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  1. Jasond0530

    Partial flow edge error detected

    I Sometimes get this also! sometimes it is worth messing with the arc filter/tolerance page and turning the "line/arc filtering setting" off and have smoothing settings on to shift points randomly. also, the total tolerance has an effect to!
  2. Jasond0530

    ARRRGHHH!!! Customers

    had to request model file from one of customers and the reply we got from them with the model was "I must emphasise though that the drawing is the master in particular for geometric tolerances.The STP file has not been created with these in mind, they use it more as a concept." would like to know what sort of concept it is!!
  3. Jasond0530

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    That looks like the circle mill parameter page!!!!!
  4. Jasond0530

    swarf help

    your chaining is wrong! see my chaining versus yours. I had to delete your edge curves and draw two new circles so the start and end point was the same
  5. Jasond0530

    5-axis Problem (that is driving me crazy)

    ^^^^^ THIS! check your figures in -2 offset, should be 0,0,0,
  6. Jasond0530

    Morph question

    Change your from and to surfaces to the two .03 rads and change your collision control to the two walls! turned your roughing off to get file smaller MORPH ISSUE jd.mcam
  7. Jasond0530

    Nethasp and VPN

    we had this happen as I was working at home in the evening, had our IT man set a daily task schedule to stop and restart the hasp loader at 7 in the evening to clear the hasp from work so I could work at home and the same at 5 in the morning to clear it from home so work pcs would be good. works a treat!!!
  8. Jasond0530

    3D Contour Angle

    Try a 2d contour above the job, ghost it then old school surface project to the bottom surfaces.
  9. Jasond0530

    Verify gone wrong???

    opened up a part I was working on yesterday and went to verify to see how far I had got and this popped up followed by then this clearing those and all seems ok until I open verify and run, all seems to look good until it hits a an op with control comp and looks as if it is using no comp at all! changing it to computer comp looks to fix it, but never had this problem before! any body come across this before???
  10. Jasond0530

    3D Contour

    project your contour to z0.0 make a copy of your surface and untrim/extend or redo make a 2d contour at z0 then use surface finish project toolpath and then you can use that or backplot and save it as geometry and use 3d contour that way
  11. Jasond0530

    Mastercam Code Expert

    Did you check in other programs (hit the little down arrow) worked my end and I don't even use code expert!
  12. Jasond0530

    Mastercam Code Expert

    I had this exact problem with the cimco editor, it is not being registered with windows properly. I ran this program and cimco was now in the "open with-choose default program" http://windowsxp.mvps.org/openwithadd.htm
  13. Had the same problem with my NH5000'S mori engineer was kind enough to leave me these faq_SV02-999-49-006E Quadrant Projection Adjustment.pdf O0000001.txt
  14. Jasond0530

    Convert to 5 axis problem

    got this working in the end by moving my datum to point of rotation! would be interested if there is any way to get this to work without moving part and point and getting correct output if anybody has any ideas? cheers SURFACE RADIAL 5 AXIS.mcx-9
  15. Jasond0530

    Convert to 5 axis problem

    Don't have any options in my misc integers! Have an idea in my head that would work but I will post a my file tomorrow

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