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  1. Hello Peter, I partially succeed output a message box. However, I would like it to make multiple text line in one message box with some conditions. Would you please tell me what I've done wrong? Thank you for your valuable help, S.Luong ===================================== This is my hard codes but not succeeded. Cut Numbers..... This is what I want...
  2. By the way, I am looking for 5 Axis holders like SLIM FIT SOLID HOLDER (STEP files), do you know where I can download them? We bought most of our holders from TEKNIKS. PS: it is tough to contact TEKNIKS, don't know why. Thanks.
  3. Hello 5th Axis, I only define holder when I am programming 5Axis machine and that is a must for me. 3 Axis is not that important to me unless some weird long, deep place those need to be defined. Thank you for your comment, that is a plus for me. Regards, S.Luong
  4. Oh, alright. I will let you know when I completed. It would be an amazing thing and you are the one I can count for thankful help.
  5. Why do I have to put = -.5? or zdepth = -1.0 Aren't these I am staying they are DEAD NUMBERS?
  6. Hello Peter, I got it, very nice. I have another question. Can I write a statement in this MESSAGE BOX? Like... if OVER ALL LENGTH < DEPTH (Z-DEPTH) then show message "STICK OUT LONGER" show value of Z-DEPTH in the message as well show value of OVER ALL LENGTH in the message as well Is that possible? Like the one in the image of which I just made it up by hand
  7. Hello Bill, Not sure if you like this but this is what I've got for detailed tools list...
  8. Hello everyone, I've been trainning 5 Axis on MasterCam for the last 2 training classes (a year ago and will be one more coming up). I am now looking for on hand training 5 Axis training, do you guys know any where that I can get train on hand for it? I guess I have to pay, sure nothing is free and I am willing to. I am in San Jose, California. Please let me know, thank you. I've been program and machining for quite a long time, I think I need about 2 weeks on hand then I would be OK doing the work alone after ward. Thank you for letting me knowl
  9. Hello Guru, I think Active Report is pretty much SINGLE CLICK and the result as you see. Great, simple and fast as long as you have a dedicated time to design like the way you want it to be. Mine, it took me up to 6 months design because I am such a picky person. I want it to be simple, easy for everyone and "PERFECT". Trust me, once you have your active report ready, no installation. Don't need ADMIN rights to install the X+, all you need is to copy your template into the COMMON folder of which about 2 - 3MB then done. My setup sheet is also for 3axis, 4axis, horizontal, 5axis and lathe as well. Glad to help if you need it.
  10. Thank you for pointing it out but I think I still having issue with the "define". Do you have any recommendations?
  11. This is what I have, I just want to make sure that I understand your instructions. Thank you.
  12. Hello Peter, I just typed exact as you suggested but it is not defined. Is there some prior steps that I need to do? Thanks.
  13. Hello forum, I am thinking of making the ACTIVE REPORT pop up a message as if I wanted to. Is that doable and what is the hard codes of which where I can start? Like... If TOOL OVER ALL LENGTH < DEPTH then txtPopUpMessageA.visible = true End if ps: I am using VIRTUAL BASIC language (VB.net) to write the statement. Thank you for the help.
  14. Great job, Bob. Simple click, does the job well done.
  15. PcRobotic

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Hi Bob, My bad, I was not paying much attention to read the entire comment. It looks great, simple click and it does all the work Bob.

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