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  1. Go Navy

    Milling a circle on lathe

    No Y axis got it! Makes sense to me... thanks for the help Have a great day Al
  2. Go Navy

    Milling a circle on lathe

    Ok this might be the dumbest question ever ask but her goes. Is it possibe to mill a round hole on an od using Mastercam and a haas sl 20 full c-axis and live tooling? using c axis cross contour I have been able to mill an oval but not a circle.... any ideas?? thanks for all the help Al
  3. Go Navy

    peck tapping

    Good Morning All Can someone tell me how to get MC to peck tap? When I use the tapping option in the drill cycle tab all I can get it to do is tap to the bottom of the hole.. way to deep for that. Running Haas VF3 thanks Al
  4. Go Navy

    4th axis

    Got it..worked like a charm rotated my views as suggested... Have a great weekend all thanks again Al
  5. Go Navy

    4th axis

    Thanks for the super fast help.. I changed my tool plane from top to bottom and it did rotate my a axis from 0 to 180 but it machined off the part so i changed my construction plane to bottom also and that seemed to fix it.. is this the correct way?? thanks again Al
  6. Go Navy

    4th axis

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to use our 4th axis basicaly to just hold and rotate our part. I have to machine different features on each side of the part and I have tried checking the rotory axis and rotate about the x axis in the parameters page but, it only outputs a0 and never a180 as I am expecting. the part verifies with the tool coming from the top and the bottom of the part but no axial rotation? any words of wisedome? thanks in advance for your help Al
  7. We are working in lathe and setting up material libraries. On the lathe material definition page (the one that shows all your tool materials and base sfpm) it doesn't have an option for HSS starts out with carbide and cermet,ceramic ect. can anyone tell me how to add the HSS check boxes to that page? thanks for the help Al
  8. Go Navy

    100 degree reverse countersink

    Thanks for the great advice the dovetail idea sounds interesting will have to mull that one over. the flip cut tools was exactly what I was looking for but, they don't seem to make one small enough.. thanks again Al
  9. Good Afternoon Everyone I am looking for information about 100 degree reverse countersinks. I have a .1285 hole that needs to be countersunk on the back side to .217 dia and my slot is .525 wide (room for the reverse countersink) I can by a standard revese countesing (the one you put on by hand on the rod) but I was wondering if there were any other ideas floating around. thanks in advance for the help Al
  10. Go Navy

    operations posting out to seperate nc files

    McamNut Thanks!! Boy do I feel silly?? Thanks again for the help and enjoy the weekend Al
  11. We just upgraded to MR2 on our Mastercam Mill and now we are having trouble with operation posting out separately?? I have 4 operations in this new file 3 contours and 1 finish surface flow line. For some reason the 3 contours will post out together and then Mastercam wants to save a separate NC file for the surface operation. I have ensured that I am using the same offset for all the operations. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for the help Al
  12. Go Navy

    Thread Milling

    Thanks for the advice. We are just down the road from upchurch. NAS Whidbey Island. Thanks again Al
  13. Go Navy

    Thread Milling

    We are going to try our first thread milling job. Can anyone suggest a thread mill to cut 2.5-16 UN3b Threads. We use a lot of kennametal tooling but, wanted everyones opinion on this one. Cutting 4130 35 rc on a Haas vf3. thanks in advance for all the help. Al
  14. Go Navy

    Tool definition problem

    Good Day All, I hope can explain this correct. We created a new tool and saved it to the library(like many times before) but now when we call this tool up in the toolpath parameter page all the speed and feed information is there but, when we right click on the tool and view the edit tool page. there is no information on speeds and feeds tool tool and length dia offsets ect. the only thing that is filled in is the %of material speed and feeds. Which by the way will update the tool if we change the numbers? Any idea what we did wrong to not get the data into these fields... Thanks for the help al
  15. Go Navy

    Start hole for contour

    Got it!! Thanks for the help everyone! Have a great day Al

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