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  1. should also mention using umnanaged API for listview controls would be possible in X7, but its pretty much guaranteed to break on X8 :/
  2. help ... i cannot post to new forum

    Just noticed the pinned topic about this ... I usually skip by them. Cleared the Chrome cache, and now it no longer accepts my password. I haven't posted for days, and I'm getting antsy ( good luck to our foreign members trying to interpret 'antsy')
  3. I'm trying this now from my cell phone. Since your recent upgrade of the forum, o am unable to post from Google chrome or desktop PC. Others may be having the same prob. But will be unable to concur. What happened ?
  4. Geometry overlaying

    I was unable to 'jig' geometry using the nethook API. What I was attempting to do was have the user box select some geometry, then overlay our company drawing template to the geometry. I also wanted the user to be able to drag/resize the template for a more accurate positioning / resizing of the MasterCam geometry around the title blocks/rev blocks, etc. What I ended up doing was creating an invisible userform, with the visible borders / titleblocks / etc made from labels. The interior was transparent, and allowed the geometry underneath to be visible thru the interior. I restricted the form drag/resize to the extents of the drawing window.
  5. X8 upgrade

    I had a LOT of problems with the X7 betas. The current X7 is more stable for me than X6, or X5. X8 beta seems stable for me so far, but I've never been a fan of Metro/WPF interfaces :/
  6. Code Expert Error Message

    Aren't these two statements mutually exclusive ? As a developer, and Beta tester (but not for MasterCam) I can can tell you that error messages do not necessarily originate from the error point, but percolate up. And as a contract software programmer who has been given a plate of spaghetti code (complete with spaghetti modules and spaghetti classes and with spaghetti events), I can see how this would slip thru. But you are saying a .Net app, written from scratch, will pop up this DOS error code? I searched thru the system error message archive at http://msdn.microsof...1(v=vs.85).aspx and was unable to find this error. Every error message has a code/value, could you please share this value ? Note to self: forget now ever becoming a MasterCam beta tester :/
  7. NC file size check

    Characters SHOULD be bytes .. with the exceptions of UniCode, and the various permutations of EOB chars. But both should be constant within a specific post.
  8. Export as IGES

    I've tried *importing* iges thru code, but MasterCam changes the name of the existing MCX-7 file to the iges filename. Ive successfully imported and exported using VbScript.
  9. Code Expert Error Message

    Unfortunately I hear this a lot at work - but usually supply the Secret Decoder Ring before i open my mouth :/
  10. Mastercam X8 Public Beta 1

    Not here, either. MadPickinSkills, I'd say either upgrade your video, or get out and push. Either would be faster. :/
  11. Code Expert Error Message

    OMG ... I'm stunned not just because it references DOS (do we have to save as 8 * 3 as well ?) but that the app was upgraded from std windows to .net winforms, at the expense of speed. We use a .net GCode editor here, which can keep up with all but the best of unmanaged apps, speed wise, but can save to all SORTS of devices, URLs, etc. Sounds like this app needs some TLC.
  12. MasterCam Apps

    Ive been sticking my toe into that pool recently, as well. But for the Android platform
  13. Most ppl forget to run their command prompt as admin.
  14. Mastercam X8 Public Beta 1

    I know, I know.... been tryin' for years now. While I got a knack for finding bugs, they usually turn out to be my OWN code :/
  15. Anyone download the beta yet? And, more specifically, anyone here have a chance to see 'whats new' in the API?

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