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  1. Chazsani

    X6 - Probe tool path

    I was speaking with the Renishaw rep regarding Productivity +, and was advised that the Productivity + "module" was released to MasterCAM/CNC Software, Inc (CS,I). It is now up to CS,I to merge the module into MasterCAM. I am going with a standalone license of Productivity + from Renishaw. I hope that CS,I provides it at a low cost for those of on MasterCAM maintenance (read no extra cost). I also hope that there will be world peace. Chazsani
  2. Chazsani

    MasterCAM X6 released?

    Finally. DL'ing via my iPod to my server across the SFBay. I see no direct backward compatibility with previous versions when using 64bit. Oh well, progress is hell. Chazsani
  3. Chazsani

    SolidWorks 2012, wait for X6?

    I have no problems bringing a SW2012 part file into a machine running X5MU1 and no SolidWorks. As a previous post mentioned, don't import the history. Chazsani
  4. Chazsani

    MasterCAM X6 released?

    Jim: I never suggested a package show up on my door step 10/31... but I do hope CNC Software, Inc's network is up to the task. I and suspect many others will be downloading as soon as it posts. Akamai? Chazsani
  5. Chazsani

    MasterCAM X6 released?

    I have heard 10/31 multiple times (once here on this thread, other from my reseller). Since my money is paid for maintenance, I would like the latest and greatest as soon as possible.
  6. Chazsani

    MasterCAM X6 released?

    Is 10/31/2011 still the target date?
  7. Chazsani

    MasterCAM X6 released?

    While looking for something MasterCAM related, I found a "Value" statement touting the benefits of maintenance. At the following web page (, there are bullet points detailing the enhancements released with MasterCAM X6. I have attached a PDF of the page referenced. Following, has X6 been released to the general user population? Chazsani MastercamX6-ValueStatement.pdf
  8. Chazsani

    using multiple work offsets

    Use Toolpaths | Transform... How to set up etc... may require you to read the manual. Chazsani
  9. Chazsani


    Time to process: 1:59.2 laptop/desktop: HP xw9400 CPU & speed: Dual Opteron 2220 2.8Ghz Operation System Win 7 64bit RAM & RAM speed: 8Gb DDR-II 667MHz ECC

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