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  1. bigprody

    Macro Loading, advice needed

    So in Manual entry it says you are limited to 750 characters max. I will need more than that. Is that for what is held in the field for typing, or does that mean for the text file also?
  2. bigprody

    Macro Loading, advice needed

    Mr. Guru, I did not think of that. Your suggestion might be the easiest way to deal with my issue. I do not mind cutting and pasting on the initial programming. It is the redoing every time there is a program change. Thanks for your help.
  3. bigprody

    Tool Description

    Thanks Colin, I am sure you were working from memory but, strtool seems to return the name, I need the description.
  4. I am looking for the variable that returns the value from Tool Description in the tool database. MC 2019.
  5. bigprody

    Macro Loading, advice needed

    Thanks for the advice but, yea, the new guy is not going to be able to make that change.
  6. I just started working for an outfit that is heavy into automotive, large quantity long running jobs where we need to trim as much cycle time as possible. They run most of their stuff on VMC's with an indexer. They have a macro that works well for streamlining the machine setup and prove out process. Unfortunately the work flow from the programming side is not very productive due to the large amount of cutting and pasting involved to load up the macro for the machine. One of my tasks is to work on streamlining the programming process. I feel I have 2 choices. The first would be to write a post that will load the macro. The maximum amount of variables that will need to be passed to the macro is about 50. So first question is there a way or work-around to load misc. variables at the start of the program. My second choice would be to write a VB app that will parse the NC file for the info and values and then spit out a loaded macro. With the 2nd approach I can use the manual entry operation to load the data needed as the first operation of the MC program.
  7. bigprody

    Custom Tool Creation

    Just to close this out, upgrading was the ticket.
  8. bigprody

    Custom Tool Creation

    Thanks for the help, but no joy. I am going to try and update M/C and see if that helps. Like I said earlier everything works fine at another work station. This is a freshly installed seat that I am using as I just started here this week. I will keep at it. Thanks again you guys here are great.
  9. bigprody

    Custom Tool Creation

    Sure I can. We are trying to create the tool inside of Tool Manager. test_tool.dxf test_tool.mcam
  10. bigprody

    Custom Tool Creation

    No we are importing it from a DXF File.
  11. bigprody

    Custom Tool Creation

    I am having a problem creating a tool with custom geometry on one particular seat of mastercam 2019. On one station using the same process and dxf files it works, on the second not. I am constantly getting a "Probem with custom geometry file or data" error. There has to be a setting in Tool Manager that I am not seeing. Any thoughts?
  12. bigprody

    Wire Post

    Thanks Colin that was it.
  13. bigprody

    Wire Post

    Your example is how I tried it and got nothing. Running X7 if it matters.
  14. bigprody

    Wire Post

    Thanks for the input, I tried pulling those from the pparameter section, no joy. Thanks again anyways.
  15. bigprody

    Wire Post

    I am a little out of my element on this one I am helping our wire guy hoping to stream line his work flow and post a bit. I need to capture the Wire Over burn setting from the Wire/Power setting page in the Mastercam ops. It would be great if I could output it to the nc file. Not sure where to start.

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