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  1. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    HAAS Display

    Not sure if there's an easier way to change which offset is displayed, but you could send the machine to the coordinates of G58, then zero the "operator" position. Now when the machine is moved, the coordinates in "operator" will be in relation to G58.
  2. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    New Machine, What do I need ?

    If this is a new machine, ask one of your tooling suppliers for a voucher. Kennametal, Seco, Sandvik and others will typically give you a voucher for 50% off tooling up to 20% of the purchase price of the machine.
  3. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Best toolholder for 1/8" shank tools?

    Not sure what kind of clearance you have, but I love the Schunk Tendo hydraulic holders with sleeves to adapt to smaller shank sizes. The sleeves with coolant slots are great too!
  4. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Haas VF2ss + VF4ss Vacuum Chuck Accessory

  5. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Breaking thread mills

    We have always used Micro 100 single point thread mills in infiltrated Tungsten, and Titanium, cutting top down G03 (conventional cut) with no problems. We cut right to size, but usually take a spring pass or two. I can't remember offhand, but I think SFPM is around 150 and only around .0002" chip per tooth.
  6. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Backup Air compresser stratagy

    We had several issues with our screw a while back. Our backup compressor is a piston and is piped from another building around 100yds. away. Usually, the backup is only used when doing PM on the screw, but with our breakdown, we were on the piston for a couple of months. I didn't think about the backup compressor not being plumbed through the air dryer, and we are still paying for that mistake. Air bearings on CMM suffered, had to rebuild the drawbar cylinder on a horizontal, lift cylinder on the saw, ect...
  7. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Gundrill source

    Guhring has them too.
  8. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Machine Repair Recommendations

    We have used Calef Machine Tool Rebuilding in Gresham for some of our old stuff.
  9. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Offset boring head recomendation?

    I highly recommend the D'Andrea modular kits supplied by Ingersoll. Very versatile, and surprisingly economical.
  10. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    New Vertical Milling Macachine

    I was at DMG Mori this week, and they were offering the CMX1100 with 30 ATC, 22 x 40 x 20, chip conveyor, tool and spindle probing, 1000psi through spindle coolant etc. for $91,900!!!
  11. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Expanding arbor/mandrel

  12. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Deburring machine

    We have the Burr King Model 15 with filterpak 4001 http://www.burrking.com/catalog/p-100028/model-15-vibra-king-medium-bowls-combi-paks-1.3-cubic-feet . We are using ceramic angle cut cylinders (ACC50A) for media, and BKS-60 solution. the parts vary between 4" and 10" long and roughly 1/4" cross section. Basically Swizzle sticks. We tested some parts in a model 45 Vibra King chamber, but did not get good results with this particular family of parts.
  13. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Deburring machine

    We had a specific part we needed deburred, so we sent some sample pieces, via our tooling supplie,r to Burr King. They returned the deburred parts with a recommended machine, media, and solution to use. We couldn't be happier.
  14. Pilot Plant Supervisor

    Solid Compare

    I don't care about the compare, I just want the hand guard!

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