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  1. bigprody

    Posting at 180 deg rotation

    Thanks guys for all of the thoughts. Checking on this Monday morning so I will respond in order. Pseudo code: Tool path: O0002 ( STEP DRILL G54 FRONT VISES) G17 G0 G90 X40. Y0. Z3. G99 G73 X40. Y0. Z-31.17 R3. Q2.5 F2667. G80 Z3. G17 M99 O0102 ( STEP DRILL G55 BACK VISES) G17 G0 G90 X40. Y0. Z3. G99 G73 X-40. Y0. Z-31.17 R3. Q2.5 F2667. G80 Z3. G17 M99 The above examples are for the same operation, one for the front vise, one for the back. 2 separate programs, O0102 is rotated 180. We reset the work offset like this. G52 X-[#540*5] and then just recall the sub. No router, Brother D&T machines. Coordinate rotation is defiantly an option. It will change slightly what they see on the floor but I might be able to get that to fly.
  2. bigprody

    Posting at 180 deg rotation

    Thanks for the example. The way we handle it is front left is G54, back left is G55. As we bump along our grid the same 2 work offsets are updated in the program. The setup guys were all born and raised here, this macro structure is all they know, they know it well though and can move thru a setup quite quickly and well. I know there is more than one way to skin a cat with this and I am still the new guy here. After I gain a bit more of a foot hold I will introduce a few fresh ideas. The other goal is if over the next year or so I can dial MasterCam in to their macros it will make it much easier for someone else to program efficiently. I will look into the MPSubrep. Thanks again
  3. bigprody

    Posting at 180 deg rotation

    That is an option, the hiccup with that is the master macros that they run everything thru here. There is no changing that and rightfully so. The master programs are well thought out and the setup workflow that the floor guys have is pretty solid. I would like to idiot proof the programming side as much as possible. They use G54 for the front, G55 for the back. The thought is, program one instance, give it a pitch and a qty using miscellaneous variables and the post just loads the master macro. Simple, just like I need it to be.
  4. One of our standard setups here is a array of double Kurt hydraulic vises where parts are clamped on either side of the center jaw. A lot of the jobs are where the same operation is run on the front and back loads. Is there a fairly simple way to have a post output code both how it is programmed and then also rotated 180 for the back load. We run all of our machines using master Macro B programs with the tool paths loaded into them. I am trying to eliminate a lot of the cutting and pasting that we do now. It would be great if I could just program the one instance and the post would handle the rest.
  5. bigprody

    greyed op folders

    Yup, that is it. DUHHH! Thanks
  6. bigprody

    greyed op folders

    I am going thru some programs from a previous programmer and ran across something I have not seen before. Why are op folders 14 and 19 greyed out. They seem to post fine.
  7. Thanks Doug, that is our initial thought. You and the rest of the ones that have responded are very helpful here. When any of you respond to a post I make sure I read it hoping to tap off as much of your guys knowledge as possible. Thanks again everyone and enjoy your weekend fellas.
  8. Chips should not be an issue, at least initially. As we do it now most of our product starts as saw cut extruded alum blanks. We stack as many into a fixture as we can and then run them on verticals. We would be wanting to bar feed some irregular shapes, do the work on one side, xfer to the other side and finish. Is bar feeding odd shapes rather doable? I am sure though once we have a lathe on the floor turning work will start showing up.
  9. Thanks guys, we run mostly alum. and the tolerances are usually not too tight. We are looking at these to get some lights out hrs with a bar feeder. Sounds like both of you are already doing what we would like to do.
  10. I am out of my element when it comes to these machines. There is a chance we might have some work that would suit this type of equipment. We would need a thru bore of about 3.0 inches and would be using mostly live tooling. Who makes the ones we should be looking at?
  11. bigprody

    Colors in Simulation

    Nope that is it. Thanks
  12. bigprody

    Colors in Simulation

    I hope there is a way of doing this. How do I have each tool give me a different color on the cut stock?
  13. bigprody

    Post Processing: Office Hours Sessions

    I would be interested as well.
  14. bigprody

    Macro Loading, advice needed

    So in Manual entry it says you are limited to 750 characters max. I will need more than that. Is that for what is held in the field for typing, or does that mean for the text file also?
  15. bigprody

    Macro Loading, advice needed

    Mr. Guru, I did not think of that. Your suggestion might be the easiest way to deal with my issue. I do not mind cutting and pasting on the initial programming. It is the redoing every time there is a program change. Thanks for your help.

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