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  1. DC CNC

    3d sweep

    I didn't know I had the ability to use waterline. That solved my problem. Thank you
  2. DC CNC

    3d sweep

    I'm trying to sweep this pocket as I don't have multi axis. For what ever reason (I'm sure it's me) I can't get it to work. COIL BRACKET.mcam
  3. I'm new to using stock models and want to be able to save them to a level so that I can turn them on or off. Is there a way to do this?
  4. Crazy^millman, thankyou that's what I needed. I was trying to get the angle between. Learning something new everyday.
  5. this is what I get if I roll it. I must be doing something wrong. test.mcam
  6. I have a flat hole pattern(think strip of holes) that needs to be wrapped to a cylinder. I'm having to reverse engineer a part. mc2021
  7. DC CNC

    Raster to Vector in 2021

    Wow, I missed that totally. To old school I guess. Thank you (boy do I feel dumb)
  8. DC CNC

    Raster to Vector in 2021

    I see the rast2vec.ft . It won't open. I think I need the .dll to make it work thanks
  9. I can't find the c hook for raster to vector in 2021. Where did it go?
  10. DC CNC

    gnomon settins

    Thanks, that to care of it
  11. DC CNC

    gnomon settins

    I'm trying to get rid of the shaded plane. I just want the xyz arrows.
  12. DC CNC

    gnomon settins

    Where do I find the gnomon settings in 2020?
  13. Fadal will run fanuc style programs. in the parameters (SETP) you can set format 1= fadal (E1 for work offsets etc.) or format 2= fanuc (G54 work offset etc G43 tool length). used to run a mill with fanuc OM control and a Fadal with 88HS control (set format 2) using the same programs in either one.
  14. Check out this system. It's blue tooth. we've had no issues. www.highlanddnc.com

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