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  1. tim_h

    Camplete Setup

    I'll give that a try tomorrow !
  2. tim_h

    Camplete Setup

    definitely off.
  3. tim_h

    Camplete Setup

    Now it visually looks ok. BUT i'm getting multiple G54's. I only need the one G54 on the Matsuura MX520. It has TWP .
  4. tim_h

    Camplete Setup

    This is what did. From the start up instructions. It's the third option. 1) Start the CAMplete TruePath software 2) Go to Tools > Options 3) Click File Types 4) Select Mastercam and click “Advanced Properties” 5) In “Datum Settings”, enable “Treat WCS Datums As Datum Changes In Same Fixture” 6) Enable “Move Tool Paths To Global WCS And Create Local WCS In Part Coordinates” 7) Enable “Read Datum Index From NCI
  5. tim_h

    Camplete Setup

    I am MOST interested in these tweaks !! As well as needing some help... We have a Matsuura MX520 trunnion and CAMplete. Using X9. (still pushing hard for my company to upgrade !) I have recently been awarded a new computer (WINDOWS 10). I have loaded CAMplete on the new box and it seems to be working, for the most part anyway. However, when I post from Mastercam there seems to be something amiss, as the “Z Rapid” moves are all facing down toward the Z negative direction. Definitely something wrong here… PLEASE HELP. I am at a loss, and cannot post through CAMplete for our Matsuura MX520 on my new computer. Going to send a PM as well.. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me !
  6. tim_h

    CAMPLETE TruePath and Force Tool Change

    thanks Leon82 I'll look into it when I get a chance.
  7. tim_h

    CAMPLETE TruePath and Force Tool Change

    When I post through CAMplete for our 5 axis it doesn't recognize Manual Entry or Force Tool Change... sadly Maybe its in the settings ??
  8. MARK, same here top of the part...
  9. So this a.m. I walked past the 5 axis. (which I normally set-up any 5 axis work, then hand off to operators) I noticed an EDGE FINDER in a holder on my toolbox next to the 5 axis... My toolbox has a large flat surface on top which also doubles as a machine side bench if you will.. It sure looks like someone used the edge finder for picking up the next job to be run through the machine. But why ?? I just don't get it... I have trained two guys on how to use the probe cycles that came with the machine. Both are cleared to set up this nearly new machine... Why not use the probe ?? I would hope that they are at least using the Laser Tool setter....
  10. tim_h

    milling problem

    You are referring to a part cut with the "window" approach ? So, approx. what percentage of the perimeter is tabbed ? Small parts ? or Larger parts ?
  11. tim_h

    Swarf Mill trouble

    We have a Matsuura MX 520 also. Camplete came with the machine when we purchased it. I use Camplete for everything that goes through that machine. Occasionally an older 3 axis job will get run in it. Other than that Camplete is used exclusively for posting..
  12. tim_h

    Dynamic MIll Spreadsheet

    For those that are still looking... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yhpORsw2T_xgUcLdK_eKOYGTmPnf-szBp_y50yzTocI/edit?hl=en&pref=2&pli=1#gid=1
  13. tim_h

    Odd stock model behavior in 2018

    I have the same build and mine is NOT behaving that way any longer.
  14. tim_h

    I.D. NPT Thread Milling

    If you don't have a reamer you can step the angle also... I have done this before, when we didn't have the correct reamer.
  15. tim_h

    table vise solids

    Could you bring in a 6 inch vise and scale it ?

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