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  1. bigprody

    Wire Post

    Thanks Colin that was it.
  2. bigprody

    Wire Post

    Your example is how I tried it and got nothing. Running X7 if it matters.
  3. bigprody

    Wire Post

    Thanks for the input, I tried pulling those from the pparameter section, no joy. Thanks again anyways.
  4. bigprody

    Wire Post

    I am a little out of my element on this one I am helping our wire guy hoping to stream line his work flow and post a bit. I need to capture the Wire Over burn setting from the Wire/Power setting page in the Mastercam ops. It would be great if I could output it to the nc file. Not sure where to start.
  5. Hoping for some help here. Many many moons ago I used a type of putty for casting an internal detail on the part so that we could inspect it. My google search returns a rubberish product. I am looking for something a bit more rigid. Any ideas?
  6. What are the details on the 40 hp, and how much do you want for it?
  7. So I work at a small 10 person shop that has 8 various cnc machines. We had our screw compressor throw a belt the other day and our backup piston unit could barely keep up. We got to talking about the bind we would be in if we had a major problem that would put us down for a few days. Has anyone ever used a rented portable gas compressor when in a bind. If it is doable that could be our way of avoiding a disaster.
  8. bigprody

    Coolant or Air Blast

    Thanks for all the info. We usually go with air blast for the HS roughing. I just have not machined too much tool steel, this job has quite a bit of HS time in A-2. It looks like air for roughing, coolant for finishing.
  9. I have an application where I am going to be doing about 2 1/2 hrs of High-speed milling in annealed A-2 . I will be using a 3/8 "Helical" end mill, 10% step over, .500 DOC. The speeds/feeds are worked out with the help from their calculator. So the question is Air Blast or Coolant?
  10. bigprody

    Mass edit .tooldb

    Truly just looking at getting the point tools setup. Drills, spot drills, taps, reamers, I should be able to set up speeds and feeds and be able to count on them working out on the floor fairly well . Speeds and feeds for the mills, to many variables, so much is dependent on the particular application. We run mostly short run jobs, 1 to 5 parts. As finding good help is close to impossible I am training some intelligent but very green apprentices. My hope is to standardize and automate some of the programming process. They can then use an app such as FS Wizard to get them in the ballpark when it comes to milling. Exporting to text might work. The list does not seem to have any organization as far as tool type but I should be able to struggle thru writing a VB app that can read the data in, apply a formula and then write it back to another file.
  11. bigprody

    Mass edit .tooldb

    I am restarting this thread as I have a need to mass edit my tool libraries. Here is the thing, I see how you can edit groups of tools in tool mgr. What I would like to do is edit speeds and feeds using using feed per tooth and SFPM. In Tool Mgr. speeds and feeds are in RPM and IPM. I am thinking that if I could get the data in an external editor, I could apply a formula that would set IPM and RPM using IPT and SFPM. I have a tool library that I have spent years setting up so that all of my fairly standard tools are correctly defined, roughly 1200 tools. I would like to have copies of these with speeds and feeds set for different matls. An outside editor and maybe a bit of help would seem to do the trick for me.
  12. bigprody

    Machine and Control Def.

    Thanks, Colin, there is my problem. The post was open. Hope you had a nice weekend.
  13. bigprody

    Machine and Control Def.

    Never mind, I just needed a bit more time to think it thru. You need to make sure the post has the custom cycle data included.
  14. bigprody

    Machine and Control Def.

    Why is it every time I change a computer or try to pass some changes in my control def to another programmer I loose the custom drill cycles that I have setup? They never seem to come along with the switch. We have probe routines setup in the custom cycles and I always seem to have to re type them in.
  15. Thanks guys, as usual the core group here is always wiling to share and help someone who is stuck. I will try and give the Okuma mother-ship a jingle.

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