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  1. Machineguy

    Haas rigid tapping feedrate format confusion

    Haas standard Mill G94 ( THIS MAKES SURE YOUR IN FEED PER MIN MODE) G84 X xx.xx, Y xx.xx Z xx.xx R x.xx F Feed and spindle are coupled ipm is normal Lathe is different. IPR is normal Feed is the pitch. spindle RPM can be anything within reason.
  2. Machineguy


    EDITING POSTS IS NOT FOR THE ROOKIE! Get some help from your reseller !!!!!
  3. Correct. line, arc in, arc, line out. Watch the corner rad = the tool rad. Sometimes that can be an issue.
  4. Bill, I do wear comp all the time on a Haas. No issues. Maybe the way you are setting it is a problem. Change the sizes and see what you get. Best yet give us your tool size and your comp settings and the size hole or geo. If you try to enter a corner area you could get a issue. do you use the enter/exit at midpoint box? On a Haas you can wear comp a .063 hole with a .062 cutter.
  5. Machineguy

    Haas blew up again

    Ceramic bearings, class 7. Doesn't matter what class of bearings you use. Lack of lube will kill it sooner or later. In our case 3 months. Now the pressure switch for the TSC went bad. Got the replacement. Letting Haas install it so they can check the previous work .
  6. Machineguy

    Haas blew up again

    The oiler feeds everything. Its air blown into the spindle bearings. This is the inline spindle. 12000 rpm Now that the line is fixed i hope to see less tramp oil in the coolant, even thought we have a skimmer.
  7. Machineguy

    Chip Trap

    You can also use the filter material that is used on a gun drill.
  8. Machineguy

    Haas blew up again

    So here's the story. Haas came in on Friday and changed the spindle out. On testing the tec found a leak in the lube line above the spindle. He changed it out and retested and all is good. Spindle run in pgm was run with no issues. Lucky it was on their dime as the 90 day was in effect, by 2 days! i reset the probes, tools and reset the fixture with no issues. Parts are running now. (yea its Sat) I will say the Haas controller is the most friendly of all the ones Ive worked on. Now one thing changed 6 years or so ago. the lube oil changed from Vactra 2 to Mobil SCH 625 at Haas request. The reason is Vactra 2 takes on water and rusts the ball screws and bearings.
  9. Machineguy

    Haas blew up again

    Haas found the oiler at the spindle was not working right. tech said is was about ready to sieze. New spindle coming Mon - Tues.
  10. Machineguy

    Haas blew up again

    hAAS IS HERE NOW. It is the spindle, its at +100 deg in 15 min of running. trying to find out why it went out. 300 psi does help get the tools out, but I had it running and it got loud. was told it shouldn't get hot without the TSC running. Bad part is he does'nt have a spindle on the truck. It is a cartridge type for the 12000 rpm max. Maybe Monday.
  11. New spindle put in 70 days ago. Yesterday it started screaming about noon. 10000 RPM got real loud. TSC couldnt keep the spindle cool enough so even the tool change was LOUD. Haas was called, be in today or Monday. Spindle # 5 comming up! VM-3 2010 version. By the way. It's on Hass nickle. 90 day warranty applies. We take care of this machine, but it breaks down way to often. Hows a Doosan hold up?
  12. Machineguy

    Need help creating a boss

    Sarcasim , Rekd
  13. Machineguy

    Need help creating a boss

    quote: "Need help creating a boss" So do I
  14. Machineguy

    'WINNING' with a Fadal

    Can you imagine a 5 axis FADAL?
  15. Machineguy

    Mastercam Lathe 2017 NC code issue?

    If the parameters were reset, try a M2 instead of a M30. Call the tech and ask him. sounds like it was set to a M30 before the board went bad. Its been a long time since I ran a older Mori lathe.

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