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  1. PcRobotic

    parameter number

    Thank you, 5th Axis. This time is very crazy for us.
  2. Hello everyone, I've been looking for the AUTOMATICALLY SET POST VALUES WHEN POSTING for an ON/OFF parameter number. Can you guys tell me what is that number is? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, I have a NIIGATA HORIZONTAL and it is pretty much using MACRO. Right now I have to edit by hand as the MACRO #530 for the tool length offset. I also would like to find the macro # for work offset. like this... Thank you for the info ================================================================== % O1234(0042-22098 REV02-FIXTURE.nc) (SOURCE = 0042-22098 REV02.MCAM) (POSTED ON MAR.24.2020 AT 6*04AM) (STEVEN LUONG, BY= NMTW\SLUONG) (*) (304 STAINLESS, BAR STOCK = X15.00 Y15.00 Z1.00) (TOTAL TOOLS FOR FIXTURE = 8 TOOLS) #530 = 1 (T1= .5, 1/2 EM, U, 3FLTS CB * Z0.) =============> Good code #530 = 2 (T2= .5, 1/2 SPOTTER, * Z-.1825) =============> Good code #530 = 3 (T3= .201, #7 STUB DRILL, * Z-.7104) =============> Good code #530 = 4 (T4= .25, 1/4-20 CUT TAP, * Z-.5) =============> Good code #530 = 5 (T5= .242, LTR. C STUB DRILL, * Z-.7127) =============> Good code #530 = 6 (T6= .3125, 5/16 STUB DRILL, * Z-.8589) =============> Good code #530 = 7 (T7= .251, .2510 REAMER, * Z-.5) =============> Good code #530 = 8 (T8= .375, 3/8-16 CUT TAP, * Z-.515) =============> Good code (*) (WORK OFFSET LIST) (G54) =============> What is the macro# for the work offset number? (XY0 = CENTER) (Z0 = -.015 CLEAN UP) (*) (CYCLE TIME = 26M 51.91S) (*) N1(SKIM TOP SURFACE, CUT#1) G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90(13M 24.82S) G91 G28 Z0 M19(Z STK= .005) G17(XY PLANE) G28 Y0. T=#530 M6(.5000,1/2 EM, U, CB, 2.000RLF,) =============> Good code G90 G54 S4000 M3 (.375 MAX., 75PERC STPOVR) X-8.05 Y7.3749 G43 H=#530 Z1. T2 M8(DOC= Z.005) =============> Good code G17(XY PLANE) G90 Z.0675
  4. Hello everyone, I have been trying a way to find an appropriate feature that automatically check base on ZDEPTH so I can have the right OVER ALL LENGTH (my stick out). I checked with CHECK HOLDER and it works only 1 toolpath. Is there any simular function that it would check all of the OVER ALL LENGTH instead of ONE BY ONE like the CHECK HOLDER feature does? Recap: If ZDEPTH = A value then the OVER ALL of tool length is A+.25". I would like something like CHECK HOLDER feature does it but all of the tools instead of one by one. Thank you.
  5. PcRobotic


    Hello Colin, Would you please give me the entire line of G-CODES of which I can understand more? Thank you.
  6. Did you photoshop or MasterCam already had this? This is also I am looking into too. Please let me know how you get into this point. Thank you.
  7. PcRobotic


    Hello Alex, The code as G254, does it work for HAAS and FANUC as well? I heard G68.1 for MATSUURA but not sure. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone, I am now studying the DYNAMIC WORK OFFSET FOR UMC70, 5AXIS. Can you guys give me an example of how it works? Also, G-CODES please. ps: I have read one of the previous posts that mentioned about DYNAMIC WORK OFFSET but not very detail how it works and they did not included the G-CODE. Thank you.
  9. Hello 5th Axis, I understand that somehow 3rd party software are doing really good to help us for improving. On the other hand, we have MasterCam and SolidWorks is a bonus for us to design things, third party software is never mentioned in the supported fund. I think you are right about doing the simulation to double, triple check my work. In some case I have over 400 cuts of which the file size goes up to 200mb, and that causing file crash. Back plot is now the only option of which I have limited to see what the program really doing for me. That is why I introduced to myself the CHECKING SYSTEM and crossing my finger that it does as good as the SIMULATOR does. Therefore, I am constantly trying to improve something that I am getting stuck with when I am having a big file. When part crash or goes wrong, I can't just blame on the computer because the owner he never put an excuse and handing me any late paychecks. Thank you for your comment, S.Luong
  10. Hello 5th Axis, I am self learning as the POST writing not good as you are and I made mistakes like any others. That is why I need people help. Thank you for the comment.
  11. PcRobotic

    Change post output from M88 to M18

    Show us portion of your POST codes so we can help you out.
  12. PcRobotic

    Holder alarm message...

    Hello 5Th Axis, After your suggestions, I always thought how to mesh your ideas and my needs into the post. Therefore, I have came up with "IF COMMENT CONTAINS PRODUCTION words, THEN ACTIVATE THE DEFAULT HOLDER check". That way I am ensured that PRODUCT parts will be 100% repeatable every time with new setup, new person as DEFINED HOLDER and STICK OUT as well. I also defined tool stick out like this: "IF TOOL DIAMETER FROM 0 TO .03125 STICK OUT LENGTH > .250 THEN ALARM" "IF TOOL DIAMETER FROM 003125 TO .0625 STICK OUT LENGTH > .375 THEN ALARM" "IF TOOL DIAMETER FROM 0.06125 TO .125 STICK OUT LENGTH > .500 THEN ALARM" and so on... up to .750 tool diameter. Let me know if you think there is a better way. Thank you.
  13. PcRobotic

    Holder alarm message...

    Hello Zaffin, The reason is when I run parts in productions, everything must be defined because we have TOOL CRIB person, SETUP MAN to run. If they are not clear, then it would be my accountable for them to understand my program and making good parts. Of course they are responsible too but in some cases where parts must be in the HORIZONTAL machine, HOLDERS are a MUST to define, even more dangerous 5 AXIS HOLDERS must be defined or CRASH. It is much easier to see in the computer and catching mistake rather than already happened in the machine which cost thousands or even 100 thousand dollars. Thank you for your though, please make more great idea so I learn from you.
  14. PcRobotic

    Holder alarm message...

    Hello Colin, Thank you for the suggestion, and this is what I've done base on your ideas. It works flawlessly. Thank you. ========================== #Region pCheckHolderName sHolderCheck: "" sDefaultHolderName : "Default Holder" sHolderName : "" #sHolderError = "Holder error in operation " + no2str(op_number) + " Continue?" sHolderCheck = "CUT# "+sToolPathNumber+" * Defined your HOLDER!!!" +no2asc(13)+"TOOL#"+no2str(t$)+", ("+s20001+")" +no2asc(13) +no2asc(13)+"You have DEFAULT HOLDER as labled." +no2asc(13) +no2asc(13) pCheckHolderName sHolderName = opinfo(20020, 0) if sHolderName = sDefaultHolderName, [ #//Throw an error #op_number = opinfo(15240, 0) if strstr ("PRODUCTION", sMaterialCommentExt) | strstr ("TIGHT", sMaterialCommentExt) | strstr ("COSMETIC", sMaterialCommentExt) | strstr ("PROTOTYPE", sMaterialCommentExt), [if mprint(sHolderCheck, 2) = 2, exitpost$] # ] Put the "pCheckHolderName" anywhere you want it to check.

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