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  1. Since this is on a Haas, write everything down about the toolpath, settings, material, and put it in a log book Do this for all surface toolpaths. Write down what worked and what didn't. This will be for that machine. Machineguy
  2. Machineguy

    Changing drill rpm at a point in progress

    If you run out the limited #, write a manual entry one and save it.
  3. Move your insert arrow down to the bottom of the mill op your checking. You have to get it out of the lathe ops.
  4. Machineguy

    Printing defaults to 12x18

    Delete the printer in Windows and re-install. We had issues here and that fixed it.
  5. Machineguy

    laptop recommendation

    I have a dell Alienware 17R4. It has the 1080 chip. can be configured with 32 gigs of ram, two hard drives. Bad thing is its HEAVY. 10 lbs. The power brick is also heavy. I found a padded backpack for it, with a wire support going thru it.. Just don't drop it! battery life about 3.5 hrs. for light duty. 2hrs max if gaming.
  6. Machineguy


    1) Buy from Harvey tool. Tools are the same size. I've never seen a difference. 2) Put a note in the program to comp high on those tools. Then adjust to size. 3) Put a note in the shop, "All shaped tools, countersinks, drill mills, chamfer tools, corner rounds need to have the length comped high to start. Then adjust on first part." This may sound stupid but a few minutes at the start can save you parts at the end.
  7. Machineguy

    Programming Time

    In the aerospace industry the rule of thumb for loose to tight tolerances: If it goes from +/-.001 to +/-.0001. , it a 10x increase in time for those tolerances to make.. quoting is crap shoot. Its 50/50 or 60/40 over the long haul you get it right. That's why you add a fudge factor to a quote. Not easy to do. The bottom line comes down to the machinists and tool makers. How goo are they?
  8. Machineguy

    Programming Time

    I have a training book from the manual days that gives a time study to go by when quoting a die or tooling. It was based on size of the die and then # of holes, inches of the cut in the die to make the part, stations, ect... I"ll see if I can find it and post it up here in a pdf format. It might give you an approach as to how to look at job. You may be able to make a time study out of it. Just a idea. Machineguy
  9. Machineguy

    Manual entry text

    You can save a manual entry as a file so you can reuse it later. if the post is set up right, you can add all kinds of information to a NC file. I use all the time for stops to check parts, move clamps to a new position, leave notes for the operator, I add code to the lathe programs for the bar feeder, ect.
  10. Machineguy

    Setup sheets

  11. If slotting at full width, cut feed and speed by 1/3 to start. That's to much load on a end mill. Your double cutting. On a pocket helix in first, then slow on first length cut, then speed up. Give someplace for the chips to go.
  12. Your thrust vector has changed. The rad added a new component to the end mill. You are now getting harmonics at your given speed , feed, step over. You'll need to change the way its running. What feed, step over and depth of cut are you using? How far is the tool sticking out? Machineguy
  13. Machineguy

    Tolerance offset

    Use different tool comps as 5th axis said. That gives you the most control. Model them to size first.
  14. Machineguy

    Tap extensions

    Look for "Ritmar Extentions". Use them since the '80's
  15. Machineguy

    DOOSAN 2100 LSYB Lathe

    fake Y

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