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  1. A few MC resellers have posted training videos on YouTube on programming a part from start to finish.
  2. MikronGuy

    Now using 2020

    +1 on the machine simulation
  3. MikronGuy

    New Mikron

    Heidenhain on a mikron..... that's why they are called Smart Machine Will take it over a Fanuc any day. Code is very simplistic. Once you get the hang of it you probably will not want to go back to the Fanucs
  4. MikronGuy

    mastercam.exe not availible under default programs list

    It is probably linked to another program in the registry or if it is a stp file embedded in a PDF, mastercam will not open it due to security. if it is in the registry your IT admin has to change it. i assume this is your work computer.
  5. MikronGuy

    It's 5 O'Clock somewhere

    Has anyone seen this before and what does it mean?
  6. MikronGuy

    It's 5 O'Clock somewhere

    I was under the impression that this sub forum was all about helping members but apparently some can't do that without any criticisms. To each his own. Thanks to the guys that helped.
  7. MikronGuy

    It's 5 O'Clock somewhere

    thanks JP. it was driving me insane.
  8. If you remembered your file name do a search and see where they ended up and then you can work backwards to recreate the saving issue. This is more a computer issue rather than a MasterCAM issue.
  9. MikronGuy


    just making sure i am not doing some thing wrong here. When I try to merge multiple cad files in MCAM2017, Verisurf deletes the original cad model. Is there a setting that I am missing.
  10. MikronGuy

    mastercam 2017 plane manager

    thanks it was driving me nuts having to go find it everytime
  11. MikronGuy

    mastercam 2017 plane manager

    i don't want to sound dumb,but how do i undock the plane manager and have it reside separately
  12. MikronGuy

    Work offsets

  13. MikronGuy

    tool holder definitions

    I use the holder definition page to create my holders based on actual holders and save them in my tool holder library. I transfer the same to use in VERICUT.
  14. MikronGuy

    First time in A286

    HELICAL is the way to go.
  15. MikronGuy

    Toolbars Missing

    dump your config file and let MCAM rebuild it on startup.
  16. MikronGuy

    NASA wants IT approval

    Your MasterCAM reseller should have some one who handles Federal Accounts. A lot of government agencies uses MasterCAM. Your IT dept is just being Paranoid.
  17. MikronGuy

    Pay your respects!

    is this actually a legit survey? dont see any one from emastercam chiming in?
  18. windows start regedit.exe HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Applications mastercam.exe shell open command c:\program files\mcamx\mcamx?\mastercam.exe change mcamx? to whatever version you want and it will show up in the default program menu so you can associate your step file to it.
  19. MikronGuy

    Need Metric Thread help

    Guys Was wondering if anyone has the spec for a M19 x .35 6H class thread
  20. MikronGuy

    Need Metric Thread help

    thanks Catherdral
  21. MikronGuy

    Verify - C-Axis cross drill

    It may be a software issue. I have had this issue since I started programming with V9. I learned to work around it by checking the codes in my program.
  22. MikronGuy

    EDM Wire Question

    material type has to be taken into consideration
  23. MikronGuy

    Icons changing

    thanks guys my reseller sent a workspace backup to replace all workspace files. but we still have to rebuild the toolbars this happens on opening MasterCam and happens to multiple users.
  24. MikronGuy

    Icons changing

    using X8 every once in a while our Icons keep changing and the only way to correct it is to uninstall and reinstall MCAM. See image attached. any help would be appreciated.
  25. MikronGuy

    edm work needed

    have you considered gundrilling?

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