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  1. uncle_dolan

    Activereport Setup Sheet on FTP

    Hi Everyone, I have just uploaded my Activereport setup sheet onto the FTP. It is under the setup sheet directory, and is a rar archive called Setup sheet.rar This setup sheet works pretty well for me so I am happy to share it, If anyone has any modifications they think should be included, let me know. There are images in the rar file and also attached to this topic that show how to utilse the features of the setupsheet. My company logo goes on the upper right of the sheet so you could do the same. setupsheet.bmp - General picture of setup sheet 1.bmp 2.bmp 3.bmp 4.bmp
  2. uncle_dolan

    How did he make that move in Z?

    Is his depth set to incremental? He may have geometry selected which is on two separate Z depths
  3. uncle_dolan

    Creating setup sheets

    Just click on More reply options at the bottom of the quick reply box, then there is an option there to attach files. A picture would be handy.
  4. uncle_dolan

    Creating setup sheets

    Are you talking about the datafields in the attached image? Yes you can change them, just click on the text and write over it. HTH Brendan 1.bmp
  5. X+ Discussion Thread - http://www.emastercam.com/board/index.php?showtopic=57946 Activereport Sample and Info - http://www.emastercam.com/board/index.php?showtopic=70950&hl=activereport There is plenty of information available on this forum already regarding setup sheets. Above are 2 good links to help get you started. More info can be found if you search this forum for 'setup sheet' or 'activereport'. If you have any more specific questions let us know. HTH Brendan
  6. uncle_dolan

    How to use setup sheets

    Go to Industrial Forum and right near the top there is a thread called 'Important topics, read before posting'. there is a link in here to the X+ discussion forum. If you can be more specific about the troubles that you are having with setup sheets it would make it easier for us to help you. There are a couple of tools you can use to produce good setup sheets. The one I use is Activereports which is highly customisable and can display most of the information you want. X+ is another option which is a free download. I do not use this so can't comment too much, however many mastercam users do use it and think its great. There are some activereports and other setup sheets free to download as well. Do a search for activereports if you are interested and you should find out more. Also, probably don't need to start 2 threads about the same topic within an hour of each other. Just make one and somebody will reply if they have the information.
  7. uncle_dolan


    Hi, Firstly, under your machine group in your operation manager, if you click on 'properties' and then 'files' it will bring up a screen with all the files you are referencing. If you click on the exclamation mark next to defaults (see image 1) it will get you into your defaults file and you can modify existing toolpaths (see image 2). To add new toolpaths to your defaults file. Create a toolpath, and once you have entered the settings you want it to default to, click the floppy disk icon in the top left to save those settings to your defaults file (see image 3). Next time you create this toolpath those settings will come in as your default and you will not get that error message.
  8. uncle_dolan

    X7 Analyze Ange?

    ^^^+1 This is my experience too
  9. uncle_dolan

    Mastercam Learning Group

    Hi Ninja, I sorta get where you are going with this idea, but would like you to confirm. I get that there has been a fair bit of enthusiasm/hype regarding this learning group, and very little after that (myself included) I have only had time to do the idler bracket and I'm still working on the milling for project 2, haven't even looked at the bottle opener yet. I find myself keen, but struggle to come up with time to do it some weeks. So are you thinking that you want people to first share their own programming before having access to everyone else's files? This has some merit, but in this environment I'm not sure I see it as necessary. What is your thinking?
  10. uncle_dolan

    Generic Fanuc Lathe C-Y post help

    What Planes are you working with? I know with my 4 axis horizontal I need to create new back and bottom planes rotated from the top plane otherwise It will output my X movements as positive not negative.
  11. uncle_dolan

    Just trying to close a file

    Hi Bobnob and welcome to the forum. I am running the same version as you, and I have not had this experience. Never had trouble saving/overwriting files. Typically I will open a file after saving my current file. If it asks if I want to save, and I choose yes, it prompts me for where and what filename to save to so wouldn't it be my fault if a file got overwritten? I know a lot of people had a lot of issues with the early release of MCX-6. I didn't jump on x6 til MU3 was released and I am generally happy with it. Hope you can get your problems cleared up soon!
  12. uncle_dolan


    I will turn shading off when selecting geometry quite often. However, I normally project my geometry a bit up from the part so this type of selection issue has never been a problem for me.
  13. uncle_dolan

    The right mouse button menu thread

    I'd imagine that would be under autocursor
  14. For a quick selection option you can try the power select function from verisurf...depending on the surfaces you are selecting this can be very handy. HTH Brendan
  15. uncle_dolan

    The right mouse button menu thread

    Thanks for the info gms1. Will have to look into that!
  16. It does look like you are using surfaces there to me also. Your best bet would be to go into the create menu, go down to surfaces, and select trim surfaces to surfaces, and you should be able to trim those cylinders to your angled faces. HTH Brendan
  17. uncle_dolan

    merge file defaults

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anybody is aware of how to change default import options for certain filetypes. (see attached image) What I want is for mastercam to bring solidworks files in with edge curves as a default. I can set this option when I import, but it doesn't stick when I exit and reopen mastercam. Using X6MU3. Pretty sure it was defaulted to bring in the curves in X5. Brendan
  18. uncle_dolan

    merge file defaults

    Thanks Jay! That's exactly what I was looking for!
  19. uncle_dolan

    Activereport Setup Sheet on FTP

    This is through Manual Entry comments in your Operations Manager. Did you end up getting that activereport from the ftp to see an example of how it works? Brendan
  20. uncle_dolan

    The right mouse button menu thread

    I quite like the look of yours MCM, the pull out menu's are pretty cool. Here is mine, quite long but it works well for me
  21. uncle_dolan

    New to Heidenhain.

    Hi MCM, From my experience, the Heidenhein manual that comes with that control is fairly comprehensive with lots of good info. Do you have access to that?
  22. uncle_dolan

    just learned a life saver.

    This is all good advice. I'm sure most of the users on here have experienced this issue. I find you get it more if you prompt for NC file name at the start of a program rather than programming with the default and renaming upon posting. also when you import ops and copy between groups this becomes more prevalent. And as soon as you select a group of operations, and change the nc filename for that group, if you create any more operations, you will have to rename the whole group again in order to post properly.
  23. uncle_dolan

    Activereport Setup Sheet on FTP

    The activereport I uploaded to the ftp uses manual entry and output to front page of setup sheet. You could look at that and use it as a reference. Brendan
  24. uncle_dolan

    Activereport Setup Sheet on FTP

    That's great! Very similar to the way I've got mine rigged up. Makes life easier having those drop down options to select from
  25. uncle_dolan

    Activereport Setup Sheet on FTP

    Sounds like you've got a fun time ahead of you! Any help you need with the setup sheet just give me a yell. more than happy to help you out!

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