this: - hold down the SHIFT key as though chain selecting (temporarily turns on a wireframe only mask) - hover over the wireframe entity you want to select - once that entity highlights, release the SHIFT key and without moving your mouse click the entity Might sound finicky, but once you've done it a few times and get used to it, I find it to be helpful. 2) Use the right-click menu in fields in dialog boxes. For example, when Xform-Rotating, you can right-click in the angle field and click the angle sub-menu to get the angle from a line, two lines, or from points. You can also just type in the letter in the field and hit enter instead of right-clicking, ie. s=distance between points, l=length of an entity, r=radius, etc. I think almost all dialog boxes have this, including toolpaths. Wide range of uses for this one!
  6. Right click in Level Manager issue back

    I'm working on a whole series of similar parts, going through the same routine for every part...about a 15 minute process. I basically have to restart between every part. I still haven't been able to determine what stage of the process it's happening in, and it doesn't seem to be the same every time either.
  7. Right click in Level Manager issue back

    I think I've noticed another corresponding trend: several times now, at some point before the level manager won't let me right-click, I start seeing funny things in the Operation manager. If I expand operations, or minimize them, they will start overlapping, and hiding each other. Sometimes closing and reopening the operation manager will fix it, but other times, the only thing to fix will be a restart of Mastercam. Anyone else see the same thing with the operation manager?
  8. Right click in Level Manager issue back

    Having this issue frequently today, which made me come back here to check if there was a solution yet. I haven't been able to figure out what triggers it.
  9. Invalid tool

    Having the same problem here! Greg, did you manage to figure this out? Anyone else know a possible solution to this?
  10. X+ setup sheet (in X4) - ccomp problem

    The fix worked, Gunther, except for one thing I noticed. Even if finishing is disabled in the pocket operation, the setup sheet still shows a comp type, whatever is selected even though it's grayed out. Not a big deal, though. Thanks.
  11. X+ setup sheet (in X4) - ccomp problem

    I haven't reinstalled it yet, but thanks Gunther! Kevin.
  12. X+ setup sheet (in X4) - ccomp problem

    Dave, Sorry, we don't actually use control comp either, I was just using that to explain what field I meant. I do switch between computer and wear though, using wear only when the ability to size features is really necessary. So I'm looking for an indicator of when wear comp is used, and when computer comp is used. Programming using wear all the time (except engraving as you said) may be another possibility though. Thanks!
  13. Just started using the X+ setup sheet from GMCCS in X4. One thing that we thought was really good was the ccomp indicator showing what type of comp was being used (off, computer, control,...). However, this indicator doesn't show up on pocket toolpaths, even when only the finishing aspect of the toolpath is active. Anyone with some insight on this? Thanks.

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